Queen Mary 2 Tour & Review ~ Cunard Line ~ Cruise Ship Tour & Review [4K Ultra HD]

Watch our review and tour of the newly remastered Queen Mary 2 from Cunard Line and its accommodations: Britannia Balcony Stateroom, Britannia Inside Stateroom, Britannia Atrium View Stateroom, Britannia Oceanview Stateroom, Britannia Single Oceanview Stateroom, Britannia Club Balcony Stateroom, Princess Suite, Queens Suite, Penthouse, Royal Suite, Duplex and Grand Duplex; activities: Grand Lobby, Purser’s Office, mezzanine levels, Connexions, Maritime Quest, photo gallery, art gallery, Empire Casino, shopping, Queens Room, G32, The Play Zone, promenade deck, Canyon Ranch SpaClub, salon, fitness center, library, bookshop, Churchill’s, Commodore Club, Boardroom, Atlantic Room, observation deck, The Lookout, sun deck, sports centre, The Fairways, photo studio, Pavilion Pool & Bar, shuffleboard, kennels, The Grills Terrace, Terrace Pool and Minnows Pool; dining: Britannia Restaurant, Britannia Club Restaurant, Golden Lion Pub, Sir Samuel’s, Godiva chocolate bar, The Cunard Wine Academy, champagne bar, afternoon tea time, Carinthia Lounge, Kings Court, La Piazza, Chef’s Galley, room service, Boardwalk Cafe, Grills Lounge, Princess Grill, Queens Grill and La Verandah; and entertainment: Dixieland Jazz Brunch, live concerts, dance balls, Illuminations, The Royal Court Theatre, lectures, RADA and Rhythm of the Night. ~ Visit Our Website: http://www.PopularCruising.com


General Tophat says:

footage at 10:13 is reversed. I CAUGHT YOU, HA!

colin schabel says:

i would through you overboard

TheMacki95 TheMacki95 says:

damn she looks great i was on her like 6 years ago

Aleksandar Gospić says:

How can all this fit even into the ship of this size is beyond my comprehension 🙂

R Wood says:

Some of the worst food I have experienced in my 2015 crossing. Worse, it crossed at +/- 8 knots presumably to keep passengers in the bars.

Colton Price says:

Very nice ship. I wish Cunard would design an ocean liner that is more activity/entertainment oriented.

TerrariaIsGreat 2008 says:

Man, i do love this ship. But i can’t board it, since i’m 9 and i live in San Diego. hopefully she doesn’t retire when i’m grown up.

Commentor1 says:

10:55 Check out my pussy!

Джейсон Хичкок says:

Are you fucking serious!!!!! People are going on a cruise to play tennis??? To go swimming??? To practice batting baseball??? To read books at the library??? To drink at a bar??? To leave your children at a daycare???? To gamble at a casino?? To make a big deal about eating good food that you can get anywhere in the United States???? Are you fucking kidding me?! This boat ride better be a lot cheaper than flying!!! Because I can do all the shit in the comfort of my own town!!!

Shark Lostworld says:

How much are the tickets for the Britannia Balcony stateroom? She’s a lovely ship, I hope to travel on her one day.

Al B says:


Perrofeo says:

annoying voice too

Mac McCann says:

dude, slow the video down, I’am getting sea sick

handbagphile says:

Am I the only one who cringed when he used the term “entrée” instead of main course?!

Titanic says:

You just called QM2 an Ocean Liner and a Cruise ship in the same sentence. Off to a great start.

Politics Now says:

Is the bow accessible to passengers or strictly crew only?

Edward A says:

you are a whiner

batt3ryac1d says:

Jeez the queen mary 2 is pretty shit huh

John Kemper says:

I love the Queen Mary too. If I was asked what in life I wanted the most I would actually say the original Queen Mary, repairs, repainted and refitted with modern amenities and place it at the mouth of the Mississippi River in New Orleans and cruise it up and down the Eastern seaboard to New York, New Jersey down to Miami and back to New Orleans again.

ILAN2187 says:

too much ship for one ship

Matthew W says:

vocal frrrrrrrrrrry

Thomas Harbauer says:

The last of the Great Liners. Hopefully she can set a Riband before she retires 🙂

morgan megurine says:

Cunard doesn’t still have that stupid 1st-3rd class thing, right?

Александр Радивилов says:

Хорошая музыка, красивый голос, отличное качество, продолжай в том же духе. Я твой фанат из России )))

colin schabel says:

its a sort of even more annoying upspeak

marshalcraft says:

I would just rent a room for a decade or so if I were rich.

colin schabel says:

you are a picky snob for somebody with a speech impediment

AlexCH27 says:

Who also thinks that we need another ocean liner from cunard?

Joseph Forest says:

Only thing I liked about this ship it is mainly …. blanc.

batt3ryac1d says:

This guy must be loaded to do all these cruises.

Gaius Julius Caesar says:

in which restaurant people were suits,tuxes or maybe black jackets

pinkpoo007 says:

While a good video, I must say this guys voice sounds patronising. As a Voice over myself he’s making a common mistake with lifting dropping tones.

Ironman Man says:

Heyyy I really really really! Like your videos because even though it’s so long I enjoy watching it it is really in depth and detailed and the quality is so nice I hope to see another review of Cunard’s ship queen Elizabeth and queen Victoria 🙂

pinkpoo007 says:

Apart from a patronising voice, your over opinionated comments on food prepared by professional chefs. A good video ruined by annoying commentary

Collin says:

How many hours they keep the dogs closed in the crate each day, please ?

gxfan039 says:


Lari Kipe says:

What a lovely thang.

Fromthefuture says:

Thanks for your honesty, in your Reviews…

Bryan Ditcham says:

Cunard update of QM2 is very impressive and having only travelled Britannia class it is
lovely to see how the other half can travel.

takenking42 says:

Costs $1,000 and up but has shitty wifi

SnackCronos_Gamer says:

i love queen mary

Robbe Nagel says:

The top decks are simply disappointing

Eskimo Lapin says:

“The vocals were honestly a bit subpar.”

eladbendor says:

The guy should be killed with no mercy for the most annoying intonation and voice ever!! Worst commentary!

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