TRAWLER VS SAILBOAT Which Is Better For Live-aboard And Cruising? Which is better for cruising and live aboard, a Trawler or a Sailboat. We get this question all the time since we have lived full time on both. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Sailboats are cheaper to travel in, more peaceful underway, and reliable. Trawlers have more space especially on deck, are powerful straight into the wind, and don’t stay heeled over underway. We review our take on both style cruising boats.


Nate Waked says:

Where do you find a decent priced trawler or sale boat suitable for living for sale? I can’t find anything on craigslist or online, any tips on finding boats?

Hayley Barr says:


Raphael Arnsworth says:

I am researching a Power Catamaran -vs- Sail Catamaran they are both crazy expensive but sail boat maintenance vs fuel cost is my biggest consideration. Thanks for all the videos they are the best

R l says:

Who said three’s a crowed….is jetty turning human?

Gurn Blanstein says:

Noobs! Unsubbed…

Vincent Dsnt says:

I quote………” The little extra expense of FUEL ” over a sail boat ? Really?

ruckuss12000 ruckuss says:

are many trawlers twin engine , and if so if one engine broke down could you run on just one engine my big concern would be having a break down and being stranded at sea perhaps even in heavy seas , i thought twin engines might give more peace of mind

alphasxsignal says:

Upperdeck on the Trawler is nice.

Dara Duggan says:

Where’s that swell coming from what f*cking swell

Hotrod Hog says:

One thing you missed on was You can probably take your trawler to more places than you could a sailboat. That sailboat was probably deeper into the water and the trawler could get into shallower waters and under more bridges.

Michael Ross says:

Have Owned a Mono and Cat Sailboat !!! Cat All the Way !! Trawlers are cool for the River or Live aboard !!! Fuel is the problem $$$ Cat sailboat all the way !!!

Clint Gilchrest says:

Why not a sail assisted trawler ?….been watching all kinds of vids about different boats etc,(thinking about getting one),and a sail assisted trawler seems pretty cool….probably wouldn’t sail very fast but would still be moving under wind power

Scitch87 says:

+Tula’s Endless Summer So i noticed you said you feel the rocking of a trawler is much less comfortable than a sailboat. Well that’s sure a thing i don’t want to disagree. But especially for your kind of trawler i have seen at least 2 guys online that fitted a custom mast on top with a little sail to keep the boat more steady in rocky seas.
Might be something you want to fit onto your boat as well? 🙂

ATube YouAre says:

l have crossed oceans in a sailboat, but l am never going out of sight of land in a trawler

Brian Alsum says:

i think the maintenance cost, noise and lack of redundancy (sorry but your little tender wont last long hauling the trawler) factors alone rule trawler out all together.

Celia England says:

Bravo to your dog…stole the show!

Distance Shooter says:

Your definition of cruising? Motoring around the Caribbean? Head through the canal and take up a heading for the Bay of Virgins. Not in a trawler.

Mathew Peter says:

I’ve been asking the exact same question. It has actually held up me buying a yacht 🙁 . What MY did you guys use? Most of the new yachts are quiet (Nordhavn /Bering / FP ( I’ve also looked at draft, FPB is best, Speed, FPB is best, range, FPB is best, heavy weather safety, i.e. Capsize self righting, FPB is best….BUT, FPB IS BY FAR THE MOST EXPENSIVE. So does one look long term saving and spend an extra $2 million on the FPB (with far less space or luxury that say a Nordhavn or Bering) or just go for the space, lesser range, luxury, slower less economical alternatives???????????? dilemma!

Kody Lee says:

I am moving down on my sailboat this fall. I am hauling it down. What do you do with your vehicles while you are not using them?

MegaTriumph1 says:

A bigger Trawler Got It!.

MortimerEsq says:

Is Jetty wearing an electronic bark control device? If so, is it on in this video. Seems to be working well. I may need one of those for my dog, actually, for both dogs. I have a new neighbor and I don’t want him getting mad that the dogs bark once or twice a day (only when they hear strange noises or other dogs in the neighborhood barking). I heard that after a while people don’t even turn on the device, dogs simply stop barking when they think the device is on.

Darkwell0071 says:

Are you serious? Why not compare a VW bug to a suburban. A sailboat doesn’t rock at anchor or traveling it just takes time to get anywhere. Also much cheaper a 26 foot sailboat is barely a weekender.

Tom Pinion says:

I think you give a fair comparison here. I lived on my Cal 29 sailboat for 8 years. The thing that bothered me most about it was that the cabin sole was curved to fit in the hull for more headroom. Never having a flat floor sucked. Now I have a nice roomy 50 ft trawler. Love it! But now I have to get my sailing fix on other people’s boats.

Tom Willoughby says:

I’ve lived on a 41′ Rhodes for the last 10 yrs. She’s rock steady under sail, and in a blow. Very easy motion on anchor too. Watching your one video on anchor and a few i under way your boat is too lively for my taste. A lot of room, to me, wouldn’t be a good trade for comfort. Each to thier own though.

satish kumar says:

you are on every video…. what do you do for money…

My Musings says:

One’s necessarily better than the other. It’s about what compromises one is willing to make for a set of qualities that are preferred. Speaking for myself, I’m looking at eventuallly rigging a trawler with a kite sail so that once offshore, my fuel consumption is slashed. Being able to motor into the wind, not having to think about reefing, avoiding dealing with bridge clearances, and having a shallower draft when navigating waters where water depth is uncertain, and having a decent living space are why I’d opt for a trawler. I’d also be making my own fuel to further slash costs.

John Cusick says:

sails get u home if ur engine fails

Grandpa the Grey says:

I lived on my 32ft. Catalina sailboat for over 10 years. I also crewed for a couple years delivering yachts anywhere in the world. We brought a 52ft. Taiwan built Trawler from Alaska to the Spindrift Marina in California’s San Joaquin Delta about forty miles inland from San Fransisco bay, which just happened to be where I lived. The Inland Passage was terrific, but out in open water it got a bit rough. The Trawler sucked in ways too numerous to mention. Found out the hard way the stove wasn’t even mounted on gimbled hinges, making it useless out at sea. Pots & pans would fly off the burners even in moderate seas. It was cold sandwiches from BC to Coos Bay where we refueled. Sailed a 48ft. International Offshore Racer, The Pegasus, a Ron Holland design built in Cork Ireland, from Tasmania to the St.Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. It was bare bones interior, but man could she sail. Had an inventory of 54 different sails for any type of weather. For sure & certain she was built to race. I also spent an entire year sailing my Catalina up & down the west coast from Washington to Cabo, then up into the Sea of Cortez putting in at various harbors at both mainland Mexico, and Baja. My only crew member was Captain Morris, a big orange striped cat. Captain Morris never left my side throughout the year long adventure, even when we went ashore. Immediately after pulling into our slip when we finally got back home, I SHIT YOU NOT…. he jumped onto the dock, turned around & hissed at me, then bolted up & over the levee. I never saw him again. Anyway, IMHO…. I’ll take a sailboat any day of the week over a Trawler, especially out at sea.

David Lawrence says:

To each their own. Great video.

alphasxsignal says:

Now they have a large sailing Catamaran which will be nice.

agaveman says:

Believe in that Lehman120…

Jeeping.Net says:

Catamaran for the win!

Kevin Fisher says:

Thank you for decent good comparison .. especially from your experiences.

Brian Werner says:

What a good dog.

saysergej says:

Which sailboats have the best to live in with best price?

Ace of Spades says:

yall are great together he is “her lobster”

T T says:

kids. What do they know.

Joe Whitt says:

I love watching your subscribers grow. I hope you get many more and start making some serious adventure money!

alphasxsignal says:

Cool dog you have.

Paul McCarthy says:

Poonani. Yeah

Inumio Interactive says:

Bark into your dog’s collar.

erasmussen14 says:

This is the best video on YouTube.

whedonobsessed says:

urrrgghhh 4 minute ads


I love your videos I am in the process of deciding if trawler and sailboat and your video is very instructional…what is the milage and whats the brand of your trawler? thank you

Tag 915 says:

Can’t imagine doing a Sea crossing in a trawler

eric martin Bosse says:

the Dogecoin dog ! cool… great info , thanks 🙂

P.M. says:

with a good sailboat you can live a great life withoud needing to be a millionaire

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