We’re Leaving For An ATLANTIC CROSSING!! – A Real Time Update & Review

Curious to WHERE we are at the moment in real time, and what our plans are for hurricane season? Let us fill you in!

Currently we have Elements of Life in Sint Maarten, and in the next few days we’ll be leaving for an Atlantic Ocean crossing, heading east. Our plan ever since we bought the boat (while sitting in the Azores in 2014) was to bring her back that direction, and then go north, eventually up to Norway. We won’t be able to make it that far this year, but we’re starting the process.

Leaving from Simpson Bay in Sint Maarten, we’ll travel approximately 2,400 nautical miles to the Azores, which we’ll explore until mid to late July, and then it will be time to head even further north. Our next stop will be Ireland where we’ll run out our 90 day visa there, and then jump over to the U.K., where Elements will sit for the winter until we can make our way to Norway next summer.

During the winter we plan to leave the boat for a few months and head to warmer weather. Where to exactly? We’re not sure. Maybe bum around a boat in the Caribbean, or hang out with my parents in Arizona.

You might be wondering….why are your videos so far behind? You’re publishing content from the Bahamas, yet you’re all the way down in St. Martin. Yes…the videos are about two months behind real time. Between having enough videos ready to upload during our ocean crossing, and taking time off due to a death in the family, I haven’t been able to keep the publishing schedule I wish I could have. But let’s catch you up on where we’ve been these past two months.

Leaving from Eleuthera in March, we took the route sometimes referred to as I-65, heading straight east and then dropping down into the Caribbean. After 950 miles and 8 days at sea, we made landfall in St. Barth’s. With beautiful beaches and wonderful French pastries, we could have spent months there, although running out of propane (and needing to get Georgie to the vet) sent us running to Sint Marrten for a few days.

As soon as all of our tasks were taken care of it was right back to St. Barth’s for their annual regatta (Les Voiles de St. Barth). We spent our days lounging at evenings going to the awards ceremonies and concerts, and even had a surprise show by Jimmy Buffet!

After the Voiles de St. Barth we made the trip to Antigua for their annual race week, the largest in the Caribbean. For the Round the Island Race, we jumped on a Pogo 12.50 through Ocean Racers. One day on that boat and I was left with burns and bruises, so it was nice to move to the Club Class on our friend’s Rival 38 (Jamel Lister of Lister Marine).

Leaving Antigua after an amazing three weeks, we had one more island in the Caribbean that we HAD to check off our list before preparing for our ocean crossing….Saba. A dormant volcano with villages built into the peaks. We even climbed to the top of Mt. Scenery…after having walked the road to get there from the harbour.

And now….we’re off! So stay tuned to our channel for full coverage on just a few of the tidbits we were able to share with you!!

Cheers from Sint Maarten!

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Our boat: 1983 Trisalu 37 (custom aluminum, built in Quebec)

Where we’ve been: 2.5 year refit in Indiantown, Florida; Abacos, Bahamas; St. Barth’s; St. Maarten; Antigua; Saba

Where we’re going in 2018: Azores – Ireland – UK

Our Previous Boat: 1989 Sabre 34 Targa (Serendipity)

Where We Sailed Her: U.S. – Bahamas – Jamaica – Cuba – Cayman Islands – Honduras – Guatemala – Belize – Mexico – Bermuda – Azores – Madeira – Canary Islands – Sint Maarten – BVI’s – USVI’s

04:07 – The Long Walk – Jimmy Wahlsteen (ES)
04:49 – While We’re Young – Loving Caliber (ES)
05:52 – Dreamer’s Escape 1 – Magnus Ringblom (ES)
07:38 – Ride – Cary Brothers (Tiesto Remix)
08:09 – You Will Always Be The One – Loving Caliber (ES)

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snow dingo says:

Sad for your loss Jessica

Thomas Spoelman says:

That was so sad about your brother! I can’t even imagine how horrible that would make me feel. But you are strong.

SV Impavidus (Ant & Cid Sailing) says:

Great video guys. When you get to the south coast of the UK PM us. We can give you lots of info on where to go, anchor for free, where not to go and much more. If you watch our “Quest West” 1, 2 & 3 Vids your get an idea of some of the wonderful places there are in the UK that are in expensive and just beautiful. We have had 25 years sailing the south of England so we have a lot of details you will not find in the guides. However, we are now working our way to the Med, taking our time and just chillin. Ant & Cid xx

simon jandrell says:

you are going to Britain, nice to here.. we got absolutely amazing Coastline if you can check out”Gower Rhossilli Bay their is no place on Earth like this, it is absolutely stunning”, but how you top America wow!, never been to Ireland, but it is a absolutely stunning place, best Coastline ever and Guiness of cource, your gonna luvs it their.. Enjoy

Roy says:

Sorry to hear about your brother Jessica. Family has to come before videos.

Allen Shepherd says:

Best of luck on your crossing. Looking forward to seeing the videos of the adventure! Fair winds!

andrew says:

How long have you guys had that watermark on the bottom of the screen?
just noticed it.

Matt Edge says:

We live just outside Plymouth in the UK so if you do make it this way and would like any local advice please let me know as we might be able to help. Not sure how to share contact details privately but presumably it is possible. We are a family of four planning on heading our sailing from next march for at least a year. Safe travels.

Sasquatch says:

When you leave Ireland – sail across to Liverpool before heading south – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Josef says:

Why do you pronounce the T in Antigua, but not in Martin? There’s no such thing as a silent T.

Jim C says:

Sorry that you have lost your brother. I hope that your adventures keep you busy and help you find peace of mind. Thanks for sharing your travels.

Matt Foster says:

condolences on your brothers passing..stay safe folks and much love from the mitten

formerly 987946216430 says:

Hi guys, so sorry for your loss. Enjoy a safe passage to the Azores. Cheers from PEI Canada, Bryan

Richard Fee says:

Put your clothes on!

William Lawton says:

Safe crossing

WhiteVanMan says:

We live in Ireland in northern Tipperary, I will post on your Facebook page, if you would like pm me and it would be great to see you when you get here. The nearest big city is Limerick and there are various harbours on the Shannon estuary.

johnnybarbar says:

Another great episode you two! For those rolling anchorages, try a swell bridle…you already have everything you need to rig one and it’s very easy to do.

Günay Aydınlı says:

I like you wife very sexy woman

SuperM1687 says:

Love the Michigan accent of the pronunciation of St. Maarten!!!

gerryneckebroeck says:

I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. Take care.

Cabin in the Cariboo - Steve and Jacq says:

Sorry for your loss. Safe sailing. Have the Azores on my list of places to go.

Bruce Kackman says:

Condolences, thoughts, and best wishes on the long sail.

Andy Pag says:

Come say hi if you get to Belfast.

Gary Myers says:

How hard is it to pronounce the T in Martin. It’s not saint mar-en. It’s Saint Martin. T, tuh, tee, t,t,t,t,

James Ries says:

It’s not St. Mariin, it’s St. Martin. With a ‘T.’

Tomas West says:

So sorry for your loss. Safe sailing and if you visit Malahide on the east coast (North Dublin) be sure to give me a call

Laurent Ulysse says:

Hey that’s my home

Mancubsa says:

Hey guys, firstly let me pass on my deepest condolences for you loss, never a right time to lose any loved one sadly. The next point I want to make is about your Atlantic crossing. Whilst I haven’t done one myself, I was just chatting to a friend at the yacht club a few days ago and he was saying how you need to stay just under the 30 degrees until you get close to the Azores before turning up. Above the 30 you get more chance of heavy weather coming from the USA towards Europe and the UK.
If you are going to spend 3 months in Ireland then just be aware of the Irish sea and St. Georges Channel. Generally from mid October people start hauling boats out there because of the heavy seas that come up there 6m+, not at all pleasant. We just collected my friends yacht about a month ago from Ardglass 30 miles below Belfast (Black Cab tours in Belfast are fantastic) and brought in back to Lydney, Gloucestershire to it’s new home. So, just be aware of your timings depending on whether you’re wanting to leave your boat in Plymouth or wherever. Plymouth and the South Coast are also pretty expensive to leave the boat over the winter. Hope this helps and hope you have a safe crossing 🙂

Jayson Cody says:

Hummm, interesting ! I have gotten carpet burns on my knee caps before, back in the day, when I drank and partied, before. But never elbow or rope burns. lol

Steven Rehorst says:

When in europe, try the Dutch ‘waddenzee’ its a very Nice place to sail and beach the boat using the tides, also the Frisian lakes are a great place to explore.

Garrett Gibson says:

Congrats on hiking Mt Scenery. It looked like you had a great day for it. The peak was in the clouds when we were there.

Scooby Do says:

My thoughts are with you and condolences. I can only assume he was fairly young, but awful at any age. At least you have each other and family to help you through. Remember him by the great times and celebrate his life. Peace to all your family.

TheCDANet says:

Sorry to know about your brother Jessica. Best wishes on the Atlantic crossing and I look forward to videos from the Açores.

Claire Defresnes says:

7:50 vive la liberté! A boat alllows that, staying naked on the boat, going on desert beaches. On a boat, I wouldn’t wear any swimsuit, and clothes only if it is cold.

Brad Larden says:

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable Atlantic crossing.

nocoolname32 says:

im going to go ahead and acknowledge that Jessica is extremely hot, thats all, carry on.

Michael Ward says:

Can you talk about the weather and passage apps that you use to plan your passage to Europe.

Alsinor EGA153 says:

Jessica and Matt you have my deepest condolences for the loss of your Brother.

Wise guy says:

Sexy babe!

Erwin Frederiks says:

Oh no, condolences to both of you, but also best wishes moving forward.⛵️

irrelavant13 says:

9:40 No One Ever Knows how high they are until afterwards. Hindsight is 4/20.. I mean 20/20

curacao11 says:


formerly 987946216430 says:

Can’t wait for the Saba episode

Isac Antblad says:

First: Really sorry for Your loss! Second: You should take a look at the Swedish & Norweigan West Coasts while You are so close as UK. Its not the Caribbean but pretty nice and different. A lot of nature and small Island with old fishing communities. Fair Winds!

Greg Ritchie says:

So Sorry for your loss Jess, my sincere condolences to you and your family… Wishing you and Matt all the best, in all your adventures.

sweetbrandigirl says:

Your still “Stuck” in the Bahamas oh you poor thing !!!!

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