Ship Size Comparison

A single shot size comparison of many popular ship from the smallest boats to the biggest ships such as RMS Titanic, USS Enterprise, Seawise Giant, Oasis of the Seas, Prelude FLNG and even bigger proposed ships such as Freedom Ship. Pls watch in HD!

Featured Comparison:
Vera Hugh II : 1.19m : Smallest Trans-Atlantic attempt boat
Father’s Day : 1.63m : Smallest successful Trans-Atlantic boat
Acrohc Australis : 3.66m : Smallest world circumnavigate boat
Canoe (Average) : 4.3m :
NCS Challenger : 5.79m: First open boat circumnavigation
Personal Sailboat (Average): 8m
Competition Rowboat (Average): 17m
Santa Maria : 19m :
Towboat (Average) : 27m
Viking Longboat : 40m
Passenger Ferry (Average) : 50m
SR.N4 : 57m : Largest hovercraft built
EOS Yacht : 93m Largest sailing yacht built
Wyoming : 130m : Largest Wooden Ship Built
50 Let Pobedy : 160m : Largest Nuclear-Powered Ice Breaker
Typhoon Akula : 175m : Largest Submarine ever built
Azzam Yacht : 180m : Largest Private Yacht ever built
MS Ulysess : 209m : Largest Ferry Ever built
SS Great Eastern : 211m : Largest Ship from 1858-1901
Yamato Battleship : 263m : Largest Battleship ever built by Gross Tonnage
RMS Titanic: 269m : Largest Passanger Ship in 1912
USS Enterprise: 342m : Largest Military Ship currently.
RMS Queen Mary 2 : 345m : Largest and longest Ocean Liner in the world currently.
Oasis of the Seas: 360m : Largest and longest Cruise ship in the world currently.
Vale Brasil : 362m : Largest Bulk Carrier ever built.
FSO Asia : 380m : Largest currently operating ship by GT
Magleby Maersk: 399m : Largest container ship ever built.
Pierre Guillaumat: 414m : Largest ship by GT ever built.
Seawise Giant: 458m : Largest and longest ship ever conceived.
Prelude FLNG: 488m : Largest ship to be built (UC)
Project Habakkuk: 610m : A proposed aircraft carrier during WW2 made of ice
Freedom Ship: 1371m : Largest ship ever fully proposed.


Venia Tolentino says:

Why dident they put independence of the seas not allure of the seas

micmul23 says:

Project Habbakuk (as it is spelled usually) is so crazy but they actually seemed to be seriously about it.

Ujusix says:

Freedom ship-1371m
Girls und Panzer- Hold my beer

Rico Lopez says:

why did you use creepy music?

Lorry 092805 says:

And I thought the Titanic was huge….

Mathew Sierra says:

Most largest aircraft carrier must be USS NIMITZ Right?

Snow Monster says:

Wheres the titanic?

archie salazar says:

Noah’s ARK?

that one dumbass who likes grapes says:


I need a life

Dominiek Broers says:

And I thought te Titanic was abselute giant then I saw the ferries tankers and That freedom ship.

Cullen Thomas says:

More titanic

Daniel Tomaščík says:

war tanks

Blaise says:

Humans are ships

pumkin bomb says:

what about freedom ship sinks by an iceberg


uss iowa isn’t bigger than yamato?

Daniel Tomaščík says:

skus tak urobiť tanky z 2. svetovej vojny .

JackMunroArtist 78 says:

That titanic graph was Lusitania.I am also a nerd!

First Last says:

I didnt know there were boats the size of entire countries. The scaling down of the human is inaccurate

john firerazor says:

wheres my wall comparison video i bet trump is going to get involved

English Trains says:

Very interesting video.

Blaise says:

Noah’s ark?

JJokeRR Gamer says:


Ronald Howsen says:

Hey let’s make a ship out of ice and sail it into the pacific

Jack Harpe 3rd says:

This music makes this video so terrifying, it reminds me of Pink Floyd- Welcome to the Machine

Jon Orils says:

What about Girls und panzer ships?

CarBricksCity says:

Warships are not measured by Gross tonnage, but by displacement. Gross tonnage is not a measurement of weight, but a measure of the volume of a ship. Displacement is the measurement of weight a ship.

UtilmatePoison says:

Am I the only one who thought that the Titanic was the biggest

Filippo Gaita says:

all wrong!

Gian Andrei Alaan says:

I thought titanic was last

Panja Churiawan says:

The biggest ship is stil prelude FLNG:D

Cat Destroyer says:

When bismarck

Mafiks says:

I wanna go back in time and pull up next to the Titanic with the Freedom Ship

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