Cunard Queen Mary 2 Video Tour Made on Winter Transatlantic Crossing

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Cunard Queen Mary 2 Video Tour Made on Winter Transatlantic Crossing, showing the winter seas and storms and then a video your throughout the ship of all the public rooms, restaurants and some of the decks. For more on Cunard and Cruising visit and follow me on Twitter at


Rodger Johnston says:

Well done, excellent video!!

Will Dunlop says:

Very comprehensive tour. Thank you.

iSing says:

If it’s gonna sink are they gonna make a queen Mary 3 and when that sinks then they will make queen Mary 4 and qm5 qm6 well you get it

Amy Hiorns says:

Thank you for this, my parents are coming back from NYC on QM2 in a couple of weeks and this has given them a good feel for the ship.

bertrumbum fishfuker says:

Is Queen Mary back in service ? I stayed aboard her in 1992 at Long Beach and thought her sailing days were over . Not sure about what they have done to the interior , the old wood was much nicer and what about the indoor poo.

selmateacher7 - Daniel Berry says:

Thank you for uploading this video. Do you by any chance, have a longer, more detailed version? I have enjoyed this very short version immensely!

Drishtika Bunoomally Mimi says:

I recently visited this ship

Robby334 says:

Hope you had a great time and thanks for sharing

bertrumbum fishfuker says:

Oh i didn’t know that .

g bridgman says:

Nice tour. Thanks for posting.

Fernando Rodrigues says:

I am delighted with the decoration of the ambiences of this ship…it is all of extreme taste and elegance…nothing that reminds of those extravagances that are found in the ships of the line C…applause for this decorator of the Queen Mary 2 !

jimbob jim says:

I love that there are still ships that do transatlantic crossings and not just cruise ships. If you hate flying this is would be a dream.

Adrian Larkins says:

Interesting. A beautiful ship, reminiscent of the old transatlantic liners would seem to attract the older passenger judging from this video. At 72, that suits me. Those top heavy floating apartment blocks/holiday/shopping mall things called cruise ships no doubt cater for the younger set.
As a matter of interest, if you want to have a cigar after dinner, where do you go? On the old liners there used to be a separate smoking room. I bet there isn’t one now.

cicero2 says:

My wife and I have sailed on the Elizabeth and Victoria. You have certainly got us thinking re the Mary 2. An excellent presentation. Thank you!

Petr Frizen says:

Very insightful tips, indeed!

Rod Freeman says:

loved your tour. Thank you! Beautiful ship she is!


lmao only white old ppl there

cameronpaul says:

Thanks for the upload. I guess it’s about the best we’ve got now but the “Grand Lobby” looks like a tacky shopping mall and the whole ship totally lacks the intimacy of the old liners let alone the quality of the fittings. The casino is beyond hideous!

Joseph Forest says:

The Queen Mary 2 the #1 British geriatric ship.

Joseph Forest says:

Do not compare this ship to a cruise ship, due to the fact that The Queen Mary 2 has a very unhappy crew, with poor service.Many years ago, a person I knew sailed on The Queen Elizabeth 2, he ordered kippers with a room service meal, they did not arrive with his food. The crew member’s response was if he ordered them he would have brought them, very typical of Cunard service.

The Wrestling Enthusiast says:

I’m still shocked a Titanic 2 hasn’t been built great video tour

tiffa54 says:

Great Tour you have just convinced me to book, Thank You.

mets12100 says:

Very nice video. I have a question, how likely is it to get sea sick on such a large ship like this? I love the idea of going on a cruise but I went on a small fishing boat and got sea sick but was thinking waves wouldn’t really effect such a large ship maybe?

RiverGoneUnder says:


False Hope says:

Lovely tour, thank you and your voice is made for narrative 🙂

Gleppy Gloop says:

I can’t be the only one thinking why this retirement home of a cruise has numerous better reviews than the Oasis of The Seas, I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is quite a beautiful ship, but there’s literally nothing to do on this thing besides your boring traditional cruise activities, meanwhile the Oasis of The Seas is jam-packed with awesome activities while incorporating a luxury-Hilton feel, sure, the Oasis has some of its faults, but at least it has tried to be out-of-the-ordinary instead of being traditional and rather bland, like the Queen Mary 2 is,

Oknav_elite says:

Just an amazing video! Thank you!

Eve G says:

like your video!!

Golden Retriever says:

Man you have the best job ever

Getting paid to go on vacation


Middletown Smith says:

Echo previous comments, very well done. Great footage and coverage of the main areas of the ship! Your accent made it much more enjoyable as you speak wonderful English! Thank you for sharing.

angel_ dust says:

they say this ship is dull and boring. a floating retirement home. is it true?

mjhgiug hjfyt says:

disappointed thanks for vid

lasuvidaboy says:

We sailed on QM2 3 times and it’s a great ship. The first time was around 10-years ago when the ship departed New York City from the proper mid town piers in Manhattan. It was a memorable sailing down the Hudson River past Manhattan and out to the Atlantic. I specifically booked that crossing w/the traditional New York City departure (as the 3 previous Queen liners had done since the 1930s) before the ship was sadly moved to Brooklyn and the QM2’s new dock. The crossing was 6-days (compared to the speedy 5-days or less crossings on QE2) and now QM2 has been slowed down making the crossing at a very leisurely 7-8 days. I loved the fast crossings on QE2 but 7-8 days crossing the Atlantic is to much for me even on such a grand ship. I would return if Cunard/Carnival sped QM2 back to her original service speed but that is unlikely.

le mec mystérieux says:

cooooool 😀

keri caye says:


trey1122334 says:

Is every deck accessible by stair, or can you only take the lift to some? thank you, and I would like to say this is a wonderful and insightful video.

Pete Godon says:

Very well done video. Someday I will sail on her.

Joseph Forest says:

Next to Costa this is the most dull ship I have been on, I had the pleasure to travel on The Norwegian Escape ,Julie the cruise director was fantastic always not too far away for her to offer assistance. I sailed on The Escape from England to Miami Beach, it was great.

Aj Raafa says:

Another great travel video, Gary. Thank you and well done.

Samira Hamidi says:


George Sank says:

what type of stateroom did you have I want to try Queen Mary 2 with my partner transatlantic staying at a Q5 is Q5 good and good job.

Sweetlolly 101 says:


Aj Raafa says:

Thanks very much for taking the time to post this video. We enjoyed it so much. Cheers!

windstorm1000 says:

Queen Mary 2–what a generic looking ship–disappointment—lighting, fixtures, etc all look like a middle class hotel anywhere USA (that glass screen at 9:29 is nice though).  Couldn’t they jazz up the design as the liners of old?  has 1/10th of the class/distinction/elan/flair of the old great ships like the Normandie (ah!  there was a classy dame!)  I wouldn’t travel on the Queen Mary based on these pix–part of the traveling is that it enflolds us into a nother world–this one doesn’t—its a big Love Boat (minus Gopher)—what a dud! and I heard its top heavy.

Mike Hurn says:

I was actually looking at booking QM2 Capetown to Sydney but I think I’ll stick with Royal Carrribean for now and wait til I get older for QM2 beautiful ship however I think I’ll be bored lol

Jennifer Juneau says:

I just came to New York on the QM2 from Southampton this past July. The weather was gorgeous, I can’t imagine sailing in the cold winter, but very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

TherymasterWidnes says:

Whats the average age on the cruises?

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