Australian Cruise Tips and Tricks, For Domestic and international Cruises on P&O Australia.

*I will do a revised Updated version just prior to leaving on my Christmas Cruise in December which will be better put together, so stay tuned*

This is one of my longer Videos soley aimed at tips and tricks for Cruising in Australia with P&O Australia, I’ve also included a few tips and tricks on what I do for packing and in preperation for a cruise.

Apologies up front as I had a “Humbug” hard lolly in my mouth while talking at the start and didnt realise my new mic was sensitive enough to pick it up.
A few note worthy tips are

– If it’s a family trip and you have room Set up a “Cruise Control” section, For me it’s in my spare room with a white board and pin board with all details etc. For you it may be as simple as white board markers on the fridge and magnets.

– While organising to pack get a different colour for each person, So in my instance I used Black to be applicable to all of us, Blue for me, Pink for my Sister and Green for my Mum. That way we all know to take like passports and ID then have our specific packing lists for each person. FOr instance I may take my camera gear where my Sister may need to take her lady products so we hve a genericc list we all need then do our own individual lists then tick it off on the white board as we go or add stuff as needed.

– P&O Australia us Australian Dollors and Tipping is not Mandantory, P&O Australia allow you to reward the crew for excellant service but Tipping is not Mandantory it is purely optional. In saying that they do not add a daily servioce tip charge to your on board account.

– All on Board prices include the “GST” which is the Australian Goods and Services Tax, So if an item is say $34.95 on the shelf then it is $34.95 at the register as the 10% GST is included in the Price *Except where Duty Free is in place*

– Cruise Cards, You can either link your Visa or Mastercard Debit or Credit card to your Cruise card for on board spending or if you prefer cash you can put cash on your card within 24 hours of embarkation at the reception and can check your account using the kiosks on board by simpley swiping your card.

– Paperwork, I keep all my paperwork in an A4 display folder everything from the brochure for the sale I booked with to the receipt from booking to the eTickets to the flight, train and transfer details so it is all together in one folder and easily accessable.

– P&O Australia do not allow any alcohol to be taken aboard due to the small minority who did the wrong thing ruined it for the rest of us. P&O’s Alcohol Policy

Now as for a few items I take include

Cruise Bag Tags, They are proudly designed and made in Australia by an Australian company based in Sydney since 1959. Clear Cruise bag tags start at $2.95, Strap to hook them on your bag are $0.50, Lanyards are $1.95 and they have Cruise bag tag holders to suit most cruise lines.

Seagate Wireless 500gb hard drive, App is available on iOS not 100% sure about android but it allows you to wirelessly transfer files between your phone and tablet to the Hard drive using it’s own inbuilt battery and WiFi Connection which you can set your own password etc to. I bought mine off eBay at the following link

DSLR Back pack

Travel cable organiser I have sewn on the front of my DSLR back pack

Water Hydration Back Pack (Camel Back)

My DSLR, Nikon D3200

DSLR Mic, Cheap unit but happy with the results.


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