The New Year’s Cruise carrying over 4,000 passengers was caught in a violent winter storm on the way back from the Bahamas. The ship was constantly rocking for 3 days!

Although the ship is capable of handling such a storm, we saw some people sleeping in the hallways because of water leaking into their rooms from the balcony doors (or because some thought the ship was going to capsize.) We even saw a family walking around with their life jackets.



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terrence j says:

i went on that ship last thanksgiving

Icchy92 says:

These ship are monsters, consuming tons of petrol and polluting seas for nothing. They should sink all…

Simon Rutkowsky says:

These poor stomachs…..

Clee Torres says:

Waaa the ocean was rough. You bought your ticket you take your chances.

terrence j says:

im so glad i wasnt on it this month

Nick Vona says:

The vomit comet

stonecoldfan 316 says:

Think I’d be drinking heavily at this point

SL says:

so cozy inside.

ajkpark says:

all of you, who was saying, that the lines are responsible for this … LOL … you are lucky, you are alive, thanks to perfect work of captain and his team … in this weather the some smaller ship could sunk …

goshaKGD says:

Титаник так утонул!

richard none says:

so how did you like your cruise ha ha ha i have been oon 16 none like this one richard in fort Lauderdale

Darrell's Moto Diary says:

Glad I stayed home

RedCurtainEnt says:

UPDATE: For those who are interested in knowing what NCL is doing for compensation:

_Thank you for choosing Norwegian Breakaway for your vacation at sea._ _We appreciate your patience as we reviewed the feedback from the voyage._

_We sincerely apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of the effects of winter storm Grayson._ _The safety and security of our guests and crew is our top priority, and we are sorry that the enjoyment of your last few days onboard may have been affected._

_Your patronage is very important to us and we understand that your experience during this cruise may have fallen short of your expectations._ _As a genuine indication of our concern and as a gesture of goodwill for your understanding, we have arranged for a future cruise credit of 25% of your cruise fare paid._ _This credit may be used on a future sailing, so that you can return to have the cruise vacation experience that you originally intended._ _Please contact your travel professional or our Reservation Department at 1-800-327-7030, and refer to your original reservation number at the time of booking._

_Please note that this cruise credit is non-transferable, has no cash value and is valid for sailings within 12 months from the date of this letter._ _It cannot be applied to government taxes and fees, airfare, insurance, hotel packages or other add-ons._ _It is not combinable with other cruise credits or fare reduction coupons._

_We do hope that we will have the pleasure of welcoming you back in the near future._

marianne froholdt says:

A boat that is not watherproof?

Michael Teebagy says:

Omg I was on that boat this October

Okiha Addict says:

What would happen if a submarine was underwater in that weather. Would it be comfortable inside of that submarine. Does anyone know?

Chris Catania says:


Just a weeaboo says:

What the, its basically like if a mall and a cruise met.

Brandon says:

I was on this ship

Dixlexxik says:

they should make some kind of door for those weather that can be closed over the other to cut off the incoming water and such..

Oday Alsayyad says:

Winds sounds very scary ……

ThatSoStarr says:

I dont think this was a bomb cyclone when i went but i remember that the first day we went on the breakaway, (October 29, 2017) my cousins and i didn’t know it was raining because we went up to the basketball court and the wind and rain was crazy! But we are the type of people that love natural disasters and huge storms so we were playing basketball.

Jacob Schiffer says:

Jack and rose need to be on this crap xD

monsieur boeuf de tête says:

so much “nope”…

Endjo says:

well atleast their carpets are clean

Ryan Zetzmann says:

Idiot captain should NOT have sailed into a known, super powerful ice storm.  I’ll stick with Celebrity Cruises.  They knew this storm would be bad, but probably couldn’t dock anywhere else.  Screw that.  Shitty customer service.

Chris McMahon says:

What exactly is a “bomb cyclone” anyway?

SIJU KV says:

Wow, i want to work in cruiseline…

SPB2727 aviation says:

0:50 I’ve used that before I got up to 13

jutubaeh says:

frömm the müdy bänkers öff meyer lenzKy ^ ^

Jim Dragoset says:

What was the captain thinking, leaving a safe port to sail into the teeth of a strong Nor’easter to meet a destination time! (airlines with hotel layovers can be comparatively economically rescheduled)

There was a freighter that sailed into a Bahamas hurricane a few years back where the ship and crew were lost That captain was ordered to sail by very obvious landlubbers in the office.

If the captains right of refusal to sail into jeopardy of: ship, crew & passengers has been over-ridden for monetary reason, someone needs to awaken Lloyd’s of London to the fact before we loose the big one.


Mechris12345 says:

Still better than a day at work. Ship performed very well in those seas!

Mistress Bunny says:

I was on a cruise in 22 ft seas once on a large ship with stabalizers similar to this one it is NOT a fun time!

Jacob Schiffer says:

Well played NCL.. well played 😉

Don bombs says:

This movie perfect nice viteo

Ива́н IV Васи́льевич царь всея Руси says:

If finns had been on the ship they would b hanging in the pool

MrSisterfister100 says:

Its January. The fuck do you expect?

Joe Michaels says:

Looks like a bad situation that was handled VERY well! Great job to the crew and passengers!!!

XC VB says:

0:19 in think his close to bermuda triangle

Charles Hobbs says:

bomb cyclone?….how about a storm….the sensationalizing is getting old

DiedsDC Games says:

The water is very unforgiving sometimes

BaileeGermanotta says:

Those waves are awesome

Jake Yaboi says:

I understand getting caught in a storm. But it is pretty sad how much it leaked

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