Navigator of the Seas Trans Atlantic Cruise Cancelled 3000 Passengers Stranded!

Navigator of the Seas Trans Atlantic Cruise Cancelled 3000 Passengers Stranded! 3000 passengers were left high and dry in Southampton when Royal Caribbean cancelled the Trans Atlantic cruise to Miami for the Navigator of the Seas. The ship had just been repaired last week in Vigo Spain and the cruise line announced that the ship was sea worthy. However on her last 10 day voyage she only made 2 scheduled port stops instead of 5 and the ship rocked constantly according to several passengers onboard. Many claimed that they did not feel safe onboard the ship and were happy to get off of the ship in Southampton. The cruise line had just announced with great fanfare that the Navigator of the Seas was going into drydock in early 2019 for a major $115 milion refurbishment in an attempt to change the subject away from it’s mechanical woes. But now with the cancellation if the Trans Atlantic cruise attention will revert back to her seaworthiness. Cruises leaving Miami in Dec are still going ahead, but many passengers want to know if the ship will be ready and or able to handle the work load. #navigatoroftheseas #royalcaribbean #transatlanticcruise


TrainMike2013 says:

Drama, drama, drama. Ships get cancelled like airplanes and trains do. It happens. It is unfortunate for those who booked their cruise at this time, but these things are a risk of traveling. If you’re not prepared for this to happen, stay home. NCL obviously will refund everyone. Passengers should check with their credit card company to see if any of the airfare can be claimed and refunded.

Alex Crawford says:

Of course she’s rolling. She has one too few stabilisers haha.

Rick Riedler says:

That’s because RC ships were not designed to handle the North Atlantic, they were designed for the carribean. The QE2 was specifically designed for the North Atlantic. Just because the RC ships are huge , doesn’t mean they are designed for high seas.

Tom Henry says:

Well Weather could be the issue just not the whole story. If you have a busted ship that would be ok in smooth waters but not with a little wave action then blame it on the weather!

Tracey Dunlap says:

That must be so disappointing for all those who traveled there to get on a Cruise to end back in the USA. WOW.

Geoff T says:

Though people will be disappointed in having their cruise cancelled, however they should be thankful that it was cancelled, that ship is not built for doing trans Atlantic crossings in the autumn/winter months. The North Atlantic is one of the roughest oceans in the world and there is only one ship afloat that can cope with it at this time of year and that’s the QM2.

michael meyer says:

If they were taking on water then they only put a patch for a fix, no way you want to go transatlantic. Ship needs a drydock fast.

Tony Church says:

I was one of the people, who turned up this morning, we went through security and up to the booking counter, handed over all the paperwork and credit card, then the wife said have you read this, there was a letter. Stating that they had tried to get in contact but could not and the fact the boat would not be going to Boston New York or Florida and was spending 3 days in Europe then down to gran canaries and then across Miami. When I said we not going, you should have seen their faces, this was our ninth trip with RCCL and our third with Navigator. Very upset.

Robert Brant says:

I wouldn’t be happy if I planned and flew from the USA a few days ahead and paid for hotels etc to be canceled.

Cheryl Doyle says:

Report not true. Ship has left Southampton with passengers on board.

Ray Opeongo says:

Weather related? Yeah, I can understand that. With the damaged stabilizer, the ship can’t handle any “weather” more than a slight breeze.

D&G Explorers says:

Wish they’d be more transparent with issue. I know they have an image to uphold but it could also affect people trusting them on booking a future cruise

E.J. Freestone says:

Worse thing about cruises. The lack of info when anything happens… Hello we are your customers, and there are plenty of lines to choose from.

Cool Jazz says:

I’m not surprised at all. I didn’t think they wanted to cross the Atlantic for 7 days with a partially fixed ship. The weather is definitely not an issue QM2 left yesterday. RCCL told me 4 days ago on facebook trip wasn’t cancelled but I didn’t believe that one bit.

Mark MacKenzie MBE says:

Cancelled rubbish!!! I’m sitting on her now!!! She has changed her itinerary. She has 3/4 stabilisers we all know that and rather than having 4 days of being battered but the sea this new route will give us one day. We are heading to Gran Canaria then down to Cococay and then port canavereal an original port then Miami. Okay no Boston and New York but a cruise is a cruise. Report the true facts in the future, Bruce. A lot of people may have cancelled but it’s certainly not 3000.


I DON’T do cruises from November – March….. always bad weather…..

Chris B says:

Hearing they are departing instead for Zeebrugge, Le Havre, Grand Canaria and then Miami the week after.

Joanne Kearney says:

Are you sure that the sailing has been cancelled. I heard it was being rerouted to Belgium and France before heading over to Florida…. not that it was cancelled.. There is a big difference. I can not find it on Royal’ site or on CC

Mary Aylward says:

What a palava those poor passengers!

kodi oliver says:

Our lifes were put at risk on the last 10 day cruise and everyone should get a full refund!

bonnie bergstein says:


Joanne Kearney says:

For a cruise that was cancelled it appears to be sailing out of Southampton as of 7:30 pm EST…

kodi oliver says:

I was there

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