Queen Mary 2 – Eastbound Transatlantic Crossing

A small glimpse into a trip across the pond


Mautu Farani Ioapo says:

mautu ioapo queen mary 2 eastbound transatlantic crossing thonk you youtube videos goodday by now mautu ioapo in my loaptop compter thonk you 5.6.2014 thonk you mautu ioapo 

The unofficial Queen Mary Video Channel says:

Thanks for sharing this great video! Wonderful impressions of the transatlantic crossing and a professional camera handling gives your video a special touch! I’m a big fan of the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach and I’m dreaming of an atlantic crossing on the QM2.  

Allan du Manoir de Juaye says:

Boring video.

keri caye says:

This is cool + I like how Southhampton gives a water spray hello to its passengers arriving. I miss England..I have such envy for these passengers. Enjoy the UK and have a Happier New Year! (2016)

Clayton Byfield says:

11:44 looks awesome

Michelle Lück says:

I would love to sail on the QM2.

Finlay MacArthur says:

Great video, outstanding quality…

The Mayers says:

Now that was a bore… 1o people on the ship and nothing going on… For the price of this boredom I can fly business class on Virgin Atlantic and save 5 days of my life!

pumpkin462 says:

What a video!

donald kane says:

Superb video. This is Queen Mary 2 in her original state, before any “refittings”.

jack bramall says:

thanks for the post, gives a person a reason to save

menlo12000 says:

Great video, you know what you are doing! I went westbound in may this year. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

gdcat777 says:

Enjoy this very artistic and well made short. The upper decks no longer appear this clean and spacious now that is been “remastered,” or as I like to say, bastardised. The sports net was moved back to block the funnel view from one side, and the front area past the glass windscreens was filled in over the Regatta bar, two sauna tubs, and shallow pool with new deck 13 cabins. I’d like to see what kind of shots you made of the interiors before they were ruined with original art being removed or destroyed. Jeez! Carnival.

Harold Steffee says:

I would love to sail on her.

richard seidenberg says:

In reply to rd3ster that was N.Y.,N.Y. It is so good you have to say it twice.

Retired Early 53 says:

Wheelchair races at 2pm !!!!!!!!!

rd3ster says:

What was the port of disembarkation?

darian roscoe says:

Not a single shot inside. That was depressing.

Sandy Grogg says:

Excellent! The ship was allowed to speak for herself… I loved that there was no distracting music.. Job well done!

Tony Veale says:

Did the trip in June 18. The ship is fantastic , entertainment first class, food fit for a king ( or queen) and it’s something I could recommend to all.

Fatmos0010's Realm says:

Holy crap… You have a Youtube…

lisa buchmann says:

Are meals incluted in the ticketprice…………………………..

david bruce says:

I am going on that ship next October from South Hampton. I will fly to Great Britain and revisit Edinburgh where I lived back in the 1970’s. I will be meeting up with a friend from Canada who wants to experience a voyage like her father did when he immagrated to Canada before WWII. I don’t think his passage was so luxurious! My great aunt from Bar Harbor Maine did several crossings on the origional QM and the QE. My family sailed on the QE2. I crossed while in the Navy and on a sailing vessal.

Mark S says:

totally awesome. No crowds, no bullshit, no bums in sandals and shorts. No kids. No idiots on waterslides.

Now, this is what being at sea is all about.

And no goddamn music or narration. Good video.

rmsqueenmary543 says:

i wish i could go on that ship.

diff22000 says:

We have just booked a transatlantic roundtrip on QM2 with 2 weeks in USA cant wait 🙂

kelvin bremont says:

Do you have to be rich to be on this ship? Is it first class all around?

Laura Adams says:

zero people on the boat…????? I’d die of boredom.

Joseph Forest says:

If you are a person that is dull with no adventure in your soul, this ship is for you.

John Reynolds says:

Well done for making such a great video.

dave boydell says:

Compared to the Pacific the Atlantic really is just a pond!

FU OPEC says:

Sorry there isn’t a water slide and rock climbing wall on the QM2’s funnel for you and sorry to say no belly flop and hairiest chest contests.. best you stick to the cruise ships.

Freddie Paynter says:

Excellent video!

dan graham says:

what was the name of the bridge that the boat was proceeding beneath , it was close , the passengers commented on it .

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