The Transatlantic Crossing

Real guests sit down and share why the Transatlantic Crossing is a travel experience unlike any other.


jenniffer murga says:

Love Queen Mary 2

R.M.S Britannic says:

Hello! I’m Russian, so I may have a distortion of your language. I’m a fan of your great company, especially the ships of Lusitania and Mauritania.

Afanasii Ivanov says:

Make please Lusitania 2 and Olympic 2

Obaid Ur Rahman says:

Please upload Vlogs…

Becky Sharper says:

Sailed in November 2017 Southampton to New York. It was fabulous, luxurious, stylish, interesting, educational and great fun. Dress for the occasions and enjoy the experience. Would recommend. However, a word of caution, don’t give your main credit card details on check in. Use a temporary credit card with a limited spend otherwise money will seep out of your account at such a pace. Caution advised with on board spending.

European United Lines -Mrnolc- says:


Dino Draftsky #121 Clutch-Aid says:

Titanic Sunk
Costa Concordia Sunk
Queen Mary 2 In Service
Hm she will never sink.

Deluxe Cruises says:

Very nice cruise line. BRAVO CUNARD

Great Hova says:

It don’t be know niggas on Cunard

Паша Черепанов says:


m h says:

A video advertisement very well done. Thumb up; liked.

Juybryth says:

I wish I had the money to go on one of the queens

Spiral Breeze says:

I so want to take a crossing.

Napoleon Banaparte says:

When someone says “Cunard” it always remind me White star line, Mauritania, Luzitania, Olympic, Titanic, Britannic, Burdigala, Kaiser Welhelm de grosse, Aquntia, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary and on…

Crazy Bros Cael says:

If the qm2 is still in service when I’m older I’m going on a transatlantic voyage

It's Sam Hussey Productions! says:

0:40 I’m glad the Americans like our ships

team jake says:

Yo Cunard you should make a rms lusitania 2 or a mauritania 2

Alim Thompson says:

Shame on you Cunard. Playing on Veterans Day to promote your cruises is very tacky. Especially when most vets could never afford one of your cruises. Why not offer a drawing for a free cruise for a wounded warrior and her or his family? That would be an appreciated gesture for Veterans Day instead of using it as an excuse for your promotion.

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