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Brayden Walker says:

Looks like a sick cruise , I woulda just sat on the balcony chillin

Will Dumont says:

this isn’t the largest cruise ship… google it

andy fraser says:

Whats the song name when getting uber bro?

RedHexGaming says:

At 5:51 it had the treyarch logo

Giovanni Fuentes says:

Bro the part where the dude was like “We’re about to get some gains bro” got me weak 🙂 haha

Jo Knockout1978 says:

It’s not the worlds biggest ship the title is misleading

Brent Defilippis says:

that Uber driver was too funny

jack khowley says:

And to think I was stoked with my P&O cruise lol this looks 1000 times next level

FLEA's clips says:

ur getting a lot better infront of the camera man 🙂 btw I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not but you put the bionic bar scene in twice  9:14 and 19:04. sick vid loved it

Brent Defilippis says:

what is the name of the boat ?

DeeJay Smoov says:

Nice bro didn’t know u were Croatian! Kako si

Robert Camilleri says:

nice video man have fun 🙂

Zak Paynter says:

Jay mate, I bet she showed that tense muscle some special treatment 😉

Fibonacci1900 says:

Great vid brah! Your brother is hilarious 🙂

PS: do you have wi-fi and tv in the room?

Anthony Parker says:

Ovation of the seas is not the worlds biggest cruise ship as that title goes to Harmony of the seas owned by the same company ovation is only the largest ship in Australia ive just looked it up to make sure which is the biggest and the reports and videos ive seen say ovation is the biggest in Australia and harmony is the worlds biggest

MrSuperzation says:


lauri marttila says:

Nice! But i think Harmony of the seas is the biggest one 🙂
Nice video Jay!

Matt Andrei Silo says:

Harmony Of The Seas Is The Largest Cruise Ship

TheBryantCabrera says:

I went kayaking in Doubtful Sound!

Chris Foye says:

Jay’s pretty funny dude. He’s alright. Just gotta stop saying “so” every second sentence haha

Matt James says:

bet he deffs got a happy ending!!

Ava Wood says:

sydney is nice but i think it’s to busy

Anzac71 says:

Sorry mate not the worlds biggest cruise ship, that title belongs to Harmony of the seas.

Jacob Bentley says:

Not the biggest cruise ship in the world. Harmony of the seas is.

Nicole Summers says:

Nice vid, but less of you more of the ship would have been better,

Gosport Ferry fan says:

that aint the biggest the oasis class is not the ship u went on which is the quantum class the harmony of the seas is the biggest in the world even though it dont look it

Manel K says:

are you considering getting a battery-operated little handheld gimbal (stabalizer) for your vlogging camera? it will stop the shaking footage as you vlog and walk, makes a huge difference

xAzzosaurus says:

What Camera do you use bro ?

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