Royal Princess Transatlantic Cruise vlog Let’s head to the cruise ship

Royal Princess Transatlantic Cruise vlog. it’s time to head to the ship from my hotel and check out the Royal princess cruise ship before she sets sail on her Transatlantic cruise.

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Sandra Blanchette says:

Would you be willing to write the name of the motel you stayed in and what city, please? I’m thinking London but I’m not positive. Thank you

Darren Gilchrist says:

Great videos so far Don – looking forward to the rest!

ps: if you haven’t sailed out of Sydney, Australia – come visit! I think we have one of the most beautiful ports in the world. Yep, I’m biased!

Hilma Allen says:

Gatwick Airport, I alway flight out from there and I will also stay in a hotel the night before I recommend it, it makes for a better hoilday, I only got back home last night from my last trip, will be going to OZ in December and agin I will be staying at the airport the night before. Thanks for the video Don, and really pleased that your home was OK.

Chris Helms says:

I like the layout with the closet & bathroom being separated……

Beth Campbell says:

We always bring our power strip with us. I’m glad you had a great time!

jameskinglion says:

what is the best cruise line is the best for some one with an hearing lost

Jessica Hardin says:

This was a great video Don! You can tell you are getting more comfortable in front of the camera.
I am glad the medical emergency turned out good. I know I would be worried about the person the whole trip, if I didn’t know how it turned out.

MrRamyon74 says:

Thanks Don. We will be travelling on Royal next year in a standard balvony room. We’re in a quad though so could be interesting 🙂

timothy gates says:

Don you look great! I like the room tour. I like seeing what’s on other cruise lines. We have only sailed on HAL. Glad you made it home safe.

Mike Baxter says:

Do you know why I am frequently drunk on my Trans- Atlantic crossings? … Because I finds I am always quartered on the … Port Side … !

Oceanside Affirmations says:

Great shots Don. Thx for letting us know you are ok after that bad storm. Good to know what to do when going thru Halifax. Nice.

ae4xo says:

You always should bring a power strip with multiple plugs. always

HelloThereWorldItsMe says:

Your room looks very nice. We haven’t been on a cruise yet ourselves yet.. honestly not really sure how I stumbled on the “cruise videos” but now I have watched so many and just really enjoy watching them. We considering taking one ourselves. Maybe one day we will be able to go on one of your group cruises…. Thanks for another great video

Evehsv says:

Your cabin looks very comfortable awesome view from the balcony well enjoy look forward to seeing more vids on your cruise. Thanks Don.

Cruise Control says:

Great video Don as always. Excited to learn more about your adventures on this trip!!

Doreen Chapman says:

Thx you for this series my husband is wanting to try a Transatlantic cruise sometime ….. 🙂

mattcolver1 says:

That’s why we always book mid-ship cabins. We never have to walk too far.
Our last cruise we had a mid-ship balcony but took a free upgrade to a mini-suite near the bow and found ourselves going the wrong way a few times.

Craig Pennell says:

Can you plz make a video or can comment on dietary restricted travelers. I Have sailed with ncl and was told the had a special dietary kitchen area by my travel agent ,and they did a great job on keeping me safe. And I have emailed ncl multiple times and have received different responses each time as far as what they offer in this matter .what would be the best ship to go on? Or cruise line? Love your videos.

Brad C says:

I’ll be flying to Heathrow for a transatlantic in November, I always enjoy heading out from Southampton. Beautiful area.

Lisa Summs says:

So funny, even ten years newer than the Emerald I was just on, Princess does very well staying consistent with rooms. Love your videos and no nonsense informative content. Take care Don!

Adventures of David and Aaron says:

Don that was a nice hotel. It’s nice that princess gives you a small mini bar. Thanks for sharing we can’t wait to see the rest of the vlogs. Sincerely Adventures of David and Aaron

Jason Simonds says:

… thanks for making your vids a bit longer… nice breaks of vids/music between narration is also very nice.

Amanda Anderson says:

You seemed a little less than impressed in your first two videos of your cruise.

Jeff & Renee Ranallo says:

Nice cabin tour! We’re sailing on the Royal to the Western Caribbean in December. We have mini suite and paid extra for the “club” service with priority boarding, etc. Which service or perks level do you have that offers the liquor? I just love your posts and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Royal to get a preview of our cruise.

David Andrew says:

I always take those Hotel upgrades.

Blue Fluke says:

I love how pleased you always sound when you’re on the ship and how caring you are about the other travelers. The cruising part of the trip is always the best part for me. But, I’m wondering why you generally book the forward cabins.

Quoodle1 says:

We sailed recently on the Grand Princess and the ocean view cabin looked exactly like this (bathroom, shower, desk, fridge), except of course we didn’t choose a balcony.

Judy Jetson says:

No couch in the cabin I would want one.

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