The Cruise 2016 – The Official Movie

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Thiago Rock says:

I would like to work in the cruise someone have your contact

Daniel Bechet says:

En fin je peux voir la vidéo sur un autre téléviseur

Celadon Jade says:

i just watched 2017, had to watch this one too!!!!!!!!

Jaime Lopez says:

Q lástima q no hay monte para una aventura asr

blackham7 says:

How did i get from dogs giving birth to here?

Paul W says:

because these faggots are desecrating those ships I will never do it again fucken animals, sodomites imagine the pools the staterooms and the Jacuzzi’s stained by anus licking rectum loving pigs and they were actually touching the silverware now I spit and puke just at thought of it. Sodomy is a mental disorder just look at these fags pretending to be women filthy and disgusting.

Kevin Lomacks says:

You have one live to live,what is life if you can’t be happy and free and live it to the full,happiness and love is all that matters in life, don’t anyone forget that.Share the love guys.

Lork Lorkman says:

i’m straight but this was a well put together video. a truly amazing life experience that makes me want to do a cruise

Jaime Lopez says:

Q rico es cuando dos personas se aman saludos bbys

Chad Jones says:

How would they get that ship clean enough to ever use again?


Coming soon ❤️

Daniel Bechet says:

J’aime cette chanson

Gabriel Aguilar says:

The movie it’s actually on Netflix

Ivo Marques says:

Power to showcase ur body, power to unpretend, power to be sexy, power to explore masculine sexuality, power to explore feminine side of man. No religion No fanatics

Daniel Bechet says:

de la détente et de la bon humeur huuuuuuuuuuuuuum ça fait du bien merci à vous Daniel

Kevin Lomacks says:

Insanely happy men! Love and happiness is what life is all about live and let live you haters!These men know how to party i’m telling ya!

David Brauns says:

The best of the best

German de jesus Velasquez says:

incredible new situation in the world changing well

Francisco Lopez says:

solo con verlo es increíble, me gustaría ir algún día, diferentes culturas todo tipo de personas que de verdad te cautivan y que te hacen estar a gusto. Pronto iré, my phone 04243139111,

Dandre Garnett says:

I think I just found my graduation gift for 2018 looks like everyone has a blast!!

Daniel Bechet says:

Cette vidéo est superbe huuuuum !!!!

zouphout says:


143mik says:

Worth watching start to end. How much is the package cruise tour?

King Of Baghdad says:

The end make me cry am enjoying with you and feeling in peace gays because you are a real human

hsen ft says:

follow me on instagram: uncutme

nicholas williams says:

I’m gay and I wouldn’t go on this.

Daniel Bechet says:

J’adore cette vidéo je m’amuse beaucoup trop sympa Bises Dan

Elieser Rodriguez Asesor says:


Amasio lima neto says:

Só tem homens lindos demais esse cruzeiro ❤❤❤

Yellow Pine Apple says:

Woww i love it

Ivo Marques says:

This is real life without having to worry about who says what. Who judges whom.

Pàtrick Saive says:

très impressionnant

Karl Berlin says:

Since every Year,Amazing, Lot of Fun and Happyness. But Reality is another view behind the Curtains.

Fabio Fabym says:

amei.. top de mais

Daniel Bechet says:

je veux voir cette vidéo sur mon téléviseur via YouTube impossible de la retrouver

Normand Phaneuf says:

I enjoy to watch people having a good time and I personally don’t care about the sexual orientation, what matters is the warmth of the heart.

Kevin Lomacks says:

Careful guys you might lose your man,your love, on this cruise! Most likely indeed!

Тоха Меров says:

Мне нравится такой мест

whitemannativemind says:

OH My. Gay Heaven. I’m already, turned on and I’m not five minutes into the video.

Daniel Bechet says:

Trop sympa ces vidéos

Mmm Hmm says:

Love it

143mik says:

I wonder if they are Filipinos joining this great cruise experience. How I wish I’ll be joining soon.

Rolando Martínez says:

I enjoy it a lot.

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