Ship Simulator Extremes – Orient Star Cruise Ship

Hey guys Welcome to Ship Simulator Extremes hope you will love the new series and the 1st ship we test is a Cruise Ship named Orient Star.
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Cap Gamer 10 says:

Play the criuse ship in Sydney harbor

Serocrux says:

3rd person simulator. lol

Muhammadsyamuel malsa says:

banyak cakap aja kau, mainkan kapalnya dengan enjoy.

Missis Miggins says:

What an absolutely horrendous game – Do people actually pay money for this junk?

Victor Sheldon says:

How did you get lights on your ship? it kind bothers me when its SO dark at night without lights lol

Cap Gamer 10 says:

Plz replie

Clayton early says:

queen mary 2 is tiny af look at harmony of the seas

POPOmastercandy-YT says:


Brayden the awesome dude Culyer says:

Do the Britannic

R Chappy says:

You don’t drive a ship you spacker!!!

Craig R Hyslop says:

More ocean liner vids pls

lou eradio says:

Where do we can download this game?

snaaslam says:


Al Hamilton says:

Spent three hours trying to load the free demo, have loaded it five times, can’t get it to work, spends half an hour or so downloading and when it completes if you try to play it just takes you back to downloading it again.

I assume that if a company can’t manage to have a working demo it probably can’t manage much else.

You only get one chance at a good first impression, you failed.

Titanic lover 121 says:

Do more pls I love the vids but pls do more

Onword Cookie says:

Get ship simulator 2008

Lamborghini gamer says:

I actually see the Queen Mary 2 sometimes

Kai James Vlogs says:

No people on ship ?

John Holloway says:

Nice video–even though I did not view the entire video.
But just to comment my pet peeve! And it’s not your fault.
What I don’t like about these kinds of games–train sim, flight sim, truck sim etc, etc even space games included–is these is NO life!! On a ship this size, there should be passengers everywhere—but no, the ship is abandoned. The player is on the ship all alone!!

Ian Jeffries says:

can you do the carnival cruise ship please

Richard Bosnak says:

This made me play this game again after year or two.

Lavette Lee says:

You should have sank it

Ridge Gaming and Vlogs says:

All Coast Guard boats have machine guns on the boat. I when I went on the Independence of the Seas, there were Coast Guard boats following us, and they had machine guns on the boat. Anyway, someone on a speedboat got to close to the ship, and the Coast Guard had to fire the machine gun as a warning. So no, that wasn’t a fire hose, it was a gun.

Tv pigy says:

Who else just sinks all the ships

Ian Jeffries says:

at the time in the video 8:57 did anyone see the shadow there were the world trade centers

Rylan Williamson says:

re funnel looks like the carnival crude one but that one is only blue and the carnival is red white and blue

Enthusiastic says:

New york is my town.

Pichon de Piloto says:

One question, how does the game work? I have it and it’s slow

MarEpor says:

you think this looks good wait till u play x plane 11

djpgamer7 says:

Hmnn…. Copying nerd cubed eh…

Skrrt says:

When he said “procrastinators”, all I thought of was Nerdcubed

tibor tomeij says:

What is the name of this game

Ethan Fifield says:

That cruise ship is real but it’s different it’s called Carnival Spirit,Legend,Miricale,Pride

BB6Gaming says:

I went on The Independence of The Seas on the 29th July 2017 around the Mediterranean, this reminds me so much of it, thanks, and I am getting this game!

Ashley Dixon says:

put the ahkor down

Andrew Nightingale says:

Is this on Mac

Xxpro gamerxX says:

You can actually go inside

Cruising Holiday's says:

Please do more with this cruise ship

Cameron Ridyard says:

The thrust controllers that you pulled forward at the beginning actually rotate independently to rotate the ‘Azipods’ so you can turn. Also you have bow thruster controls at top right.

Din Ram says:

I love your vids

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