Top 12 Things to Know For Your Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Vacation!

This video will cover the top 12 things to know for your Atlantis Paradise Island Vacation! ⛱ This Atlantis Bahamas Resort Review will tell you everything to know before your vacation so you can have a great time, save money and pick the best things based on your family’s ages. As always, if you have any questions, ask me below in the comment section! Plus, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! (⬇Click SHOW MORE below⬇) ENJOY!💋


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Taryn Carroll says:

I live in the Bahamas and I have my whole life and I brush my teeth every morning using that water…. and I have yet to get sick from it.

RIVAL #1 says:

Bahamas food is expensive all of it not just Atlantis

Roch Lemieux says:

Thank you so much this helped a lot ❤️

Stella Blue says:

i’ve been to Atlantis 7 times the water doesn’t make you sick. if you are in Cuba or Mexico the water will make you sick but the Bahamas are much different and will not make you sick. do research or ask people there before u make claims with no merit….

Vanna Villareal says:

I feel like I am sometimes not aloud to drink water at different states or countries. I got sick when I went to Florida. I hated it!!!

Gaming Life Never Ends says:

and it is only in the Bahamas no where in the sates really wow how surprising

cookiz and cake says:

I’ve been there

Susan Prentice Hallett says:

Great vid

Beachedwhale 41 says:

Whoever told you that the water makes you sick in nassau is a dumbass and plus your in a hotel and that place cost like eight hundred million dollars to build that place they definitely have safe Water to drink there

MLB Roster says:

Your hot and sexy

Raphael Hazan says:

I am in Altantis now

Gaming Life Never Ends says:

and yet you drink tap water really

Goalie GoDz says:

She’s fucking stupid I’ve lived in the Bahamas all my life the water is fine

Heartless says:

I just went here last month. I felt it was very overpriced for what you get. The lines were too long and the attractions weren’t _that_ great.

Cheryl Young says:

I’m a nurse and that is bad advise about Pepto it’s a medication, taking it for no reason is a no,no. Besides if you get bacteria from the water your body wants to and needs to purge it. Diarrhea and vomiting is your body’s way of saving itself. Please don’t give medical advise to people when you don’t have any training in the medical field. Your advise could hurt someone.

DenzFN says:

I watched this 17 hours after I left the resort.

Emma Zalayet says:

I love Atlantis

Cam Scott says:

i just went there and i used drinking fountains, ice Machine, and brushed my teeth with the room water, and i’m fine so maybe u should check around before you say stuff

Jamie Shukis says:

So even terrace even rooms at royal towers will give u a semi ocean view? Planning to bring daughter in August. Appreciate your video!! Any tips in eating off resort? Heard u can take ferry for cheap to Nassau and eat a lot cheaper?

Jenna Yiu says:

Thanks for the tips! I’m going there this summer!

Waffle Bunny!! says:

shouldn’t eating the food be part of your experience not trying to hate I’m just saying

TonyRomeNewMoney says:

Great review. We just spent a weekend at Atlantis. The resort is cool, but basically the same as being back in USA. We went to New Providence and got a small taste of Bahamian life, including FOOD. Check out the Fish Fry district. Have daiquiris at Twin Brothers (AMAZING). We also enjoyed Lukka Kairi restaurant. Check out the Slavery & Emancipation museum to get some Bahamian history. Try one of the boat taxis from Paradise Island to New Providence too. Only $4/person.

lele west says:

Thanks this was so helpful

Michele Holloran says:

I love your travel video’s!!!! I have been to the Atlantis 4 times & were going again in May. By day 4 I get horrible diarrhea every time. I will try the pepto bismol pill once a day. I also take probiotics starting a month before I go away.

Zach Helton says:

I’m looking to book a honeymoon here. When you talk about the food, you didn’t do the all inclusive food package then??? That’s what I’ve been looking to do

Dark Crip says:

I’m trying not to cum here….

AmandaRamanda Ramkissoon says:

They offer meal plans. Is that worth it? Any perks to that?

Olivia Elena says:

The water in Cancun you can’t drink but Bahamas you can

sophia daly says:

Im going for my 2018 spring break and im really excited. i have gone once before but only for 6 hrs cuz it was a stop on my cruise ship

Garry Joseph says:

Bullshit!..if that the case don’t drink the water in the turn you to a pale skin demon like this blond headed female lizard…Dude I’m high as a kite because I can actually understand what this blond headed lizard is saying.

DenzFN says:

We used bottled water for tooth brushes and rinsing our mouths aswell. We also packed snacks in a suitcase and we did everything you told us to do.

OutThere Animations says:

u r gay lol

Jason L says:

I’m going in August, I really hope I don’t have to make reservations for our dinners, I want to eat when were all hungry, not when our table is ready…can be tough with kids.

TheNatex75 says:

Please educate yourself a bit better. The water will not make you sick. It’s actually better than the water you get here in the US . The reason may become sick is the same reason someone one from the Bahamas would get sick the first time drinking water here . Please stop being an ignorant America. You have traveled but you are bit clueless which is ok just take some time to be a bit more educated

Mona Moonshine says:

The tablets is a great idea!! I get sick easily, so i always carry my own bottle water

Ry Sty says:

I went here this summer and it was definitely the greatest time of my life. I went for my birthday with my family and met people like Zach Lavine, and Ben Affleck. This is definitely worth the money and you won’t regret it

Alexia Bethel says:

Umm I live in the Bahamas and there is nothing wrong with the water

Harrison and Kyrie says:

Great video!! Heading to the Bahamas soon, this video is awesome info!

Sabrina's Disney Videos says:

Very cool!!! We are going in a few months!! Good tips !!

babyhols666 says:

who the hell told u the water would make u sick…….

Paul Carey says:

the water is filtered

Leticia Contreras says:

Holla I speak Spanish and English dolphins peace sign

Christian Holden says:

Walk… have you been to Disney world!?!?

kim golding says:

you just piss me off I’m from the island and the water is fresher than the states

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