Carnival Cruise Tips And Tricks

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Hey cruisers, I’m Sheri with CruiseTipsTV. We decided it’s about time to share a few Carnival tips and tricks. These are great for first time cruisers. Even if this isn’t your first time on a cruise, these tips and tricks may help. Every Carnival cruise ship has its own unique personality, but in our experience there is one thing they all have in common – they are truly fun ships.
We’ll start with one of my favorite things about Carnival Cruises- Waterslides!
Twenty-one of Carnival’s ships ships feature at least one waterslide, and 10 have some iteration of the WaterWorks aqua park. Carnival led the cruise industry with their wet and wild fun, and we’re stoked that they did! Don’t go thinking these are just for kids. But yeah, the kids love ‘em.
Have you ever had a poolside burger? Maybe not so great? Not on Carnival my friend. Say goodbye to stale buns … in our opinion, Carnival has the best Burgers at sea, and … they’re FREE. Carnival teamed up with Guy Fieri, and answered the call of seafaring burger connoisseurs with Guy Fieri burger joints on many of their ships. Cruisers RAVE about these burgers. Trust us, they are tasty. Their toppings bar alone is enough to make your mouth water, with crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions and hot peppers. Oh yes, that’s my secret burger recipe. And here’s a tip, you can customize your order before you even get to the toppings bar. 2 patties? No problem! Extra cheese? Bring it on!
And while we’re on the topic of food, if you’re sailing on a ship with the BlueIguana Cantina, they are also open for breakfast. Many cruisers don’t know they can skip the lines at the buffet for a delectable breakfast burrito or Huevos Rancheros, right on the pool deck.
Here’s another culinary tip. Most Carnival cruise ships give their guests a free bottle of wine if you dine in their steakhouse on the first night of the cruise. THAT’s a good way to kick off your vacation!
Okay, this ones gonna cost you a little scratch, but it’s worth it for us. If you want VIP treatment without logging the loyalty time, no problem. Carnival lets you pay to cruise like a VIP. That’s essentially what their “Faster to the Fun” program does. It gets you priority embarkation and disembarkation, priority tendering, priority guest services, priority dining reservations and more. Prices for this range from about $50-80, and it’s worth every penny … to us anyway.
Carnival is the only cruise line we know to offer a special menu on sea days that is served during both the breakfast and lunch hours. It’s called SeaDay Brunch. What’s so cool about it? You can have your custom bloody mary and steak and eggs at the crack of dawn, or after you sleep in. So yah, brunch. Seriously, the extended brunch hours, are the bomb, and with menu items like cereal crusted French toast, huevos rancheros, filet mignon and eggs you won’t want to miss it. And unlike our last tip, it’s free. Yay free!
Want to make your friends at home jealous? Check out Carnival’s “behind the fun” tour. It’s totally cool and is a GREAT deal compared to other cruise lines. Usually scheduled for the last sea day of a cruise, the tour takes you to places on the ship other passengers never see. You can expect to see everything from the backstage area at the show lounge, to the galley, engine room, bridge, crew areas, and even the ship’s laundry facilities. Oh, and you MAY get to meet the captain and other VIP ship staff too. Trust us, this is a great experience. But, you may not get to take your camera on the tour, so bummer there, but either way you’ll have some great insider details to share.
Here’s a tip that totally blows me away. Carnival has something called a Great Vacation Guarantee. Guests can change their mind, for any reason, within 24 hours of leaving the port of embarkation if they aren’t satisfied with their cruise experience. Not only will guest services arrange to fly you home, but they will refund you 110% of your cruise fare and give you a future onboard credit. There’s some fine print on this guarantee, of course, but we think it’s good to know that Carnival stands behind their product.
Our last tip is one of my favorites. When you think of a spa cabin, you may not think “hmm, that sounds like a good financial decision”, but Spa cabins can often be a wise decision for spa-goers. Here’s why, Carnival’s Cloud 9 Spa balcony cabins include access to the therapy pool, steam room and sauna, as part of the cabin price.


Debra Long says:

Hi Sheri, Which cruise line generally has the best prices? We’re thinking about a second cruise in the spring and I don’t know if I should stick with Carnival or check the other cruise lines. Also, you mentioned you use a travel agent. Carnival states that they guarantee the best price on their website so I was wondering why you chose to pay a travel agent over booking yourself?

Daniel Patterson says:

my favorite thing about carnival is if you dont like it they will kater to your needs

Noah Lyon says:

I don’t know which ship to go on. Can someone help

ShadowGundam1989 says:

I been on the behind the fun tour on my first cruise last year it’s a lot of fun. I highly recommend you go on that tour if it’s you first time on a cruise ship.

Blackkitsue says:

do you know where to find the spa prices?? me and my husband are planing a cruise for nov 2017. and i want to try to find out how much money to plan for are budget

Cameron Jordan says:

I am so glad that I found this channel! I will be going on my first cruise in March and I found this channel and all of your videos to be extremely helpful.

Spray Bottles says:

damn youre beautiful

SarSrik ss98 says:

hi sheri, how can I send you a pvt message with questions…thanks:)

Eneida Perez Arroyo says:

does military have any benefits on a cruise ship

ifgodwz1ovus says:


danesha spearman says:

I love that your bartender will make your drink a double for $3.00. I love the Taste Bar. The small bites there are REALLY good and included.

Christiano Monteiro says:

Is the Faster to the Fun still worth it if your online checkin time is 11am but the faster to the fun time 12pm-1am.

Bill Andree says:

If you play poker in Florida, or love to go on a poker cruise, you are invited to join:

Brandie Crossley says:

Great info!!!! We are going on the Carnival Freedom for two weeks next October/November to the Panama Canal!!!! Have you been on this ship???? If so any advice would be great!! I know you are doing a 10 day soon, I can’t wait to hear all about it!!! Is that a Carnival cruise?

brenda daniels says:

Guys burgers is amazing❤️ I went on sunshine I’m going back in December

christy riddle says:

who do we talk to about getting the VIP? the FTTF is sold out

Chill_ Janet says:

Does Carnival inspiration have a spa, where you pay extra to enter but get a less crowded access to a Jacuzzi? Kinds of what you show on the above video. Are Guys burgers at an extra fee?

Aimee Ward says:

This was very helpful. In the past my husband and I have been skiddish about Carnival with some of the problems they’ve had (Triumph and Splendor stranded out at sea because of engine fires), but I’d be willing to give Carnival a chance and sail the Dream out of New Orleans. We’ve always cruised on Norwegian, but it’s always been to the Western Caribbean, and it seems like NCL always goes to the same places. NOLA is convenient for us because it’s an 11-hour drive from St Louis where we live. No baggage fees or being squashed in for 2 hours.
On the other hand, the Dream has a different itinerary, and they don’t look like the tourist traps that NCL’s excursions have turned into. I’m also told Carnival has larger staterooms.

(We sailed the Norwegian Dawn from NOLA, same port as the Dream. I swear that thing is jinxed)

Kristen Beck says:

I went on a carnival cruise and I tried a burger and I swear it was the best thing I had ever tasted

Zachary Levine says:

I actually found Guy’s burgers quite lame

JWP6948 says:

Forget the burger look how delicious you look on the water slide

kamilaxstarletss says:

I’ve been on Carnival Ecstacy, and on June 11 2017 – June 17 or 18 I am going to Carnival Vista ( it is May 15 )

Adam Shaw says:

hmmmmm, the way she speaks…. sounds like a bad infomercial…

thejokerspeaks says:

Oh, great info. I’ve never been on a 2.0 ship, but Blue Iguana breakfast sounds delightful. Free bottle of wine on day 1, that sweetens the pot. Can’t wait, we leave in 3 months!

Lawc says:

If I’m going to a cruise in December to Mexico, should I be packing warm or cold weather clothes? I have never been there.

Marigold14 says:

do you go on a cruise once a year or more?

John Alonso says:

Do carnival charge you per person such as if you have a cabin that cost $1,000 will each person pay that much?

Gnanamani Amburose says:

Thanks for posting. I am going to go on a carnival cruise soon and this is so helpful

Sydney Remer says:

I already get to go backstage because i’m dancing on it

videovisions says:

I want to add a Carnival tip that I wish someone had told me.  I recently purchased an expensive drone and wanted to get some aerial shots.  I made the mistake of checking it with the rest of my luggage.  By the time it made it to my stateroom it was broken.  I have since learned they don’t cover anything they destroy in your luggage.  This includes cameras, ipads or watches, laptops or anything else.  Make sure you carry those on with you.  I saw them pushing the luggage that was stacked in these bins off the top and letting them fall 7 feet to the concrete floor.

SuperSxeMatt says:

I just hear that Carnival is like Walmart on the seas which sounds awful. Thinking of going more towards Royal Caribbean

Jenna Fortier says:

pls do a review on the carnival vista

Monika Behr says:

Would you know if these policies also apply to the P & O Carnival Cruise ships? Such as the Britannia & the Azura

PinkSloth says:

I’m going on carnival valor tommorow

Minecraft Player223 says:

Cruise Time for me on the Fascination!!!! Only 15 more days!!

Bella Moon says:

Have you been on the carnival victory? if you have, i want to know if they have blue iguana. IT HAS THE BEST TACOS! oh and i might be vlogging it this spring break if you want to watch it, if you wanna see my fun adventure. i subbed and liked this video and you give very good advice!

Commander Shepard 24 says:

Great video. Does Princess still do their behind the scenes tour? If so how much does it cost.

Daniel Patterson says:

I will be going on The Carnival Triumph in 7 days!!!!!

Daniel Patterson says:

have you ever sailed on carnival triumph

the best says:

I will be booking soon for a southern caribbean cruise tips TV

John Smith says:

How do u reserve bhind the fun tour?

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