Disney Cruise To The Bahamas & Private Island Castaway Cay

Carrying on with our incredible trip, Disney hosted us on board the Disney Dream cruise liner for 4 nights in a deluxe ocean view Stateroom with verandah.
We spent a day in Nassau, a day on Disney’s private island (exclusive to Disney cruises) Castaway Cay and a day at sea. See more info below on how to book…

Flights C/O Virgin Atlantic http://bit.ly/2ioWnpc


CATCH PART 1 HERE https://youtu.be/g7bRybXI3b0

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Editing by Simon

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pwrranger1 Clark says:

can you do a video putting on a dress and Big Hat in front of a mirror emma?

Ina Tsimpidi says:

Disney rules the world

Talktomyshoes says:

Love this. Simon’s tee last vid was good, but cruise Simon is next level. The beach/icecream outfit was funny enough but pirate Simon killed me.
Glad you two had fun on your adventure!

skylilly1 says:

Love the door flare, pirate wear and the lobster towel, how cute! Looks like a great time! The ice cream shirt really set the tone. 🙂

Jimmy Five Fingers says:

You are one of the best vlogers on YouTube!! Great job!

Orchard Makeup says:

Loved this. I went on a cruise to Norway last year and that was amazing. Love your blogs. Xxx

lexy0811 says:

Loved the blog . Pirate Simon was hilarious . You both are so funny and enjoyable to watch love it xxx

imaginejade says:

Simon has a pierced nip?!?!….WILD!!!

Taylah Bruce says:

Hi Emma! Loved the videos 🙂 do the Disney cruises have characters on board for photos etc and do they sell merchandise like the stuffed toys and ears? 🙂 thank you!!!!

1967barbarita says:

MORE BLOG PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best couple in yt!!

Nata Iva says:

Always love your hauls!!

Jennifer Blake says:

The leaf is from a plant called a sea grape

Andrea M says:

Thank you so much for sharing your amazingly fun trip, I laughed and smiled until my cheeks hurt! I am so happy you guys had such a good time. I love the silliness and adventure, I’m going to start bugging my hubby about a trip to Florida or a cruise now!

junojosanne says:

love it looks fun!

Louise Knott says:

Oh heck, I had some tears watching this… we took our boys on this cruise last March and we loved it so much. Watching brought back amazing memories…..

Denisse Brenes says:

OMG Simon falling off the hammock was hilarious I can’t stop laughing LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL and pirate Simon LOL this blog was so good!!!! <3

Ellen says:

“Icecreams for the beach” LOL

weazerrr says:

Bloody love the two of you and your banter!

budai lejla says:

Fantastic you TWO!!!!!

Patricia Trasobares Urdiales says:

I love your videos!

Louise Pelosi says:

Literally LOLED so much when you Wooo’d at the captain! Amazing! These Disney vlogs are the BEST!!! Loved them! I wanna go on a Disney Cruise now! xx

Andra Dorolti says:

love love loved watching you guys!

StoneWallFlower says:

I’m strangely attracted to cruise/beach Simon…

alteredcatscyprus says:

It’s like a 5 day manicure.

Isabelle Sch says:

I can almost feel the sunshine thru my screen. It looked so good

Nicole Edmonds says:

I wish my husband made me laugh as much as Simon does!!!

Autumn Fink says:

10:31 looks like a seagrape leaf to me

DokukaValerie says:

absolutely love your channel! You’re such a positive person with amazing style and it’s always a pleasure to watch your new videos!) I mean it, since I don’t usually comment on anything on the Internet. Inspirational )

Karen Seymour says:

My favourite YT couple in my country! Woohoo!!! Simon went full native with the outfits, huh! LOL! Love it! A couple things for you, Emma – it’s pronounced Na-Saw (Nassau) and Buh-HAY-me-un (Bahamian), and the leaf/coaster is from a Seagrape Tree!

yan yee yim says:

Your video makes me wanna jump on a plane just to go to Disney. I’ve been watching your videos and can’t help noticing that you have a big appetite especially for KFC. mind sharing what’s your workout routine to stay in shape?

Autumn Blaylock says:

Love that I’m not the only one who still has a stuffed animal. I have a Snoopy that was given to me when I was 2. It’s one of my most prized possessions and I sleep with it every night. I’d also be most excited for the shopping. What did you buy at Gucci? Those Celine sunglasses are everything.

cheerio ng says:

Simon is so funny!! Just my kind of humour. He is hilarious. I loved the beach outfit he had on!!

High Maintenance Minimalist says:

This vlog was great! I’m so jealous right now…I’ve been dying to go on a cruise with my family.

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