Polish AK 47 from Atlantic Firearms – Look under the “hood”

First Look “under the hood” on Polish AK 47 from Atlantic Firearms
Link to their site: https://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-rifles/polish-ak47-7-62x39mm-rifle-wood-detail.html?Itemid=0
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Alex says:

Where are the Atlantic brand Polish or Romanian rifles built? Do they have forged or billet or cast trunnions?

Marion Odell says:

May I know what kind of pistol grip is that and where to get it? Again, awesome video! Thanks!

moh_jhn says:

he look like vladimir kozlov

alfred astorga says:

Nice to see you trying so many different magazines. I have too and all of them fit very tight. You really have push them good. Is it that the spring is new and needs to be worked in more. Mine is a Polish build that appears new when cut up.

Xert says:

What did you refinish the bolt and metal with?

Michał Wołodyjowski says:

Pan jest Polakiem, jeśli to nie tajemnica?

Wm S says:

As always great vid sir. What new stamped AK would you buy? I have a MAK90, C39v2 and an O-pap now. I’d like to stay at $800 or below.

Connor Danals says:

Are you planning on doing an “under the hood” vid on a new IO inc. ak? I’d be interested in knowing if they really have “revised” themselves.

wrightconnection says:

Another great video! Thanks!

Carpio Cyprinus says:

Very informational! Thank you!

Devilz DandruFF says:

Polska produkuje dobrą broń. Brawo Radom.

neverendingmods says:

Lol,. I smell my gun parts too.
Thanks for such a detailed review.

John P says:

I got the Polish/Atlantic AK and the fit and finish looks really good. Haven’t shot it yet, but I am pleased so far.

Timothy Martinez says:

+ak operators local 47 74 Did you guys ever get a chance to run this rifle through the grinder? If not are you planning on doing so?

sj408 says:

James River Polish Ak a good Ak?

Leonard Wong says:

Polish? This I will buy for sure.

dmbnorthphilly says:

I’m looking to buy this ak just wanted to know if it’s worth buying? is the quality great? reliable? would appreciate to know everything you can say about this rifle …thanks very much

j83460 says:

how did it perform?

cmarchi128 says:

any info on who makes the barrel? I assume 4140?

Gurn Blanstein says:

What is the best AK under $1000?

RK Harm24 says:

Rob Ski, Is the AK 47 from the Lee Armory built for Atlantic Firearms? If so, my 1968 is a LA build too from a 1968 Polish Parts Kit.

civiliansheepdog3842 says:

Rob, are these made by Lee Armory?

SanMiao Kingdom says:

0:9-0:10 we have a polishhhhhh AK-47…….

J.L.H says:

In your opinion what Country makes the best AK47 in the world? I’m pretty sure you have handled all kinds of AK’s and I’m sure you have the one rifle you’d take to battle with you in your personal collection. Some say the polytech legend is better than the Russian ak and some say the Bulgarian ak is the best just curious of what you think about this

The Faceless Man82 says:

My God that wood is beautiful!

Cody Deese says:

the real question, is it compatible with the zenit b30?

Frank Bama says:

Is there a range/test video of this rifle? I’m in the market for a new AK and this is in the same ballpark as an Arsenal on Atlantic Firearms. They’re sold out of the Rob Ski approved Definitive Arms AKs and I’m impatient to get an Ak to replace the Century I’m selling.

Konrad Ford says:

What does the under part of the receiver say?

InfantryRd1 says:

Rob what MOA should we expect on these Atlantic polish AKM’s with competent shooter?

Frank Napolitano says:

Rob, Is it the Green Mountain 4150 Barrel ??

Walktheline says:

how are zastava n-pap rifles as far as straightness?

Adam Drewniak says:

US made barell, receiver, trigger and brake. Sorry Rob, it’s not Polish. Polish means quality.

Jon Mathews says:

Are the new or surplus Polish WBP trunnions/bolts/carriers cast, forged, or milled?

* Berishaj says:

Muzzle break or flash hider? What do you prefer

ram whites says:

are you even russian you pussy

Derek Pvhouse says:

where did you get the mags from

jedi_M1ND_trixx says:

Just ordered the Polish Classic from Atlantic mainly based on your reviews of other rifles, a little nervous since this will be my first AK. The rifle from the pics they provided looks very similar to the one you featured in this video. Im hoping it’s a quality long lasting rifle. Thanks for all your hard work Rob, I appreciate all the time and money you spend to make these videos.

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