Video Shows Chaos Aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Caught in Storm

Passengers’ cellphone videos show furniture flying as the cruise ship was caught in hurricane-force winds.


jhon doe says:

we live in a society today where everyone is a drama queen with there cellphones hoping to get on the news. “oh no my 7up flew off the table its the end of the world”


Ours hit a storm and it was the highlight of the whole cruise. i would feel ripped off if the next one i go on doesn’t hit some choppy water. Some advice for these people would be to dont cruise at the cheapest time of the year. The reason your cruise is cheap is because summer is the off season. Rich people go to the Bahamas in the winter when theres less storms go in the winter dingus

dimos k says:

Isn’t it funny when ignorant passengers blame the captain for “putting them on risk” and then the official company statement FULLY supports the captain and the crew?

Simon says:

what up with them they must be softcocks

Juan José Del Pino Rivas says:

1:05 Well that chair flying at full speed sure looks quite nice in this weather condition…Was the captain drunk or what?

Scott Ineman says:

Why would a cruise ship steer into a hurricane when there is plenty of warning. fucking stupid ass.

Hategplus crevis says:

It may have been seaworthy at all times but it looks as though the interior was completely destroyed.

Ryan Bahe says:

yea blame the captain… fuckin people should watch the weather channel.

THE ONE says:

Any time you go to sea there is a risk ! It is YOUR choice and whether to take that risk is yours alone …the end !

Stan Patterson says:

Wouldn’t matter.  If they cancelled, everyone would be butthurt that they weren’t going.  If they go ahead and sail,  everyone gets upset thinking that their lives are being endangered.  Carnival couldn’t have won either way.  Here we are in 2017, Hurricane Irma has devastated the Caribbean and Cuba, and Carnival is going ahead afterwards with cruises.  Now everyone is butthurt because they think that the cruise should be cancelled and all their fares refunded.  Once again,  Carnival is damned if they do, damned if they don’t. The American way – sue their ass off because they didn’t make me happy.

Giveit2mehRAW says:

Such a dumb decision. There was a storm on the forecast lol. What more do you need to know.

Pete Smith says:

Dramatic news at it worst,stupid hyped video,just sayin’

Phil Oshea says:

They are CRUISE ships not ocean liners , what do people think is going to happen in weather like this , and to the bald dude who was dissatisfied with the captain , you go command a ship in bad weather or any weather you armchair critic

lulem400 says:

He left the port because he just found out his wife was fucking the whole crew. He was heard muttering “This will teach em”.

anni50ful says:

I don’t think the captain has any choice the company has the last say ..

Baez Rivera says:

wow that’s insane

EyeQueOneFourSix says:

tis but a small wind… fuck me muricans…. grow some balls! I went to sea in a thimble and there was 19 foot waves!

Alisha S says:

But you knew about the storm before you got on the boat so the fault is with the passengers

Z. Weertje says:

Idiots, they think men are the masters of erverything.
You are on board of a ship on the ocean, storms happen all of the time, don`t bitch about a rocking ship.

carol paula says:

Ok everyone is asking why the captain brought them into that KNOWING FOR DAYS that there was a storm brewing but my question is why the fuck would u go on it knowing there’s a storm brewing??? If I thought there was a storm gonna hit I’d cancel!

I Dunno says:

Then why did those people even go or book a ticket on the cruise if they knew that the storm was coming

articulatedloco says:

People who whine about what the Captain should have done to miss the storm are ignorant block heads. Captains aren’t dumb idiots or they wouldn’t be a Captain. Even if a storm is forecast there is no guarantee that it won’t hit the ship which cannot always escape. In unpredictable severe weather they do the best they can to minimise its effects & keep everyone safe. If you are such a yellow bellied wimp. DON’T GO ON ANY CRUISE SHIP. If you expect the open ocean to be like your back yard fish pond you are a complete bloody ignorant idiot ! If you can get it on your TV at home, watch a programme called Deadliest Catch. It’s about crab fishermen in the Bering Sea. You might learn something about reality. I’ve been on a cruise ship in the Bering Sea & believe me , it’s a rough ride but we all survived a very interesting experience.

Nathan Wind says:

That blonde bitch is on HGTV.

Karen Lindsey says:

I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise that went thru a hurricane in the Bahamas too! Just like this one…back in 95. It was never televised tho.

Barnaby Brown says:

Honestly people today are complete pussies. Everyone needs a “safe place” and when they are confronted with a day or bad weather that put no ones life in actual danger, they act as though it’s the end of the world. Like fml our generation suck.

Collin Parsons says:

There is a big difference between the voyage being unpleasant for passengers and the ship being in danger of capsizing or sinking. This was the former. The biggest problem here appeared to be that furniture wasn’t properly secured and it could slide around and cause injuries.

Nely Ramirez says:

The Titanic was sink because the Men who created the titanic was mocking at our Lord

Eward Webb says:

God dont like ugly and meanest thats good for royal carribean

Barry Barry says:

The Cruise Line and Captain should be in Jail serving a fuck’n long sentence!… the Passengers should be in Psychiatric Institutions for knowing what they knew!!!

Jason White says:

What do people expect being on a ship… on water… not exactly a solid surface

jmua04 says:

Sorry about that spinal cord sir. Next ones on the house.

Silly Putty says:

It’s a very easy question answer….Money

MewTube says:

That looks fucking cool

carol paula says:

Passengers are responsible adults as well as the captain

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