This plane could cross the Atlantic in 3.5 hours. Why did it fail?

The Concorde gave us supersonic transport. But why did this supersonic plane fail? The answer is complicated.

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wp r says:

137 hours? Excuse me but the Titanic has yet to cross the Atlantic at all!

Dude guy Man says:

Ddddddrrrrrooooooooooooooppppppp sssssnnnnnnnooooooooooottttttttttttttt

pparker768 says:

mock up

Curt Howland says:

Keep in mind that Virgin Airline’s Richard Branson tried to buy one of the Concords when they were being decommissioned. The airline was not _allowed_ to have one. That is the real conspiracy theory.

Matt says:

Brilliant piece of Engineering, it was just too soon for its time

George Newell says:

Just a shame that the French couldn’t keep the runway clean and clear.

Rick Anderson says:

SuperSonic flight just isn’t practical, at least with current technology. The F-22 does have supersonic cruise, so maybe future technology could change things. Even supersonic fighter jets, they only fly supersonic when the mission requires it, then they have to land or refuel shortly afterwards. That is why they don’t go supersonic if they do not need to. Well that and the Sonic Boom problem that prohibits them from doing it over populated areas. So cutting a flight time from 11 hours to 3.5 hours costs 10 times more, and is a luxury few can afford, and like you showed very well, the future was so limited, it just wasn’t worth the cost of keeping the tiny fleet current.

CJ Dillon says:

I remember when the Concorde took off and flew over me. The sound was unbelievable !!!

ffggddss says:

2m11s: “Russia’s effort [technically, the Soviets’], the Tupelov-2144, flew, but it was grounded after an extraordinarily spotty record…”
– Yeah, mainly consisting of a rather spectacular, and very public crash, at a famous airshow!
And BTW, it was nicknamed the “Concordeski,” because it was basically made of technology stolen from the Concorde.


ZeoAcinuz says:

Too loud? Yet having drag race cars that are strong enough and loud enough to cause mini earthquakes and shatter local windows aren’t?

edgar helbling says:

So who is so important that a couple of hours make a difference? Bullshit pretenders.

tbwpiper says:

It failed because people began losing their luggage faster.

Eddi Haskell says:

It failed because it was a gas hog and made too much noise — it could not fly at supersonic speeds over land. It was an environmental disaster. It also was too expensive to keep flying. The UK and France lost a huge amount of money building it. They would have done better coming up with a competitor to the Boeing 747 instead.

joeysworldtour says:

The sr-71 blackbird traveled from london to new york in 1 hour and 30 mins


For Americans everything Is too loud

Malachy Smith says:

NOT practical or viable considering the fuel costs

William Edmonds says:

This was a very good video. I always wondered why Concord was retired after just one crash. Very informative, thank you.

Zamolxes77 says:

Concord failed due to fuel prices and how much it burned. I wonder what would happen if they would marry the SR-71 scram jet engines with the shape of Concord ?

pparker768 says:

Because the US wouldn’t let it land at JFK. Why ? Too noisy. Real reason ? The US spent more on a wooden mick if an SST that UK and France did in a flying prototype. The US couldn’t do it and gave up and dammed if anyone else would be allowed to succeed.

Diogo says:

The first Concorde Flight, from Paris to Rio was just… Amazing ❤

Don Carmichael says:

You know. It. Was. USA. I

Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth says:


Fyodor48 says:

The USA airlines contributed in part to this elegant planes downfall.
The money making route for Concord was always transatlantic. But feeling competition US airlines got together and restrictions for its landing in the US were prohibitive.
Imagine where we wld be with supersonic flight if they weren’t the Luddite reaction to this amazing plane..

Adrian Mendoza says:

Poor Sting

mike .D says:

it failed because it wasnt american , period

Sam Harrison says:

9/11 killed a lot of concorde’s passangers. Many of them were in the towers and this led to a fall in business

Russell Balmer says:

Because the Americans didn’t design it and they were super jealous.

brian mellett says:

It didn’t fail the French fail it


I remember this too, I was about 8, seeing it in the News and talking about it in School!

Leonardo Louie says:

It failed because of the cost/mantaince and more.

Twig Gamer says:

so british airways took delta’s wing?

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