BMW M140i Review in Sydney with CarAdvice CEO *AUSTRALIA 2018

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CarAdvice invited me out to Australia earlier this year, during my three week visit I was lucky enough to shot this BMW M140i video with their CEO, Andrew Beecher. Andrew very kindly delayed collecting their new long term M140 to fit in with my trip, we collected the brand new car from BMW Sydney together! We discuss all things great about the mighty 2018 BMW M140i and take turns in driving the Hot hatch somewhere north of Sydney.

I take out and review Andrew’s very own Porsche Macan in another video coming soon…

Massive thanks to Andrew and Car Advice for having me in Oz, also big shout out to Rebecca for doing this edit!

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Auto Allure says:

Yet another banging video joe

Thanks bro.

fitzgeraldn1 says:

Hi Joe, do you know a decent bmw specialist to take my e39 to?? I live in windsor so anywhere around there would be great. Cheers

Spiral. says:

Akuna Bay! I’m surprised it was supple throughout that canyon. It’s a very rough road there so that’s impressive.

LukeW1090 says:

Another great video Joe 🙂 still loving my M2 and wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for owning the M235i beforehand based off your videos!

Yoel Rahim says:

Great video Joe!!keep it up

eatdahl says:

Did he say 107k on the clock!!!!!!!

Supercars Hunter says:

The B58 is great, but why is there some wastegate rattle issues?!?!? Did bmw not fox it since the n54 wastegate rattle?!?!?!?

3DFX says:

@ 15:25 If the touchpad was a “Moving” Object, it means it had a Touching story..? 😉

Angelo E says:

Why are you standing weirdly at the start Joe?

Dennis The Menace says:

Hi Joe, thanks for this excellent video! I drove a 3 door model some weeks ago and It was also surprisingly quiet inside. Everybody is talking about the tire noise, what I cannot understand. Cheers!

Jamie W says:

Yep better to have a dark colour paint as I’ve found out, when you get stone chips on the front bumper it’s black underneath and shows up, had a dark colour on the previous car and it sort of blended in.

raveutcars says:

As my next car will be an M135i / M140i / M235i / M240i depending on whats available I have been lapping up your content. BUT, despite this being your hobby and obviously you are on good terms with BMW to get a few cars.. is there any chance of comparison videos with competitors? Or even a quick round up discussion video if you have had any seat time in other brands. Cheers.

Owen Nato says:

Yet another M140 video. Great YouTuber though.

15october91 says:

Main man Joe!

2 wheels or 4 says:

Another great vid and thanks for getting me into caradvice. Not seem them before and lots more content to watch 🙂

Banaboy says:

Australian roads look awful. I live in Northumberland and own an m140, not even my commute to work is that bumpy on the shitty surfaced b roads I drive.

ELB says:

Great video Joe – I just pulled the trigger on a new 540i Touring .. gulp

Yo Cecil says:

He’s taking over the world mate! Joe, which one of your videos do you go into detail about your LSD option on your new car?

Joe Achilles says:

Yet another BMW M140i video, but this time in Australia with the Car Advice CEO Andrew Beecher in Sydney, I know most of my audience will appreciate this video. Please give it a thumbs up if you do and make sure to check out the Car Advice YouTube channel, website etc… Cheers

Mike Gaming says:

Reason to buy M140i it is the best version of a unicorn because a front wheel drive 1 serie won’t be the same. (and as an owner of a base unicorn; they are amazing)

Karol K says:

Joe, why did you change M2 for 140i? Is there any serious reason? I’m close to buy an M2 (already paid deposit) but it’s confusing what I saw here (M2 / 140 replacament). Thanks

Sheraz Choudhrey says:

Brilliant video Joe! I’ll have to shortlist a M140i for my next car!

thaalrasha says:

Joe how’s the limited slip diff in your new m140i BTW ? I’ve never driven a M140i with the optional diff, does it makes it closer to M2 to put the power down / drift ?

TeacherToolkitDemo says:

Joe why don’t you have 100k subs yet? Youtube is broken.

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