Gay Cruise Myths Debunked! | JustJoeyT #Travel

Debunking some common #misconceptions I’ve come across about gay cruises

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Mads Nasser says:

Hi Joey. Thank you for your videos, they’re really good and convinced me to go on one of these cruises! See you on the Allure! 🙂

Winston says:

Hi how can you do to save money on alcohol ? do the gay cruise offer an alcohol plan ?

Dylan McIntire says:

Cant wait for February, itll be my first!!! Love the videos thank you.

braggart21 says:

What if you’re fat and not fit. Will you not be discriminated in the cruise?

Luis Rosa says:

What Cruise are you going on in February

Randy Autida says:


Alonso Torres Díaz says:

I’ll be on the Allure of the seas next February!! Hope to meet you there!! 🙂

Skyhawk1987Turbo says:

big difference from a str8 cruise is the gays are in speedos!! LOL

kenneth burton says:

Hope to see you in February 2019. Ready to have a Great Time.

Jonathan Day says:

I think the bears and older men prowl in the corridors below deck. It’s the younger stallions who party outside by the pool.

SUPER T says:

Are there any gay cruise in or to Asia?

CK ONE says:

See you in October

Angel Saíd Ferreira says:

I would like to go to a Cruise but i don’t like pools or pool parties

Java Brown says:

I dont drink. I’d be afraid to be stuck there where everyone is so drunk. It’s not fun to be the only one that sober.

Michael John Dennis says:

I am somewhat familiar with the concept of cruise ships, as I travel by cruise ferry across the Irish Sea for 3.5 hours from Holyhead to Dublin, where I have seen many cruise ships docked in the ever expanding Dublin Port (even though I would love to sail from Liverpool to Dublin, as I live in Manchester and sometimes find the coach or train journey from Manchester to Holyhead tiring) – I do think though, that the ferry companies could learn a two about entertainment options on thier ships and I would love to see cruise companies allowing people for example, to join their cruise ship at Liverpool and sail to Dublin & vice versa (which would be an 8 hour crossing) – this part of the world has some amazing scenery on our coastlines and so a British Isles Cruise would be wonderful, taking in England, Scotland, Wales, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, as well as both parts of Ireland, which has so much history – the Irish Sea Trading route is one of the oldest in the world, going back to Roman times, going from Holyhead to Dublin and one can feel the sense of history on a clear summers night out on deck with the full moon when leaving Holyhead towards Dublin

Beach House says:

I had to turn this video off after 90 seconds because of all his hand motions! Very distracting, dude!

william ozzy says:

Great! I hope to see you Joey. I will be on the Allure of the sea in February.

Randy Autida says:

hot and cute

Beach House says:

Cut off his hands and you couldn’t talk at all, lol…

n c says:

I love this video, Joey!!

Alex Navarro says:

Nice videos! Very useful information for my first cruise, I’ll see you on February!

shawn bracken says:

Like this video – I am
Bringing a straight friend on the Atlantis cruise leaving Barcelona 8/25 !

bellegolas says:

Omg I’m going to the oct cruise too!

Syler Wiley says:

I’m so happy you made this video, because I always say the same thing to people. The cruise is like everything else in life. Its What you make of it. If you want to party all day & night, go for it. If you want to just relax by the pool and read a book, go for it. I personally think the best part of being on an atlantis cruise is that for 7 days you get to live in an all gay world. No one has attitudes. Everyone is super friendly. See you on the Allure in Feb!

Chester Izzy says:

R u top?

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