Carnival Legend Cruise From Hell 30 People in Altercation on 10 Day Australian Cruise

Carnival Legend Cruise From Hell 30 People in Altercation on 10 Day Australian Cruise What a cruise! It was supposed to be a pleasent 10 day South Pacific cruise with warm water, gentle winds great beaches and good times. But oh no, we had upwards of 30 people causing problems with fellow passengers and security staff. It was called the cruise from hell and a bloodbath. All members of the offending family were removed from the ship on day 9 by police. Yikes!


Paul Prinz says:

I was on the Norwegian Sky earlier this month. Four day cruise with unlimited free alcohol. No problems. Everyone was so nice to each other. I blame the large lebonese family and Carnival for not getting them off the ship after the first infractions.

norman segel says:

the bigger the ship the more riff-raff on board.

Michael says:

Bruce, please watch this video on how to put the chat on the screen but you need to use another broadcasting software

Christy Berryhill says:

Hi Bruce! Love your channel

Jim from Evans, Ga. says:

Hi BRUCE from Evans , Georgia.

golgu amueba says:

Nobody travels in a single cruise with large family group. This was a plan. It works like this: The clan members enters randomly into conflicts with other passengers or ship’s staff. After the conflict end with some blood, they will pose in victims and threat the cruise line with a trial, with many other members of the clan claim to be witness. They will demand a large amount of money from the cruise line to settle the conflict. By the way, is any of the family member gypsy? It sounds like a gypsy plan.


thanks for the update about that horrible cruise. i sure hope carnival beef up their security measures properly. i can imagine those staff who were kicking possibly being fired immediately. but what about compensating the innocent cruisers and their children?!

KButler1169 says:

I noticed they had to leave without their luggage – I wouldn’t be shocked if they didn’t find drugs of some sort

BlueDJ says:

i really like your informative videos. thanks!

Peter Quodling says:

Bruce, this is an international cruise (requires passports) – going to Noumea and Vanuatu and Fiji Typically – 2 days of at seas travel each way, typically. the 3 day cruises don’t require passports, as while they may enter international waters, they don’t visit a foreign nation. You may way to check the US “Merchant Marine Act of 1920 aka Jones Act – which puts constraints on US Ports.

Michael Heywood says:

Also here in Australia Carnival do not sell booze packages once again do some research

Dylan LaRue says:


KButler1169 says:

I hate missing the live shows – the live chat is SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Christy Berryhill says:

70 here in North Carolina

Michael Heywood says:

Have you not seen the videos security were all over it

Michael Heywood says:

Get facts right no cruise line sells the booze package on short cruise only 7 days or more

joan middleton says:

Hi Bruce I really enjoy listening to your show. I have taken a lot of cruses with NCL . My next cruse will be platinum status. I have taken drink package on last cruse and we never experienced any problems with people getting out of hand. I understand you are a travel agent operating in British Columbia. I live in Kelowna Where is your agency? Looking forward to your next show. Joan

gman77gas says:

Carnival…you said it all…

KButler1169 says:

Who the heck can give Bruce a thumbs down? Trolls be gone!

sol rayz says:

the article I read claimed the cruise line was offering 25% off “their next cruise” for all their victims…. oh, I mean “customers’ who were stuck on the legendary hell seas…. you too can spend two weeks at sea cowering in your locked cabin like some of these “fun seeking” families.

KButler1169 says:

Well Bruce, you know you’re making it on YouTube when the trolls show up. Congrats for breaking 800 subs! The push forward is looking great!

Marie Smith says:

You are right in some instances but Husband and I just got off a Carnival Cruise on the Elation for 5 days out of Jacksonville, Fl. It was very nice and laid back. We had done the Elation 10 years ago when it was in Mobile, Al. There were no issues to report. I go out of my way to talk to the crew. We are on vacation and people are horrible to the crew. These people work so hard and most of them send all their money to home. We have been on 4 Carnival Cruises and have had nothing but good care by staff. Shows are good, food is good, and of course if you are going to drink yourself to death, thats on you not on Carnival. And no, I do not work for Carnival, Hubby and I have cruised Princess, Holland, Norwegian, MSC, and Royal Caribbean. So don’t talk a company down unless you know for sure. And YES EVERY SHIP does spring break. On Holland, a ship you would not think you would see Spring Breakers, my room steward told me these boys decided to take a picture that was bolted on and ripped it off one of the floor landings, took it back to their room and threw it over their balcony. Well, unfortunately they were just leaving port and the Captain was busy watching the ship and he looked up just as the boys threw the picture over. Security came and took them into custody and the Captain turned around and went back to Miami Port and got them off. There are situations everywhere. But make sure the facts are straight before saying how bad a cruise is. And we are in our 60’s. Thank you for at least reading this.

Ron Elkin says:

Hi, I am in North Port, FL . The high today was 85.

Jessica Duncan says:

I enjoyed the stream today. I see that you have 807 subscribers as of now. Fingers crossed for that 1,000 goal!

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