Hurricane Sandy: Cruise Ships Weather the Storm

How cruise ships are weathering out the storm that is pounding the Atlantic Coast.


Odd Advertisment says:

A hurricane hit pull your self together

Sensei Raven says:

Why ride out a storm at sea? Because it’s suicide for a vessel to stay in port when a hurricane approaches.

Any vessel, particularly a large ship, would take major damage if moored next to a pier from the storm surge, wind, and waves, assuming it didn’t break free from the pier and drift into worse areas. Anchoring isn’t feasible in such conditions. That’s why all ships able to get underway when a storm approaches do so, as it’s easier and safer to ride it out at sea.

Justin says:

I don’t see what you guys are laughing about.

Regina Small says:

“Everyone on board was sick” Well shit.  :X

Dxhangover says:

People gave have me the nickname “hurricane” because my name is sandy and told me to stay away from New Jersey. I found it funny haha

محمود شعشع says:

My name is Sandy but it is so cool that there is a huracane is named after me

Skavillix says:

Always carnival ehhhh

fermin leony says:

OMG i am so scard

Theresa Vasquez says:

I was on this ship during the Hurricane.

Hafiz Ata-ur-Rehman says:
Xx mystical forest wolfXx says:


Recs Aiuges says:

do you know the queen mary 2 it was awsome cause it sails at the storm and its so okay nothing damage no anything so chill

lpgft says:

this is why I take the bus …..

Aundrea Garbutt says:

I remember being in this hurricane. I was 5. I was terrified!.

Happy Girl says:

I was on a cruise during Sandy on Royal. It was so scary. I just pray to god I would make it.

Student Richard Ortwine says:

i live in south east michigan i was 10 years old , the wind from hurricane sandy hits michigan

Valgo Gaming says:

Disney Fantasy sailed in it too I was on it that time

Nicole Mordukhaev says:

lmao i was on the Norwegian jewel and the day hurricane sandy hit we came back from the cruise and because of the storm we missed a port >:(

spechtbert says:

idiots you have to avoid the waves and they ride straight into them!!! IDIOT I HOPE YOU ARE GONNA LOOSE YOUR LIECENSE

John Lee says:

arrr ya ever been to sea thar billy. its those moments in your life when at sea you remember great storms it is part of the adventure “safe return passage unlikely” Shackleton  the unsinkable, remember the titanic and so many more

SoxFan1519 says:

some of this is on weather caught on camera.

Nostalgic Allan says:

At 0:45-0:48, what Norwegian Cruise Line is that?

SydneyAirportCapturer HL says:

i like ships but what i hate is that strom windy scary wave that are 4metre dont bother me is also at night when trying to sleep when the ship rocking

rafael valdez says:

And this is Tiffany

foom5 says:

0:29 The Godfather Captain Vito Corleone lol

rafael valdez says:

Like that u could get injured for good

Dylan Booth says:


Nina VAN VOORST [6C] says:


Tomasa Orgas says:

oh boy that is scary

Nathan fazbeargoldenfreddy1 Williamson says:

I was on the carnival miracle 2 weeks ago and it was rocking because of the hurricane Mathew

Zamariya Edwards says:

Look what Jesus did!

Saya Aku says:

Ha ha ha …

gigitrue63 says:

Spechbert…you HAVE to steer into them, or else they capsize the boat.

SydneyAirportCapturer HL says:

1:16 all those ship the crew do hard working such as captin

88master00 88master00 says:

Angel Browne says:


Hafiz Ata-ur-Rehman says:
ethan odonovan says:


TrIx Kane says:

everybody on that boat definitely watched titanic and were having flashbacks

Saya Aku says:

Ha ha ha ………………….

Michael T says:

Cry babies.
Put yourself 200 years ago with no weather warning and tiny wooden boats.

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