New Suites on the Sky Princess Cruise Ship

New Suites on the Sky Princess Cruise Ship. Princess is building new cruise ships with some new cabins to offer. The new sky suites on the Sky Princess cruise ship sound amazing.

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bonnie bergstein says:

Vantastic video (were you thinking about Vancouver?) catchy tune too – nice family & cute baby!! And Sky Princess looks incredible!! YAY – aft pool!! Those sky suites look amazing – balcony space for everyone (I’ve never been on a ship where they closed off the balcony – not even when I had the double balcony on the Grand Princess – a last minute upgrade to one of the owner’s suites)!! Keep up the great work Don!!

Baughman travel a westgate travel partners Baughman says:

Princess sucks

Mother T says:

Thanks for taking the time to share about the new Sky Princess. Looks like it going to be really nice! Fantastic 🙂

Hachikō says:

Don, thanks for all your uploads! You’re very informative in your expertise as a travel guide, in helping those who have no knowledge in planning a vacation on a cruise ship.

Doreen Chapman says:

we are booked on this ship March 2020… first Princess cruise… excited!!!!

Boat Lover says:

Now I just need to win the lottery, that suite sounds great! We really wanted to come along on your group cruise but are going to New Zealand and Australia for a month with a couple we are friends around that time, been talking about it for a long time. Not looking forward to the flights though. Hopefully you will have another.

Val Holland says:

Where are details for April 2019 cruise? Thanks! I listen at work too.

Jay Jay says:

So you’re a travel agent ? I need one for a royal Caribbean cruise lol

Jarrett Kushner says:


Jason Lott says:

I would love to see a solo cabin with a balcony, for single travelers.

Bianca Gantt says:

OMGGGG DON MENTIONED MY ME!!!! Thank you Don!!!! Your the man!!!!

richard c says:

I tried to book that cabin on the Sky, it is sold out 🙁

Alison Burt says:

So pleased that Princess are bringing back the wake pool which is my favourite place on the Grand Class, now I just want the covered pool back on the Royal class and I shall be happy.
Well done Don you are doing such a good job, I enjoy your blogs very much and keep learning about cruising.

Thagirion9 says:

Your videos are fun, informative and help out tons of people.

Michelle Dore says:

Wish I could go on your group cruise I’m already going on my very first cruise on the Norwegian escape in October. Cant wait and your videos really help me alot. Thank you for being so kind and very knowledgeable. I hope to go on the next group cruise.

Ed Chin says:

Hey Don, thanks for all the videos. We are booked in a balcony room for January 2020 on the Sky Princess for 2 weeks in the Caribbean, great deal and got the sip & sail included too. Like you say, it’s never too early to book and save.

mattcolver1 says:

We booked a balcony cabin on the inaugural cruise of the Sky Princess when they had the two dollar day to book a Princess cruise. Now all I need to do is win the lotto so I can keep the cruise.

Matthew Hoffman says:

I remember when it wasn’t too long when you first hit the 10K subscriber level. Keep up the entertaining, educational and great sense of humor and it won’t be much longer until you hit the 20k mark. As always, safe travels and continued good health.

D Cow says:

Don I love your videos! I recently had a cousin who was going to be getting married on a cruise and because of your tips I knew that I could send a gift to their room they we so surprised and I got too look all savvy even though I’ve never been on a cruise. Thank you so much! You are awesome congratulations on 15,000 subs!

Mike Baxter says:

So BRAVE .. going on holiday with their little ones! … When we were their age we couldn’t even go out for dinner, till the kids were 3 or 4 years old!! 🙂

Jennie Spooner says:

keep saying Vantastic its so cute

trent odonnell says:

we stayed on the allure of the sea 2bd room aqua theater suite 700ft balcony and it was never closed off FYI

NurseNancy says:

Don’t ever feel bad about being yourself Don! I love how you say “I hope you are having a fantastic day!” on your videos! You are great to watch and I glean cruise tips all the time from your YouTube channel!!

Laurie Grube says:

My grandson watches Ryan’s toy reviews and I’ve heard your theme music on that channel!

Mary Elizabeth says:

Wouldn’t it be fun to stay in a suite like this. Let’s save our pennies or rather dollars. Or buy a lottery ticket. Someone has to win so why not someone who loves to cruise. Great dream!

Todd Power says:

U need to wear luxury watch to do these videos.

samantha farmer says:

Join us and Cruise Back to Back ALL year long

Valerie Gibbons says:

We are Holland America fans and they too have a Nieuw ship debuting in December. I’m not a person that needs all the bells and whistles

Jennie Spooner says:

are vaccinations mandatory for the group cruise ?

Arlene Stone says:

Good morning Don, are the sky suites mid ship or aft?

Reggie and her Man! says:

My hubby misses the hula girls from the intro. LOL
Nice video, as always

ossie gl says:

Keep doing your video don I will never get tried of it

Mike Baxter says:

“Vantastic” was a very popular saying in the 70’s and 80’s, when conversion vans and campers were all the rage … I thought you were saying it on purpose as the term was so popular (and still used) in the travel industry … here is a google images search for the term “Vantastic”…….0…1c..64.img..0.0.0….0.4yKpAoCgwPo

D Walker says:

Very cool!!!! That makes me feel like going to the drive-in how nostalgic!!! Oh well I can dream right!?

Badwrench says:

Don, We are going on our first cruise in March 2019 (I’m 64). I started looking for information on You-Tube and found a lot of videos following couples on their cruise; I was more or less looking for just information on what to do and not to do. Well, I found your videos and they are exactly what I was looking for. I have learned a great deal from watching your videos. Thanks.

Sandra Blanchette says:

Your videos are fun and/or helpful or both. I can’t understand the dislikes.

TheBcb2000 says:

I listen to Don’s videos at work like I’m listening to the radio. Good information.

Alfredo Alfonso says:

MSC Armonia is a good cruise ship

Punkin kudles says:

Don, You brighten my dreams. My first cruise is Sept at age 60. Carnival Elation 5 night to Bahamas / Half Moon Cay. Leave / return Jax, Fl. USA. Elegant spa tub bathroom, unobstructed view extended balcony, suite is perfect location on ship. Ordered faster to the fun priority pkg., one carnival excursion, the soda endless bubbles, one bottle Crown Royal w/cola pkg. and paid required fees / gratuities (cash for tips). Thank you so very much for all the awesome videos and allowing us into your life. The simple and honest way you inform is so refreshing, Ok even comical at times with your funny mishaps. I laugh at my mishaps to. So very glad I have you to guide my way to a fun and safe cruise. May you only know happiness. Your friend Angie.

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