Best Cruises for Kids | What Cruise Line is Best For Children Best Cruises for kids will show you the best cruise lines to choose when booking a cruise vacation with your kids. Cruises are great fun for the kids, but go on a cruise that doesn’t have a lot for them to do and you and them will be disappointed. The best cruises for kids 2013 boils down to 3 cruise lines, the Disney Cruise line, Carnival Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. All of these companies have the best family cruises you can find. These same cruise lines offer the best cruises for toddlers and the best cruises for teens.

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Best cruises for kids


Rey 9375 says:

I’m going to disney cruise

Christopher Laffey says:

I’d say Disney cruise line is #1

DippingSauce 123 says:

Do you think that carnival sunshine would be great for kids

Maggie Graves says:

this is boring

ty sin says:

thx for a crappie video and lose the bad music too.

Lashaunda Starks says:

i want to take my first family cruise. I have two kids.. 2 years old and 5 years old. I dont know which cruise to pick. I want something for kids but also for adults for my husband and I.. Disney, Royal Caribbean, or Carnival? HELP!!!!!!!!!

Joseph Williams says:

Keep in mind this is a older video so it may not mention norwegion or princess

SagarMakavana says:

I think Norwegian cruise line is the best

TC MACK says:

How is a Disney Cruise for someone older, like a teenager. Also, I really really love Disney!!!

Josie gianinotti says:

Princess cruises are the best

Dennis Clark says:

to me carnival is the best criuse line the world . and then norwegian and disney . they are tops they are the best.

Artisticalash 7 says:

I went on the oasis of the seas

EpicGamerXtreme says:

And harmony of the seas

Keri Gaudin says:

what about Norwegian ..Nickeloden??

TC MACK says:

2:20 I’m 15 and I’m still “at that age” where I still like Disney. I actually adore Disney, and yet I’ve never been on a Disney Cruise before.

Mark Taylor says:

What’s wrong with the volume then? Hard to hear

Vanetra Lockett says:

I want to take my son on Disney but he will be 14 is this too old and how much do you think I need to save for a 2017 cruise

Doge games says:


Dennis Clark says:

to me carnival is the best criuse line in the world . then norwegian then disney they got it goin on.

Valerie Vargas says:

So the Disney Cruise has a kids area that’s for ages 3-12, a tweens area for ages 11-14 and a teens area for ages 14-17 if I’m not mistaken while the Carnival Cruise has a kids area for ages 2-11, a tweens area for ages 12-14 and a teens area for ages 15-17 but don’t know about the Royal Caribbean.

Purple Clorox bleach says:

Disney won right off the bat

Ryan Wacan says:

what about princess cruises’ diamond princess?There youth staff is for 3-12 whit art activities and children can play xbox and PS4 on teen staff,they have table tennis, air hockey ,board games and wii

Syd Carandang says:

U forgot MSC they have kids clubs

scott cottrell says:

You really have to factor cost into this equation. Disney isn’t just more expensive. It is substantially more expensive.

Joey H says:

I’ve been on 3 cruises so far
Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Breeze, And Navigator of the Seas. We will probably go on Harmony of the Seas

Joel Embry says:

Thanks for the quiet video and the loud ass music

Dennis Clark says:

to me carnival is the best criuse line in the world . then norwegian then disney they got it goin on.


My Favourite Is The Disney Cruise Line!

Owen the Amazing says:

Disney all the way

tominator3 says:

I think Royal Caribbean is the best value all-around for kids cruises. Their prices can be as low as Carnival and they have 25 ships in their fleet now (more than any other brand) so you can find the right itinerary. RCL has by far the biggest ships, and not just the Oasis Class (which there will soon be 4 of) but Quantum and Freedom Class ships (soon to be 7 of) are also bigger than almost anything out there. With this size comes WAY more options and amenities for everyone, including kids. Also, its been my experience that the bigger the ship the better quality the entertainment. Disney is good, but like the video says is just way too overpriced when you compare what you actually get in their experience to what RCL offers. RCL partners with Dreamworks so they also have characters on board.

Jaden Bezzel says:

WHERE IS NORWEGIAN — oh remember the newer more -kids- ships were build early 2014 and this video was in mid 2013

Benjamin Salazar says:

Ncl is the best

steelerfan77777 says:

Royal Caribbean and carnival have casino and Disney cruises don’t.

Typical Trumpet Gaming says:

Disney is the best and we actually just went on one in July and I have a couple videos (not great but o well) on my channel.

Brody Wolfe says:

Diseny crusie are geared to kids but i loved carnival becuase they have clubs everything

Jacquelyn Howard says:

NCL sucks as far as young kids…

Fox says:

You’re never to old for Disney! I’m older and don’t even have kids and love Disney cruises! The service and quality along with a relaxed but high end experience that I desire is what keep me with them! Trust me if you can afford it the a suite in the club level is an amazing experience for adults!

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