Elling E6 review | Motor Boat & Yachting

With a transatlantic cruising range and a decent turn of speed the Elling E6 is one of the most versatile boats you can buy. Dave Marsh puts it to the test in The Netherlands.

Filmed by Lester McCarthy: http://www.seascaper.com/

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Nuno Osswald says:

Starting price?

gerard haubert says:

My main concern is access to the engines.

Josko Basic says:

Ich möchte mehr vom Boot und wenig vom Mann sehen.

Roy Hornsby says:

Your videos would be so much better if, instead of focusing the camera on the person conducting the review, you focused more on the features of of the boat.

Pedro La Guardia says:

what’s the range?

Jorge Torres Quiñones says:

Gracias,una verdadera belleza..

Puzzoozoo says:

I’d be scared to cross the Atlantic in that.

Zbriu says:

3:18 😀

Rob Crawford says:

What really makes these boat videos work are all the armchair experts who know how they should have been made. Who needs a boat show?

aeron Williams says:

very nice looking boat

randy598677 says:

You can actually talk while showing the boat…

John Grytbakk says:

Lovely boat indeed.

Janco van der Westhuizen says:

Is it possible to replace the front sun pad because it looks disgusting the way it is

Joseph Sullivan says:

Cool video, thanks. What make/model is the engine and what’s the fuel burn curve look like out of curiosity? (Sorry if you mentioned and I. missed it, I just heard 900hp)

gerard haubert says:

Why don’t you show engine room?

Bob G says:

I love this classic styles, but I don’t know how I feel about the space design. Actually, I don’t know because you guys didn’t bother to really show us much. Where is the dining area? Is the galley designed for extended use? How much storage space does each cabin have? Any washing machines on board? What’s the salon look like? No offense, but show us the boat.

José Fabson says:

Lancha dos sonhos.

Lenny A. says:

Would like more shade in rear

aeron Williams says:

very nice looking boat

quikgt says:

Wow, I’ll take one!

30 kills says:

How much is this boat?

gerard haubert says:

Can the E6 right itself after a capsize?

colin R says:

Stunning looking boat …

Mike T says:

That was it?   A review seriously 5 quick minutes at low res video ,, Trans Atlantic range ok! so what is the actual range at 7.5 knots then?     Guys ‘The Boat Show’ on YouTube makes this kind of review actually interesting to watch    this is turd boring to watch  ~  and 720p really cant you afford real HD 1020p video   ~  kinda feel sorry for the Elling E6 deserves better than this

Andrew B says:

volume issues!!

gerard haubert says:

How about a tour of the engine room?

Second Chance says:

It maybe my inexperience but I enjoy the peace of mind two engines gives me. Other than that, I want one, just how to sweat talk the wife and sell a child. I should think they cost a pretty penny also.

Conor Gilles says:

Get this man a lavalier mic.

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