Here’s What’s So Exciting About Celebrity Edge!

This is the cruise ship that everybody’s going to be talking about in 2019. She’s full of innovative new features, including improvements on a lot of things that Royal Caribbean has pioneered in their recent ships, such as Anthem Of The Seas.

I’ll show you how construction is coming along on Celebrity Cruise Line’s newest ship, and fill you in on some of her most notable features… including the Magic Carpet, a hard-to-miss feature on the starboard side of the ship.

I’ll also give you a peek at an entirely new type of stateroom with what Celebrity is calling an “infinite veranda”. This allows you to fully open up the wall between the cabin and the balcony, giving you a greater feeling of being connected to the sea, and making your cabin feel much larger.

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I hate the bow.

Mary Campo says:

Thanks for the Video! We cruise 12/6/18, and can’t wait. Just one point, the back glass portion of the ship is Eden and not the theatre. The theatre is located at the front of the shop. You should come join as us we explore The Edge!

Ed_ dragon says:

When I been on the harmony of the seas I loved it so I’m really exited for this ship

XG1 says:

Great review as always. I’m not too keen on the magic carpet thing though. Looks like a disaster waiting to happen. And too much glass instead of railings for me. Looks cool overall, but I’ll probably pass on it for a couple of years. Some of the suites look nice.

Jon R says:

What an awful name for a ship though

Robbe Nagel says:

Why did they choose for such a horrific color for the magic carpet? Have they never heard of something called a ‘color palette’?

Nicole Micucci says:

I had beyond the best experience on this ship for the celebrity employee shake down. (my fiance works for them) It is beyond stunning and really looks exactly like the renderings but better. I would highly recommend this ship and also take full advantage of their amazing spa which I believe is in the very front. The shape can be pretty disorienting to know where you are at lol

CodingTuts says:

Amazing ship & wonderful video! Are you on ShipMate and if yes what’s your username?

DrPhilFurry says:

I would like to see a ship with a more classic look.

Jay Dee says:

The front of the ship ship looks dumb. The rest is cool though!

Bruce S. says:

It took 2 years to build all that?! I think it took WDW that long to build the Disney Springs parking structure!

Cruise Addiction's says:

since Royal Caribbean owns Celebrity do you think Royal Caribbean ships will get the magic carpet

1973Washu says:

it looks like they took all the high-end features of the Oasis-class ships and put them into a smaller ship.

lw9 cc says:

1:00 some guy just walked off. Nice simulation

Boat Axe says:

That is the ugliest damn thing I’ve ever seen.

JS1 says:

Is celebrity just a luxury version of royal carib? They seem pretty much the same

The Tyler Show says:

Good Job Jim Keep Up The Good Work
And You Should Make A Video On Royal Caribbean Miami Terminal

ecoRfan says:

At first I was thinking this ship had no balconies, but am pleased to see that something even better has been engineered. I like the public spaces a lot including Eden (my name’s Adam, just saying).

earth is not a donut says:

whos the old man at the end ?

ThePeoplesChamp says:

@JZ- If you read this would you consider putting together a video of your top cruises for people who aren’t fans of huge crowds? Companies like Carnival seem to only care about packing us in like cattle. As for this video in particular, we booked a month ago, and we’re scheduled to head out 12/08 with $300 in OBC and a premium drink package as a courtesy.

King Deer says:

Are you going on the ships first trip

Wild1995 says:


Adam Callahan says:

Great video as always! Your anthem of the seas video gave me a big heads up for my cruise to bermuda this past September. Now every ship I look at or plan on cruising on has big shoes to fill. My videos will be up soon. I can’t wait to cruise on this!

Silly Babies Blog says:

This is truly an amazing ship. I just got off of it and it was such an amazing experience. The Infinite Veranda is on just about every stateroom except suites, which are amazing on their own. And the chandelier at the5th deck Martini Bar is spectacular! It is truly a showpiece. Check out the video I uploaded with first-hand views from inside.

trg7843 says:

No more privacy for center balcony rooms. Although the decoration are nice, it feels like they just put a bunch of different sitting areas and not much of a variety.

Owen Vermeersch says:

Please go on carnival ecstasy I am going on march break and would love a review from you

Themaxima8777 says:

Thanks Jim, your reviews are priceless..always looking for that great ship..

A little bit of everything says:

Are you going on that ship? I’d love to see you vlog on that ship.

Margie Walter says:

I love your videos Jim. Just a note and perhaps someone has addressed it. All that glass at the aft of the ship is Eden. The theater will be forward.

Visit With Us says:

Truly groundbreaking. Looking forward to trying her out! 😀

acoustisongs says:

Quite frankly, I don’t know what’s so cool about that “Magic Carpet” deck anyway? We are gonna be on the Edge in May ’19, so I guess we’ll see, but it doesn’t exactly excite me at this point…

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