Complete Cruise + Port + Excursion Review! Celebrity Summit Cruise Vlog [ep15]

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Jenn & Lexi says:

I trust your views 1000% NO hesitation & therefore, this ship is not nor shall ever be on my bucket list!! I freakin LOVE your reviews ❤✔

Diann J says:

I really do appreciate your honest opinion. Thank you for sharing. I use your videos as research for choosing cruises. 🙂

Kim T says:

Definitely appreciate the honest reviews about this ship and stuff…see when you go on different ships/locations—you can compare better.

George B says:

I was not impressed by the Century either, it was nothing compared with the Disney Magic! Based on their advertising and reputation in the 1990’s, I expected so much more: again both Century & Constellation were epic disappointments!

Pamela Sasser says:

In Cozumel We ALWAYS go to Nachi Cocom Beach Resort, it’s not all you can eat, but it’s a 4 course huge meal and all drinks included. Best part about it is they only take 130 reservations and No more, so it’s never over crowded, there is a clean pool with swim up bar, a hot tub as well as Private beach!! Cost is $55 per person and it’s a lot more relaxed and quieter than Mr Sanchos….our server was getting us drinks every time we had drank down to a 1/4 of a drink!! It was Awesome!

John Arnott says:

Please try celebrity reflection next

It’s Our Ohana Life says:

I hate when people say it’s because it’s an older ship try a new one there’s no excuse for that amount of repair needed and the dirtiness and bad service no excuse I expect an older ship to be smaller no problem but how how much cleaning and repair that ship needed ridiculous and there’s never an excuse for bad service especially because everything on a cruise ship has an 18% gratuity added to it to pay that and have bad service just sad

Cruise Dorks says:

I went on two cruises on the Celebrity Summit and had an amazing time! We did stay in a suite. Totally different experience! Also on a regular Bermuda cruise out of Bayonne NJ not a charter cruise. When you stay in a suite you get a personal butler as well as your own restaurant ! Even if you stay in Aqua class you also have a special restaurant so either suite class or aqua class is the way to go when you sail celebrity!

Lotta N says:

In Sweden it’s the law for kids under 15 to have a helmet on.

CC Cruising says:

We had the discounted rate to sail on this charter, but glad we didn’t. We read plenty of reviews to avoid the M-Class ships. Planning to try the Reflection in January on the 6 day. Hope it’s better.

Stephanie M says:

I was on the Summit last Feb for the Flower power cruise I totally agree with Amy that the ship is in bad condition, the food is edible but not good & the staff is there, but not very welcoming. The music was good but that was about it. On our cruise we had prepaid gratuities & I believe that this is the reason the cabin & dining room staff do not really extend themselves. They are guaranteed so why bother! Not a luxury cruise by any stretch. The Cafe Bacio had excellent desserts. The outside hamburger & hot dog grill was OK some days but most days they were overcooked & dry. Overall the buffet was not good nor was the dining room.

Kelly Coccia says:

This surprises me, I was on that ship last year and had wonderful service, activities and food.

SuperZandersmom says:

I have not ever heard anything fantastic about the Carnival Cruise lines. Sucks to have crappy service, its no excuse but I bet the employees are running of steam, they work 7 days a week, for 10-12 a day, get shoved in tiny rooms, and really don’t get paid a lot.. I probably wouldn’t be so nice if I had to deal with that either. Plus if the company is not taking care of the ship properly can you imagine how they are taking care of the employees ? it defiantly sounds like they need to do some updates to that ship though !

Riley Szirom says:

P&o australia are the best

L Chapman says:

I really like how the review is tempered with some perspective that the minuses may be one-time, extenuating circumstances that are particular with that cruise or that ship or the fact it’s a chartered cruise.

Hilary Webster says:

My most recent cruise was on a Celebrity ship last February. I had only ever been on a Carnival Cruise, but I really truly felt the service and quality of the cruise wasn’t too different. My husband and I actually felt quite left out because everything seemed to be catered towards the older people. There were very few activities, and most people seemed content to sit by the pool. We thought the food was average at best in the dining room, and ended up choosing the buffet for a couple nights. We also tried some of the upcharge restaurants, they were WONDERFUL and the service there was AMAZING.

Maybe it is a hit or a miss on these cruises, but we were very happy that it was “free” for us (my husband earned it at our local casino). We will most likely go on a Royal Caribbean next cruise. Next vacation is DISNEY in December!!

Erica Gravett says:

I was disappointed in the review the ship wasn’t that bad in February. The main dinning room food was fabulous. We had a balcony room on the concierge level. The staff was top notch room service was fantastic. It was a 7 day chartered 80s Cruise. The pools were great. There were tons of activities and seminars to attend. You could go to a movie theater an watch 80s classics. I never went to the coffee bar. We went to Mexico, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, coco Cay. The theme nights were great. Get to the theater early if you want a drink don’t wait till the show starts.

b lord says:

I would be upset with the service too. I have been at my job for 17 years….good years, bad years….I can tell you that if a group of employees are unhappy or don’t have much effort to give, look at the employer too. There is probably more to this story you are not aware of. Based on this review, I will not go on this cruise line. Very sad. Princess seems more up my ally, you all seem happy on those. Great video.

brandi4560 says:

Thanks for not putting ads in the middle of ur videos! i have a crazy connection and usually have to reload when ads dont play right but all ur vids go through auto play really well

Charles Walhingford says:

Small Ships(from big Brands)= Older Ships, Older Ships= Weaker Staff, Weaker Staff= Lower Quality, Lower Quality = Disappointing Cruise.

P.J. Driton says:

I agree with you about the bouncy floats in the children’s area. Several years ago we had a child die at a local swimming area in our area. He slipped under a floating iceberg and drowned. It was heart breaking. Very dangerous.

Diane Hall says:

Loved this review video. Fantastic. You’re right, the crew makes it or breaks it. For me, Celebrity-no, Royal Caribbean-no, Carnival-no, Princess-ok, Holland America-yes, Viking-oh baby, sign me up! You’ve got to go on Viking—they’re the best.

lego,ag,irishstep crazy says:

I have been on your exact ship 4 times. It was never chartered. Every time I have been on it, including recently, it has never looked that bad. The food has way more choices, and it is kept up way better non chartered. Please try celebrity again. This video was nothing like I’ve ever seen the ship.

CjWalsh928 says:

We loved the MSC Divina!! We sailed April 2017. The ship was gorgeous, the food was wonderful, and the staff was very nice. Granted the buffet food wasn’t great, but buffet food is never as good as dining room food. MSC has some the best pizza we’ve ever had (and we’re from nj/NYC area)!! Not the buffet pizza, the one in the restaurant you have to pay for. Amazing!! Buffet vs dining room was a big difference in quality and taste. Even more so was the difference between the dining room and the specialty restaurants!!!! Eataly and Galaxy were both top notch. Eataly’s Piedmont beef was on par with the steak from Le Bistro on the NCL Escape. Seriously good! The Galaxy Restaurant was even better. Maybe you should give them another try..?

Randy Charlton says:

I like see you go back to Sky Reef and get the all-inclusive to see if the food quality changed.

pete5668 says:

gotta watch touching those minibar items. You could be charged $10 for that little tiny can of pringles even though you didnt’t open it.

5xDisneyfans says:

We went on Carnival victory this year. Needs a lot of fixing and cleaning but you get what you pay for. Cheap cruise and not the nicest ship but I would do another carnival anyways if I am trying to save money. Have you done Paradise beach in Cozumel yet? We tried it.

Al Willis says:

When is Elizabeth going to do a cruise with the kids by herself?

HorrorQueen says:

Appreciate the in depth and honest reviews. This is why I love your vlogs… besides the fact that I just love you guys ❤️

P.J. Driton says:

Thank you so much for your review. This is the reason I watch these vlogs. It will help me select a ship for a future cruise. Good Job!!

hillbillymoonshine says:

i followed you on twitter

manila lucas says:

I think I’ve watched all ur cruise vlogs

Lillian Reardon says:

thank you for your review…I value your opinions…Will make sure not to take this ship at anytime!

stevemcgowen says:

The service shouldn’t change whether it is a chartered cruise or not. Poor service is a management issue. I understand if some staff are having bad days, but if the service is poor the length of the cruise, then poor service is the standard for that ship and management staff…

Shelley Drury says:

I have been on Celebrity Solstice which is beautiful very different from the Summit you would love it.

Barbara Hawkinson says:

I totally value your opinion on these cruises. I’ve watched so many of your cruises that I can see exactly what you are saying about the overall experience. I agree with you about this ship 😉

It's Uhleashyuh says:

Love your reviews. What is your favorite cruise line? I have only sailed NCL. (love love love).. Maybe would like to try another.

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