EPIC Journey: Day 4 (NCL EPIC Transatlantic Cruise)

The Norwegian EPIC is one of the biggest cruise ships in the worrrrld. We spent 11 days onboard a transatlantic cruise from Miami to Barcelona, and this was the highlight of day 4: a Martini Flight!

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Meagan Guttry says:

AHH… I’m in your video @ 3:55-3:56, me in the black and white print dress! I remember these buggers and how smashed I was…. oh but wait for the margaritas…. I miss you guys! Had such a great time and it was so nice to meet you and your handsome bf. 🙂 

TavernWenchBlog says:

Loving the Martini Flight video the most of this series! Ha!

Abdulhamid Fitieh says:

hey i wanted to ask u .. is there a “Free Wifi” in the ship ? if not how can u access internet from ur mobile ? 

thejokerspeaks says:

$15?   That’s one heck of a deal!

Eyes Wide Open VSG says:

cracked me up!!

kevin oneill says:

Hilarious! Slainte (Irish for cheers)

Michelle Shaw says:

Morgan what was the worst cruise that you have ever been on and why?

Christine Banich says:

I also did a martini flight on a cruise many, many moons ago. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember much after ahhhhhh.

Bryan Do says:

That’s a great deal.  I was just on the Carnival Imagination and they have 4 Martini samplers for $17. Feel ripped off now. 

hoops0926 says:

You’re hysterical! Love your vlogs. We’re taking the Epic in two weeks. Can’t wait! Thanks for your hilarity & insight.

CupcakeMafia says:

I was surprised you could walk after all those drinks lol

Bruce Johnson says:

Not being a drinker myself I think the most I can get out of this is seeing the slow yet certain path towards inebriation that your flight took. Working in a casino for as long as I have, I have seen some of the best sober to sloppy drunk events in the history of drinking. Still kudos to you for still managing a good video for this. It was great.

beefbrisket168 says:

Love the Glasses, similar to mine. Cheers to booze. would like to try Martini Tastings, but would be on another Cruise Line

Julie Wilson says:

He he loved this !!! Its funny to see someone tipsy trying to act and speak normal.x

Mrs Mungie says:

OMG…to funny!!

Scott Taylor - REALTOR says:


Lacey Brunner says:


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