Royal Carribeans Anthem of the Seas Cruise Ship VS Hurricane Storm’s 180 MPH Winds and 30 Foot Waves

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Vinay Kumar says:

I have been a sailor for eight years, it’s just a normal day at sea with choppy waters.

Félix Maltchinski says:

Verry big waves.

Swae L says:

what did it feel like? because the waves look really big but everyone around you seemed pretty calm about it all. Im just picturing the ship being pushed around by the waves but from your view on the ship, things look pretty stable so i guess it wasnt too bad?

Justo Garcia says:

Seriously doubt the winds were anywhere near 180mph

Garth Algar says:

180mph my ***

uk trucker says:

180 mph wind really

Roving Punster says:

-1 for exaggerated clickbait title … max wind speeds were nowhere near 180 mph in that storm (or any other hurricane in recorded history for that matter).

Eric M says:

This is one of my favorite videos. I love the calm, casual background noise of people going about their lives while there’s a enormous storm raging outside all while being out at sea – miles from civilization. The juxtaposition of the raw power of nature and human civilization is beautiful highlighted in this simple video. It’s like being on another planet.

WendyE says:

They eventually sent everyone to their cabins, right? What was done for meals? Well, for those who wanted to eat and weren’t seasick.

Gunks Hunter says:

Not 180 mph wind nor 30 foot waves.

peet hook says:

there is no any hurricane here

xerocytesteve says:

Bunch of pussies.

Just another day on the ocean for real salty dogs.

runway heading says:

180 mph winds? That’s a cat 5 hurricane and you would be dead. 100 maybe. None the less, impressive

Oliver Whalley says:

The winds where nowhere near 180MPH and those waves are barely 15ft never mind 30! If that ship was in the co fictions you said then you wouldn’t be here today! Sick to death of hearing people exaggerate this storm! Yes it was bad and cruise ships should never head into weather this severe but that doesn’t mean people should exaggerate. There’s only ever been about 8 or 10 actual hurricanes that had maximum sustained wind speeds of 180mph or more!

Joe Dirt says:

Just curious…with all the technology available, why did they sail right through a Cat 5 hurricane???

PointyTailofSatan says:

LOL 180 MPH. Maybe…..180 KPH. Be glad you were not in a 200 ft 19th century wooden frigate, or a WWII era victory ship.

Vitaly74100 says:

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