Virgin Voyages – First Reveal of Adult Only Cruise Ship

Watch a sneak peek at some of the spaces onboard the first new ship from Virgin Voyages, including two dining venues, a VIP Rooftop Lounge, two other outdoor spots and a nightclub. Launching in 2020 with year-round Caribbean cruises from Miami, the stylish modern designed vessel will be exclusive to guests 18 years and older.

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Virgin Voyages

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Damani Baraka says:


Christophe Pilaire says:

Great idea to offer an adult only cruise ship….deco seeems fun as well

Yuri Pereira says:

When it gonna come out M

Selen S says:

Boring ship. Prediction: will be sold to carnival or rc soon in a few years.

Krillix Strachan says:

Your link is creepy, like I gotta check my protection and ad-blocker levels of creepy.

Ryan Barbarow says:

clothing optional…must provide a photo upon booking for screening purposes.

Michael A says:

Let’s see how long the adult only sticks! I think they will get sued.

Dario Sanchez says:

Can’t wait for this adults only cruise!

Tessie Dobey says:

Why not 21 years and older?

Fromthefuture says:

Very Exciting Cruise times….

Duncan Taylor says:

There are lots of cruises that have few if any kids, but they cost twice, 3 times more. The question will be, are these cruises from Virgin going to be cost comparable to RC, Carnival etc. I will put up with some kids if it means I can cruise twice as much for the same cost.

Cabin Crawl says:

This guy TOTALLY stole your intro. 2OMT1abIrWE

De Dub says:

Nice, a hoes floating paradise, I will be there!

Ray Reyes says:

Looks great.

D D says:

Cruise time for me too I’m 18 nearly 19

ross adamthwaite says:


Linda Gens says:

Adults only is awesome, the food choices are awesome, gratuities included is awesome. I think the design is very boring as well as the entertainment (if you can call it that?) – I mean maybe they need to do better marketing the entertainment because I can’t really ‘imagine’ it? And what about alcohol, can’t find a thing on line that talks about it other than having it in the room as a rockstar guest? People drink on cruises, how much will that cost???All that being said, I know there are people that will LOVE this entire ship concept and I am really excited to book it for those that will enjoy it. : )

Brian Altschul says:

These renderings are always interesting. However, they always are a bit flat. It’s very hard to imagine how spaces are utilized until people are actually IN them. It’s often a bit of a surprise.

_*ŚNIPĒR- WØLF*_ says:

Stil harmony of tha seas is biggest

girlsrockurboyz says:

18+ hell to the yeah richard!!!!

Arbear64 says:

If it is adult only, you can count on me booking the first cruise and will book it for all my cruises there after. Parents have forgotten how to control their children anymore. I think it will be come a huge hit. Not everyone wants to vacation on a boat load of kids acting like they have never set foot in public before. If this cruise line ever comes to be I bet it will over take most of the others by a landslide. People want to take vacations to enjoy themselves, if they wanted to be over ran by a bunch of screaming idiots they would have booked their vacations at a day care.

Matt Hutchinson says:

It’s a neat concept, and it doesn’t surprise me coming from Richard Branson, but the ultra-sleek and modern appearances will not appeal to the masses.

Sziff says:

This ship looks great but i have a question. What arę you think about CN Wave? (cartoon network cruise ship) In my opinion it’s desecration of previous ships like Pacific Jewel, A’Rosa Blu, Ocean Village Two or AIDAblu.

Lauren French says:

Great idea. But it just seems boring. Adults like water slides, wave runners and things like that too! Just sitting around lounging or eating all day doesn’t seem fun.

PrettyGreenMaiden says:


lovinstitch says:

The older I get, the more interested I am in “adults only” traveling. I have children but they are grown and on their own now. It’s my turn to be an adult instead of “MOM!!!!”. This is a lovely concept and I’m hoping Branson can pull it off without breaking the bank of those who want to cruise.

infinity 001 says:

What’s next gay only cruise ship

Robert Allen says:

Well it’s about dam time, now we need adults only movie theaters, adult only restaurants, adults only airline!

Brad MacK says:

Looks a bit tacky and over done

Thedarkwolf 106 says:

This ship is called scarlett lady

Rene Chang says:

Very nice ship.Modern up to date asthetics.

Genealogia Polaków says:

Sorry, noting interesting. Boring small spaces, unimaginative

Heather King says:

Adults only cruise sounds delightful. My most recent cruise was horrendous. Pool went from blue in color to greenish brown towards the evening, kids walking in/out of the buffet in their swimsuits and barefoot. Walking into pool deck bathrooms barefoot, teenagers RUNNING, literally running through the casino playing hide and seek without any regard to others. Was waiting for one of them to take out an elderly person with a walker. Kids sitting at bars taking up spaces, and knocking on doors throughout the night running down hallways. I understand it’s “their” vacation too, but they seriously needed some parental supervision and better discipline from the cruise staff to ensure safety. It was my boyfriend’s first experience on a cruise and it’s been difficult trying to convince him this is not how it normally is, or as I remember it on my last cruise 8 years ago. We would absolutely spend extra money to be at an adult only resort or cruise.

Tank Diaz says:

Love the idea of adults only cruise, means i can cruise anytime of year without considering if it is school holidays or not, can’t wait for more information and to see the final product

Brian Cox says:

Floating gym.

Jared Frankle says:

I don’t want virgin cruisers, what ever happened to virgin galactic?!

Piano Playah says:

My first international flight was on Virgin Atlantic. The service was really incredible and the flight was great. The flight home was the same, great service and a good fight. However, the color scheme inside the planes were terrible. I love red and I like purple. But the colors clashed and were so loud. I wonder how it’s going to be on a great big ocean liner?! Overdone? Tacky? Hope they are better at decorating a ship than they are their airplanes…just an observation, don’t mean to complain

Livenlove says:

Please make it 25 and older! You are not an adult at 18. You are gonna have the same problems as every other Cruise Ship. You don’t need an 18 year old crowd aboard this ship!

bobzthecat says:

Adults only. Count me in.

Konstantinos Dafalias says:

I am not impressed. Richard Branson announced to “redefine cruising”, so far it looks pretty standard. Adult Only cruising – also not a new concept.

Flyer says:

I’m a kid….

I hate this cruise line

bonnie bergstein says:

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to afford cruising on this ship – not sure if I’d want to! It reminds me of a luxury resort hotel (adults only)! Also not sure if I’d want to eat in a restaurant called The Test Kitchen!! Would hope they’d already done the testing before the passengers got onboard!

Guy Davis says:

An adults only cruise ship definitely appeals to me.

Stacy Phillips says:

Where’s the pool? I saw only 1 hot tub and a fountain feature.

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