Is Cruising In Cunard Queens Grill Worth It?

Discover all you need to know about cruising in Cunard Cruise Line’s Queens Grill to decide if it is really worth spending the money to cruise this premium way. I explore the Suites, Dining, Facilities, Perks and (importantly) the cost! I have spent over 150 nights cruising in Queens Grill around the world and learnt many things about the benefits and downsides of a cruise in Cunard Queens Grill. I share all of this in this video.

Cunard ships have four main grades: Queens Grills, Princess Grill, Britannia Club and Britannia. Each have their own restaurant and you dine based on the category you are cruising in. Queens Grill is the most premium of all.

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Petr Frizen says:

Very detailed and immersing experience into the World of Cunard! Thank you, Gary! It requires a lot of determination, dedication and stamina to travel every month… Truly remarkable and admirable!

Semsem Eini says:

I sailed in the Queens Grill in 1982 but it was a cruise. We were upgraded. The food was OK but I am sure that the Brittania food was just as good. What I loved was the lounge where we had tea.On the QE2 the bathroom was a normal tub. Nothing fancy like this.

annemarie duggan says:

Lovely to see it too pricey for me.It looks very classy

Wayne Harris says:

This is similar if not the same as NCL The Haven. Great video thanks

Annie Crites says:

We traveled Britannia and had a Deck 4 Balcony on the QM II in early July. It was spectacular. The food was amazing, and you pretty much could go anywhere on the ship. I think if you just wanted to get from once place to another on the planet, and didn’t want to mingle, the Queens Grill would keep you from getting cabin fever. Other than that, i thought our first cruise experience was pretty luxurious. I will probably never sail on any other line but Cunard, having had that experience.

Mary Elizabeth says:

Very nice video Gary. Great to see what the Queens Grill looks like. I had the privilege of cruising on the QE2. Stayed in a junior suite. Was happy as a clam at high tide. On the bucket list is a trans Atlantic cruise on Cunard. Would love to experience the luxury suites and dining in the Queens Grill.

Emma Cruises says:

Brilliant video! So good to be able to have a look around 🙂

Robert Ellis says:

Another first class review. Please keep up the great information as the wife an I look forward to the next video.

Paul and Carole Love to Travel says:

Excellent review, looks so classy and would be an amazing treat!

Mr H says:

Another great video Gary, we love Queens Grill and agree with what you say. In our opinion Queens Grill combines the luxury of regency etc. but with a big ship feel. Terrible to say but you do feel elevated in Queens Grill, not in a bragging way though, it just gives you a lovely feeling during the voyage.

We are back in Queens Grill in December which we are really looking forward to. First time in the Grills on the Victoria as we usually very loyal to QE being Favourite ship. It will be interesting to see the subtle differences like the wet bar in the Suite as QE doesn’t have them on the Penthouses for some reason.

I believe this was your Hamburg trip, we are doing same on QM2 from Southampton to Hamburg in May flying back the same day we disembark the QM2. Are there any tours or transfer/tours available so we can experience Hamburg before the flight? Cunard aren’t able to answer and say we may find out details when on the ship? Many thanks

Capricious Capricorn says:

What a fun video to watch after getting back from a pan-Pacific cruise on the Queen Elizabeth. Went San Francisco to Sydney and flew back early this month. Sis and I had a Britannia balcony cabin and at one point we agreed that we didn’t need anymore luxury than we had. It was a fabulous cruise. Thank you for sharing your vid of the rarified world of the Queens Grill. We didn’t feel excluded from anything while on the QE. Hope to travel with Cunard again.

Alimuhamaahchg Amaranamensex says:

Cunard=cruise for old people

Andrew Hawkins says:

Why is it called Grill? It sounds like a cheap American food outlet…

Lawrence Smeaton says:

If you like orderly peacefulness with your class, then Cunard is the way to go. Ordinary Britannia balcony staterooms are all you need. Nothing better than sitting in the sun, watching the world go by on sea days. If you have the wealth to upgrade, why not? but there is no need as the food is just as good and room service is still available in Britannia. These ships become your friends the more you use them. I miss the QE2.

MidWest Katie says:

Thank you Gary, this is the video I have been waiting for.

Linda Reynolds says:

Just a heads up if you are considering Queen’s Grill, be prepared for the type of people you will be encountering. Britannia travellers are more “real” and friendly.

Calvin Smith says:

Very old- fashioned in its decor but I guess most of the passengers who travel in this class are elderly.
I sailed on the old QE2 before it was retired and the average age of the passengers was 80… was like being on a a floating nursing home!
I was 30 at the time.

Aj Raafa says:

You’re the best, Gary!

Andrew Town says:

Very informative thank you especially regarding your comments on the a La Carte menu. I have booked a Q5 on the Baltic Trip in May and was somewhat shocked that Cunard dropped the price by £3000 a week after I upgraded. Seems unfair, but has taught me a lesson for the future! ( Cunards comment was ” well you would not complain if the price went up).

Lynn Edwards says:

Great review………. can’t wait now for our fist visit on the ship week on Sunday in the Quens Grill.

Stuart Lee says:

It’s a really good video.
But what do I do with my dinner clothes and other unwanted luggage during my European stay of 2-weeks before I sail back?
I don’t want to drag my unwanted suitcase(s) all over England and France.
Does Cunard offer any facility where I can store my stuff upon arriving in the UK, and returning it to me upon boarding my return sailing?
That would be great!

Jynx Jynx says:

Nice! I’ve never been aboard Queen Victoria or (the new) Queen Elizabeth although I’ve crossed the pond many times aboard QE2 and QM2 and always in Queens Grill accommodation. I concur absolutely! It is worth the extra fare.

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