Longboard BoardGuide Reviews: Pintails by Original Skateboards with Lindsay

Find your Pintail: http://originalskateboards.com

Pintail longboards by Original Skateboards: Classic pintail shape. True pintail performance. Each board is a simple shape with elegant wood construction, topped off with art by acclaimed surf artist, Jay Alders. Designed to turn stretches of asphalt into your own personal playground, the Pintail 37, Pintail 40, Pintail 43 and Pintail 46 longboards are a great option for any size rider from beginner to advance. At home, in the city, this cruiser can be your fast track to an easy and enjoyable commute. It lives a mellow life on the flats where it seconds as a dancer and beach cruiser.

Check out more art by Jay Alders: ‪http://www.jayalders.com


PeterBuddy says:

Wow she is not funny just annoying as fuck.

The Glenn says:

I know this video is 5 years old, but I just ordered my derringer 28 maple complete and this deck came free with the board as well

Luz Pink says:

Iam 5’1 120 lbs what size should I get

Cristian Moreno says:

Who else is inspired to get a pin tale

BeeatsGraphicDesign Dante Wilkins says:

Who ever the girl is makes me enjoy life, I used to watch all these old vids back when I was 15 feelsbadman

Island Fever says:

Do you wholesale?

LimitLESs Steph says:

*beats up tree*
*gives it a hug*

Krispy Joe says:

I’m 13 years old, I’m 5 feet and 3.75 inches, and I was wondering if I should get a 37-inch pintail, or a 42-inch. I’ll probably go to the mall and go into Zumiez to see what length feels best anyway; I just want some advice.

Calvin Charlie says:


Shawn Ignacio says:

Is that leslie knope?

City England says:

Like is she autistic orrrrr what……..

Whitey Mamasan says:

White privilege and racist

wizardwithguns1 says:


Jackizsooc00l 1712 says:

Hmmmmm what she is saying something is telling me she is full of shit

Gene Washington says:

I love her personality I’m getting a pintail for Christmas

Mauricio LH says:

Music ???

Angel Vieras says:

Amazing video!

Eliijah Criley says:

You know something this is the best video I’ve watched on YouTube

Ariel Wibaux says:

one question: what trucks are? thank you!

Angel Viskinda says:

she’s pretty cute honestly, really bubbly

mundane Psychidelia says:

best vid on the channel

Eliijah Criley says:

She is so nice

Truth Seeker says:

I luv this gurl man


……….she puts a smile on faces. 🙂

ErrorNoctis says:

Cringey as fuck

Fluffy Unicorn says:

People saying she needs to stop trying to be funny. But to be honest, even though the jokes were bad af, I laughed pretty hard.

Russian Pickle says:

This was so.. Cringy..

PineappleMan says:

It’s ok I’m a tree hugger to

Liketodraw AndCreative says:

Who else has a longboard that has a different end, amd now wants the pintail longboard???

Michelle Fair says:

I have that exact longboard Jay alders original pintail 40 in “out of the blue” longboats but I can’t find its worth or original price anywhere online. How much would it be used?

mundane Psychidelia says:

Best vid on the channel

X_YamahSquad_X says:

shi. I need a girl with that personality

Ben Lemons says:

Lindsay makes me want a Original Pintail! She is awesome!

Rolando Sulbaran says:

Beautiful video!!!! I love it!!!

Anomaly4u says:


Red X says:

easy breezy Louisiana lol <3 she's so cuteeee

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