Celebrity Reflection Tour & Review ~ Celebrity Cruises ~ Cruise Ship Tour & Review [4K Ultra HD]

Anticipating the launch of the Celebrity Edge, watch a VIDEO REVIEW of Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Reflection in 4K Ultra HD.
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Scientist Farrell says:


Farmer Gold says:

Those video projections on the dinner plates are so fun!

PB72Gaming says:

First. Love your work btw

knightaudit says:

May have to request tips on your camera work, great videos. Thanks for this as we as sailing on the sister ship the Eclipse in Oct 2019

Dave Sisson says:

This is a well made extended tour but it is not a review, as apart from a few useful comments on the food, it could be a puff piece made by the cruise line. To be a proper review, you need to tell us how this class of ship is better and worse than other ships, what you sincerely like and what isn’t up to standard. For instance the bedrooms are pretty good but these ships are notorious for not having a guest laundry meaning you either pay $10 to get your socks washed by the crew, or hand wash them and leave them draped over things in the bathroom while they dry. Neither is good. If you included a few things like that, these videos would be useful reviews rather than just ship tours. Thanks for considering my suggestion. 🙂

FLCoconut1 says:

This is all wrong. The first upgrade from an interior would be an ocean view. From there you would go to verandah, and then from there to Concierge Class. You don’t just go from interior to Concierge Class. Also, the photos shown for Aqua Class staterooms are wrong. That is a suite. Aqua Class staterooms are the same as a standard verandah, they simply include more perks.

Mercedes Rosario says:


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