SHIP LIFE – A Spa Girls Life At Sea!

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On board the Royal Princess cruise ship, I worked in the Spa doing a 9 month Steiner contract. The cruise ship visited these ports across 7 different countries, Venice, Athens, Kusadasi, Istanbul, Mykonos, Naples, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Fort lauderdale, Princess cays, St Maarten, St Thomas. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean for 7 straight sea days. I met so many amazing people and visited beautiful places I’d never dream of seeing! I Started my contract in June 2013 and finished in April 2014.


Music –
Intro, The XX
Can’t Get Better Than This, Parachute Youth
Liar Liar, Avicii
International SMile, Katy Perry
Top Of The World, Imagine Dragons
Million Voices (Radio Edit), Otto Knows
Wake Me Up, Avicii


Wang Zhinan says:

miss the life at sea now

Kim John says:


Glenn Thomas says:

Its nice to know that the crew does have some fun on these ships especially when catering to others.& away from family for such a long time. Its inspiring to guess to know they want to do these jobs n have some fun.

Breaunaly says:

Hello (: my name is Breauna or Bre for short. I was thinking about working on a ship. Your video was amazing and I loved the whole thing. You guys are very funny lol. But what I love the most is the whole experience with meeting so many people and different personalities. Unfortunately I have a dog and it limits my opportunity to work as a ship life because I know no one will take care of her when I am gone. Also the fact that I’m about to be 18 probably is another disadvantage. I would love to work at a ship but I don’t know what to do. So basically I’m at a stand still. That would be lovely if you or someone could help me like any advice or tips. It would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

andrea lopez says:

did you work for the Royal Princess or the Royal Caribbean???

prikljucak says:

awesome girl 🙂 you still cruising or?

Mariela Versola says:

I’m about to work on the Star Princess, this is getting me so excited!

Dragan Vukman says:

This is amazing!

Endless Summer says:

+Nita Andrei As a Steiner you will work 14 hours a day, 5.5 days a week, and it is hard, pressured work.  If you don’t sell enough or the team misses targets, or your manager is in a bad mood you will get yelled at more than you have ever been in your whole life.  The team you are with can be bitchy, people will stab you in the back and your manager can be a total psycho.  It depends entirely on the people who surround you and your ability to sell expensive stuff to people.

TheArsenalMan125 says:

hey im looking to apply for a ship job and cant really find an answer what is actually involved in a 6 month contract like what is the avreage roster like?

Roger Moore says:

Great video! I’m inspired to work on a cruise ship

topik wijaya says:

shit im lost that party

Diana Kaate says:

Inspiring,life at sea,I’m coming.

MarkMash17 says:

dat infectious travel bug… spreading germs 

mattyboimushroom says:

HEY!!!! i spotted me a couple of times… lol… Miss you hun xoxoxo 

Nicole Kelly says:

I can’t view this on my phone or iPad 🙁

TheMil978 says:

haha i think Australians have the best taste in Music! 

nicolesamsonite says:

oh so many cute guys

Señorita Bobo says:

wtf is this shit? Why doesn’t it work on my iphone :/

melissa0755 says:

It looks like u had a great experience! It was fun watching all the things u did whilst u were working on that cruise for 9 months! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

BarbieQ says:

The burnout rate for this type of work is pretty high. High pressure and you are just a slave to the well off.. who could get you fired in a flash.

PrototypeMusic says:

Oh, did I mention this video is SOOO Hot! JK 😉

Jora HdeTyByl says:

Spa girls are the best at sucking DICKS. Cheers!

PrototypeMusic says:

10:37 the elevator opening went perfect with the music, Ding Dong! B-G

Oleg Pukhlyak says:

awesome video! great selected music!

terri diu says:

Love this video  😉

itsageoffrushthing says:

Officer swag spotted.

nemo says:

These are fast food ships, image of the general emptiness of stupid globalization.

h Boggust says:

Video does not play for me

Johan van der Werff says:

Love it, worked on chips for 9 years, met my wife on the Sun Princess in Alaska. I was fitness she was massage. Worked in the times of Tim Dux and Darryl Preston. So sad I never made videos like this or take photos while doing drills, morning meetings, port clean, training evenings (maybe the most hated), crew parties, crew deck, cabin parties, cabin drops, M1, crew mess…..
Have fun

cruiseliner says:

Momma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be Steiners .. or twirliees.

Ivica Stojiljkovic says:

Shell !!!!!!! We must to talk!!!!

Katie Cooke says:

Has this been deleted or something? I can’t watch it 🙁

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