The New Catamaran – Bluewater 50 Transatlantic

We’re sailing the new Bluewater 50 catamaran across the Atlantic! Tour this luxurious cruising cat with us at its debut at the Southampton Boat Show. We’ll be moving aboard S/Y Zão in less than 2 weeks in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands and will be sailing it transatlantic with a crew of fellow sailing writers and videographers. In this episode, we tell you about the upcoming 3,000 nm voyage from the Canary Islands to St. Lucia. We also demonstrate how we’ll do route planning and weather forecasting using the PredictWind® app which has been updated since our last Atlantic crossing. The November voyage aboard S/Y Zão will be our 8th transatlantic passage.

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Bluewater 50 catamaran:
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World Cruising Club, Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC):
PredictWind Weather Forecasting, Route Planning and Tracking App:
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Sheryl and Paul


Amir Hadziahmetovic says:

this is going to be amazing cruising journey……
I’m all for it bring on captain….

Bill Fournier says:

Hi Guys, I am excited about this upcoming voyage for you. It should be an exciting time (sailing a new cat across the Atlantic, additional crew members). I’m on board! 😉

On slightly different note, have you guys ever done a video on maintenance on a Southerly and what the average yearly cost it could cost. I also understand that about every ten years the swing keel has required maintenance and it can be rather expensive. Could talk about that a little?

Thanks again for sharing! Fair wins!

Peter Staples says:

UGLY looking thing, it is like most plastic sailing rafts. Yacht motion names: Mono “Capt. Bob” and for Cats “Capt. Jerk”

Truth Seeker says:

This is my second attempt to post a comment regarding the yacht, I think as the well-established brand as “Distant Shores” fans may want to view boats that people may still be able to afford, I am aware of Discovery & have seen their yachts on prior documentaries but I am sure the vessel you Illustrated is well over a million$+, people still need to feed their fantasies but thanks for uploading.

Samuel Fields says:

Don’t like the raised deck portals….stump your toe and fall overboard and who will turn around and pick up up…

Francesco Gerli says:

Man she talks!!

Edward Snowden says:

That white mass of plastic on both sides in front of the salon’s front window, which is there just for aesthetic reasons is obstructing the view too much.

Billy Quinn says:

man those windows I told my wife I would buy it for the windows alone dam that is so pretty and in the birth  I have talked too the wife and she said ok that would be nice I wished they did that too the 120 but small is great she is trying to find one is yours for sell  if not hell I cant blame you for keeping it I would die and leave it too my wife wow that is so pretty thank you for showing it to us man I would lay there and watch all day and all night god you are blessed  that is the best cat I have ever seen

Philip Stone says:

I see 57 down votes. Why would anyone give a thumbs down to a video like this. Maybe a militant monohuller??

Captain Mark Gray says:

About time a “Soaking Tub” was built in above decks. I made a cockpit Jacuzzi in my Islander 30 several decades ago. Lay down comfortable black pond liner (nice and thick soft rubber and being black it can also be a solar heater). I put in a Jacuzzi Jet on a movable hose and mood lighting up for our evening soaks. I built an on demand hot water heater into my BBQ and put it off the stern of the boat. It could take 50 degree F seawater up to 160 F so on idle it made it perfect for a Jacuzzi tempature. I could flip a valve and fill it with fresh water or just rinse off with my fresh water hose. I had a desalinator so fresh water was no problem but I enjoyed a salt water soak and fresh water rinse. I put clear plastic over the opening (to solar heat or keep it from the plywood (stowed under the seat cushions) that I could put over the water to cover it for tomorrow’s soak). A flip of a switch and my hose down pump would either recirculate it through the heater or suck the water out and overboard super fast. I could also use the 4 scuppers for super super fast dumping. A good soak is what most boaters never get and really need when chilled to the bone and yes, I could sail while using the Jacuzzi if I wanted to but hey, that would be silly. Soon they will put a wet / dry sauna in the heads. Remember where you first learned about this and remember to send the royalties to my wife, kid, grandkids etc o—) Ha ha 50 ft boats finally learning sailors need a topside soak. Great after diving too. So romantic… mood lights, a drink, music, and you are truy home! Been there, done that decades ago but hey, I did first dream about it for 15 yrs before doing it.

Coleen West says:

Another excellent video. QUESTION – Why do you guys not sail with a Catamaran? I am interested in getting a HR type blue water sailboat, but everyone keeps telling me that I “must” get a cat… Can they actually be a good alternative to a world cruising high end sailboat? At times they look like a houseboat to me, but I guess the stability issue is an advantage.

Why Me? says:

I love that the double windows on the side are at water level. It gives a lovely view. I would love to have a cat but they are expensive!

volans73 says:

Hi, when will we get a new video? My family and I love to watch, and can’t wait for videos of your crossing!!

Billy Darley says:

*can anyone answer me this question? where online would i be able to study for free, maps of the worlds friendly and unfriendly oceans? does anything like that exist?*

Richard Fee says:

We are thoroughly enjoying the set we won!!! It’s so great just kick back and sofa sail with you two. Soo relaxing!!! Thank you again. And, yes we’d love to buy that catamaran. Could we get a Distant Shores fan discount??!!!

Cyber Bully says:

Journalist? LOL! Just keep it real and stick with bloggers and vloggers.

CHRIS198490 says:

rich people

Branden Stewart says:

Woo! What a sexy boat. I’m excited to see all the adventures aboard!

Ricardo Anjos says:

Parabéns s

John Black says:

The PredictWind Offshore does not cover all areas

Dilithium Crystals says:

Why does Sheryl always interrupt and start talking over you when you are talking? So annoying when people do this. Otherwise love videos.

TheSailingChannel.TV says:

Looking forward to following your transatlantic voyage on the new 50 foot catamaran, especially in 4K.

Ron Thibeau says:

What would this boat cost

Moe Jaime says:

Ab’out ? !! lol your accent is a dead giveaway you are from Canada . love that accent God bless !

John Kershaw says:

Enjoyed the video.  Try not talking over each other.

Gary Myers says:

I think both of you compete to be the one talking instead of working with each other. Both of you cut the other off. It’s annoying.

Frank Stocker says:

In furling mast is a no no. Good luck on the crossing.

Jacques Lambert says:

Have you had trouble with the adjustable keel on your boat? Is maintenance of this system complicated? Do you feel vibrations in navigation with this system?

Thank you very much for your answer. A French faithful.

Prof. M. Otto Zeee JCD ECS says:

Why is everything “spectacular”, when it is not. For a blue-water boat I want PRACTICAL, COMFORTABLE, lots of redundancy and high strength rigging.
Spectacular is BS.

Lifestyle GPS says:

Distant Shores was my first Binge show. We bought the DVD set with Digital Downloads so we could bring it on the future boat and watch them while cruising without needing internet.

Jason Masters says:

You guys a just the nicest couple.

RedRoofRetriever says:

Great boat layout and design, but the same colors throughout is kinda blah. I appreciate good use of wood, but here is an example of too much of the same. Otherwise, I’ll claim the port cabin as my own. Happy sailing.

Gerben Van Duyl says:

She looks heavy and therefore slow. All those huge windows are worrying, I hope they won’t leak.

brettney72 says:

thats 1 nice cat

Dave-Jill Nelson says:

Your wife just wants to talk too , can’t have all the spot light

Bruno Gianelli says:

Jeez lady! Stop interrupting. And you, guy, quit letting her walk all over you! Either do the video “together” or not at all.

MidnightVisions says:

A “V” berth on a Cat, that’s not right!

Zeeadster TV says:


Ariel N says:

nice boat..

bill hanna says:

hmm not to sure about those HUGE hull ports(if that’s what one can call them).

runway heading says:

Congrats guys! Enjoy your new friend!

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