Hello from the Royal Princess Transatlantic Cruise

It’s day two of my Transatlantic cruise and it’s been great so far. The Royal Princess is looking fantastic and the food is great. A transatlantic cruise is always a little rough at sea but with 2 hurricanes in the Atlantic this cruise may be a little rougher than normal.

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SundaysChild1966 says:

aww .. maybe the “COFFEE” fella .. english no so good? .. or hearing-disabled? .. hard to say .. sigh, just don’t get it, why be so rude to people when you are trying to have a good time? bah

Sherla Dixon says:

Have fun

Chanda Maxwell says:

Awesome check in. Enjoy yourself!

Peter Cerjanec says:

Did u talk to the young couple and gave them some hints

Fran A says:

Not as rough as North Carolina…no big waves for you…my Outer Banks vacation cut short by Florence

will gaukler says:

Relax and enjoy…you deserve this….

Gunther Kruger says:

Luv your videos Don. Point of fact, you can’t be off the coast of Germany and be in the Atlantic. Just sayin’ G

Andrew Coker says:

Some people just enjoy being grumpy. A cruise I went on had an old lady that would intentionally slow down to a stop in doorways, and then yell at anyone who wanted to go through. And then go back through the doorway right away to yell at the next person. I heard that someone complained at her behaviour, and were told “we are aware, and are working with the person to cease this behaviour”.

Nancy Zahradnik says:

Have a safe cruise!

Cynthia Miller says:

It is sad that some agents are just interested in their commission rather than taking the time to make sure their clients are educated and have a great time. (couple story)

Michael Gonzalez says:

Great video its good to see the real sea behind you lol.. Have a great trip

mrsnetrix says:

No fights for the sun loungers then Don lol.
Aw what a rude man in the buffet, I would’ve found it so hard to bite my tongue so well done you on remaining diplomatic. The serving staff bend over backwards on princess and most cruise lines I’m certain does it really cost joe bloggs anything to have a smile on his face and say thank you?
And what a sweet young couple waiting on the bill, lots of extra spending money for them then.
Looking breezy but nice to blow the cobwebs away.
Thanks for sharing
Jeanette x

NurseNancy says:

Fun stories Don, thanks for sharing! On our first cruise, my 16 year old son got a huge hamburger on the first day and asked how we pay for it! His eyes got so big when we told him that the food was included in the cruise! Love that memory!!

MrRamyon74 says:

Will be on this ship next year, thanks for letting me know not to expect a bill at the buffet 😉

leemah beemah says:

How do you not know the food is included??? Wow my 1st anything i research to death!! There is no way I wouldn’t know the way I google everything.

D&G Explorers says:

You definitely have that…yes I’m on a cruise look lol. I think I would have a hard time not saying something to that coffee guy.

Russell Sparks says:

I’m glad you finally got a balcony. Have fun and be safe.

Steven S says:

First cruise or 10th cruise, don’t people know what they get when spending Thousands of Dollars for a trip???? I call them ID10T’s.

Brian Yawn says:

I would love to do a transatlantic Cruise one day. I work at a restaurant unfortunately you get customer like the coffee guy almost everyday

Pentecostal Believer S-R says:

Hi Don 🙂 Really nice to see you on a long journey, where you can relax. The first thing I noticed was the jacket. Is the weather THAT cold on the ship? I live about 30 miles inland from Myrtle Beach. For Friday and today, it’s been high winds, then slightly breezy, with a lot of rain, then drizzle. Yesterday we received 4″ (inches) of rain, grand total. Our next problem will be the rising of the rivers, lakes, ponds and of course the ocean. NC was the bullseye for this Hurricane–so many people’s homes and businesses destroyed. The rivers along the NC coast are rising, which brings more problems to that area. Reminds me of Hurricane Matthew in2016. Our house at that time was about 700′ (feet) from the road; that’s the only area that was flooded. We had no electricity for four days; for this hurricane we didn’t have electricity since early Friday morning, This afternoon it came back on. Perhaps you are better off on that cruise, because the next area to receive all this rain is the Mid-Atlantic and New England–not sure about where you live. Be safe and enjoy the cruise! PS: LOVED the story about the young couple. I have only one comment about the rude man and his request for coffee: Perhaps his hearing is poor and he didn’t hear the waiter? But, that doesn’t make sense because most people know that they can have all the coffee they want–even getting it themselves.

Brenda Roden says:

Hope you’re having a great time! Keep the stories coming when you can. Pray the weather doesn’t get bad. Be safe!

Samuel Mathis says:

Hey Don, “have a safe, and a great vacation”

Dark Delta says:

Nice update, maybe on the next one you could show your cabin?

Mother T says:

Thank you for sharing your bad and good stories. DH and I are planning on going on the Royal next Sept. to Alaska and so I am really interested in your opinion of the ship and any suggestions you may have. Thanks for sharing Don!! Have fun!

Aidan McGuckian says:


Carol Mauriello says:

Only one cruise to Alaska . Sea days not for me.

Mistress Bunny says:

Hey Don love your videos hope you don’t run into too rough seas and have a great trip!

Richard Howard says:

Great update. The fact that you can even do an update from the “high seas” is incredible. The “real” ocean looks cool too. I love your blue screen one but that real one is nice to see. Like someone said pass the info about that guy to the head waiter and forget the loser….they have each other. Have a great trip

Renee Arnold says:

But did you lose the weight you were trying to keto away for the cruise? 🙂

Elaine Karl says:

Did you Vlog going to airport, arrival, going on board? These sections, build up, is so much fun to see/share etc.

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