EPIC journey: DAY 1 (NCL EPIC transatlantic cruise)

The Norwegian EPIC is the 3rd largest cruise ship in the world. We took a transatlantic cruise from Miami to Barcelona on this amazing, floating resort and I want to show and tell you all about it! Here is “DAY 1” of our journey onboard.

Marriott Miami Airport

Legend of the Seas Tour:

The TRUTH About Crui$ing

Norwegian EPIC Transatlantic Cruise Daily Journals

MSC Magnifica Balcony Cabin

RCL Liberty of the Seas Promenade View Cabin:

RCL Navigator of the Seas Balcony Cabin:

RCL Navigator of the Seas Tour

RCL Mariner of the Seas Tour

The Truth About Crui$ing???

Coco Cay, Royal Caribbean’s Private Island

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Angela Heckard says:

$7.99 I paid for mines

Jyoti Jumani says:

V good

The4thWall says:

the fastest boarding

XsG Clan says:

I wish I was you you go on like a ton of cruises but I’m only 14 and I’ve been on 7 cruises and I’m going on the navigator of the seas in August 10 that will be my 8th cruise

piper0204 yo says:

Embarkation-getting on the ship

tysona23 says:

You are so funny. I am going to watch these videos in order now. Day off done !!

Alberto Kanan Farca says:

At what time u arrive to the terminal?

Lily Kitten says:

I’m going on the epic this year and I’m so excited – totally just binged watched all your cruise vlogs! Thanks for sharing them 🙂

El mago de Soyuk says:

Which camera do you used

Bruce Johnson says:

Think I commented on one of the days for this particular series, but now that I’ve found day one, time to go in order and will do the best I can commenting on the rest of them and hopefully I’ll not be quite as long winded.

First I admit a bit of jealousy. I would love a ten or an eleven day cruise. The longest I’ve been on was seven days and I swear it felt like it was over before it started. We have big plans for 2018 but nothing really in the works for at least another year.

While watching this video, my wife came into the cave (yes I have a man cave) and hear how much you paid for a bottle of Dayquil. Could almost hear her brain explode.

Not sure what I’m going to see on the upcoming videos but I’m looking forward to seeing them all and maybe learning a bit more about another cruise line that doesn’t have hidden Mickey’s all over the place.

Natasha B says:

Can’t wait to see the rest! Love your vids:)

Geno Guerrero says:

17 bucks for cough syrup? Shoulda bought a couple of cocktail instead. Same ingredients.

Totallyprofesionelgamer says:

For everyone saying prices are bad in the USA , well , for a bottle of coke in England it’s nearly 3 FLIPPIN’ QUID >:O

TheTrinityComplex says:

I have bad experiences with flying and Germany; I went to Italy for a school trip in Grade nine and we were lucky enough to land in…I want to say Frankfurt, when there was a strike.

Needless to say, we got stranded at the airport and ended up having to take a twelve hour bus ride to get to our hotel…and we didn’t have our luggage -.-‘

Gamecast says:

ive been watching your videos for a while but youve gone on a couple ships and you dont know what embarkation is lol comeon man. love your vids though

jamie5303 says:

no $6-7 dollars for cough stuff 

noahmeme2 says:

DayQuil should cost $5

Christina Morales says:

I’ll be traveling on this ship in October to Spain for my high school graduation (and actually my 21st cruise!) with my parents, and your videos are amazing; they show me what the ship is like before I even get on! You should consider going on the Oasis or Allure – they are second to none. 

Mitchell Gibbs says:

im pretty sure the word your looking for was embarkation. which means getting on the ship 🙂

Maria del mar says:

i am digging these videos. I am a travel manager and your opinions are real and just what we need to get the real scoop

TobyWyd says:

It will cost 6 bucks

Tammy Boyd says:

Dayquil runs 7.97 for a twelve ounce from walmart

Ian O'kane says:

it should on cost like $3-8$

Ruben Fuentes says:

8 to $11

alk61695 says:

1:36, Do you mean the fastest embarkation ever?


It is way overpriced, but they have and EXTREME limited supply and don’t want you sick on the ship to begin with, but, yes, it was overpriced.

Rachael Frey says:

If you can lay your hands on it, Thera-Flu is about the best OTC cold medicine you can get

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