Cunard Queens Grill review – Worth the extra money?

Ever wondered what it is like to sail on a Cunard ship in their top suites? How does it compare with similar priced six star smaller ships? This insightful review gives you the answers – the good AND the bad. Alternatively, just enjoy some lovely footage of the MS Queen Victoria in all her post refit glory.

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Tony Bailey says:

Veg meals seem to be a bit short on – my wife would not be very impressed after paying out that much.

woodybailey says:

Perfect review!.  Just came off Regents Explorer.  People actually smile and look engaged on a ship that truly offers ALL the amenities.  While I’ve never sailed on one of the Queens, I still believe I will at some point… just to take it off my list.  However I’ll happily keep my expectations low (er).  My impression of the Queen experience (after this video) is one of a large bus carrying “the wealthy dead” – Zombies of the rich and famous.  Hopefully Cunard will have enough of them left to pad their coffers up to 2020.  The industry and its patrons have evolved – not always for the best, but enough that value and a decent adoption of technology must be included.  While I doubt Cunard will give your review fair consideration (“imagine a commoner telling “us” how to run a ship!”), but it certainly held my attention (and my money) and gave me insight I’m very happy to have.  Thanks again for your great review.

imsixftsix says:

Your review could be broadcast on public TV, as you have a voice suited for documentaries. I would never complain to the engineers about the A/C noise. I need a good “white noise” background to fall asleep and often ask for a box fan for my room.

William Ham says:

Enjoyed this video, love to try the Grills – we’ve got a butler this summer when we’re in a suite on Britannia going round the Med. I was wondering where he’s going to find some collar starch for me in Cannes but I’m hoping he’s got that one covered!

watou8 says:

Excellent review.Spot on the good and the must do better…..Well done….

1973Washu says:

I found this video that describes what a butler does.

tom m says:

Really enjoyed your review- extremely informative- even for me & I’m in the travel business!

Matthew Chaban says:

Really well done review and narration

Mr H says:

Nice review. We have travelled in the Grills on all three of the Cunard Queens, but QE is our favourite. The last time we went on QV was back in 2008, but are going back this year on the pre Christmas voyage. I have to say I agree with you about the jarring look of the refit corridor against the much nicer traditional decor or the original design. QE is going in for refit this year and I hope they don’t spoil her by doing the same as she is so classy and elegant from bow to stern.

I was surprised by your comment about the drinks in the Grills lounge as we have always had free coffee and lattes on QE, so I wonder why QV would be any different?

We usually choose the Q6 suites on the rear of the ship as we love being able to have the fantastic view of where we have been and they are very spacious, but this time we have booked a Q4 Penthouse for a change so it will be interesting to see how we feel about being in the middle of the ship and having a less open feel.

Michael Smith says:

ionly an upmarket nursing home all those people looked sad, no atmosphere or fun and you pay thousands for that pleasure no thank you.

Tony Prince says:

You should have asked your butler for whatever spirits eg Hendrick’s gin or wine you wanted

david lawton says:

Fair enough. Basically just what I imagined.

Jim Shoe says:

Looks boring. US ships are 1000x better

Joe Adams says:

Have just watched your review and may I say how fair and informative it was, just wish it had been available when we booked in 2016. We had our very first cruise in jan 17 and thought what better way than cunard Queens grill just in case we never cruise again. We had 6 star expectations but fell at the first hurdle when our butler and luggage didn’t turn up until minutes before we sailed, so we sat in the suite oblivious to the fact that we could have had lunch whilst waiting, but that’s down to experience won’t happen again. The idea of house wine with your meal is excellent as my wife does not drink and I found it hard to justify £££££ on a bottle for myself. All in all like yourselves we would go Queens grill again but with slightly lower expectations as the experience is still 5.5 star. We had a Q4 on deck 8 which had less room than your Q6. Once again many thanks for your honest and fair critique.

supernumery says:

This video just confirms my views on Cunard Queens Gill cruising. You pay a vast amount for nothing more than a big room and some drinks. Everything else is a shill, you pay to get on and you pay to get off. These ships are simply bog standard things with pretentions.

David Terelinck says:

Great video and very informative and agree with your comments totally.

wendy smith says:

i so enjoy listening to you talk, great review

rog1957 says:

No not useful sorry

rather unfair and so whiny and whingy for a 5 night cruise – the air con noise – did you ask for engineers to come and have a look?
re the free booze in the q6 – we got what ever booze we asked for and you can ask for an ice bucket to chill your wine
at 6mns 45sec i was going to switch you off

infact you know what i did – – it got on my nerves sorry and i switched off at 7 mins

you shoot the film well but the narrative is dreadful after a while its too much negativity sorry again

the new Club dining room was done well

listened the last 2 mins and you totally contradict the whole 14 mins of whining – you should have put it all in order

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