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The Celebrity Constellation was built in 2002 but was upgraded with Solstice class amenities in April of 2013. This video tour shows most every part of the ship to give any future cruisers an idea of what the ship is like and what the Constellation has to offer.

See what new features were added to Celebrity Constellation in this article on Cruise Fever:


BizVid Communications says:

Nicely done.

SnoopyDoo says:

“You can’t beat those views while eating out on the deck” – Yeah, nothing like seeing only water in every direction. Quite the view. And not a single video shot of the cabins!


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Lopas Baba says:


planedudea380 says:

Very nice! Like that the are keeping the class up to date

Kasun imesh says:

were nice

Deb Paynton says:

Nicely done…Celebrity needs similar video on their site.

Dean Olson says:

thanks for making this video..WELL DONE and appreciated!

Lucy El says:

what a lovely review. Will be traveling on this beauty -once again- in a month !!!!

Lightsoutlightson1 says:

We just got back from the 5 day cruise on the Celeb. Constellation.  It was my first cruise (my wife’s 4th).  We loved it.  Great food, entertainment, and fitness center.  Very friendly staff.  In March, there will be a Spring Break crowd, but they were very well behaved, polite, and friendly to the older passengers.  We wished we could have stayed longer.

mmarlkraig30 says:

Cruise Fever, you do the best ship tours ever, your video production is awesome. I follow you on YouTube and Facebook as well. I was curious to know about roughly how many cruises have you ever been on?

SoulfulAde says:

Nicely constructed video.

scott weigel says:

very well done video. 

Cruises from Sydney says:

Great video mate, may cruise on her around the Mediterranean. Cheers

Today on the Internet says:

Man, that place is like a nursing home…

Wanchope Gordovich says:

vine por jordi wild

Barbara Hill says:

thank you for this! Very helpful as I look at several ships for a cruise. Toured Alaska on a Celebrity ship years ago and enjoyed it greatly, am gravitating toward the Constellation for a Greek isles tour.

CheeseyGreg says:

This ship doesn’t look as good as the Celebrity Reflection that I went on last summer, however, I am very excited.
Just a quick question, does the ship have a nightclub?

rrlavigne1 says:

Hi, my wife and I are going on the Connie in March 2015 for the same 5 day cruise as you and Rosie enjoyed. I enjoyed your video. Did you and Rosie eat at the buffet or main dining room anytime during your trip. If not, why not? Just wondering because my wife and I don’t tend to splurge on specialty dining when we cruise so I’m curious if you think badly about their “public” dining. We’ve been on 3 Royal Caribbean ships, one Carnival and one Princess. I think Princess is my favorite so far but obviously we enjoy RC too. This will be our 1st time with celebrity.   

Share the Road its the law says:

wow that the first I I heard of a cruise ship having wifi on board but it must be for a purchase right and plus normally you never see apple products on board like computer wise. how does that usually work.

Mike Nowicki says:

Nice tour but no mention of Michael’s club in the lounges! Craft beer lounge.

Lucky JK says:

Great review! Now I have idea what the ship looks like cos on a website they dont really give you much photos or videos about it. Thx for sharing.

Neil lariviere says:

Was the wifi free on the ship or at a cost?

William Lovesya says:

Outstanding Review.. Steady Hand and Great information.. I have seen a dozen of these Cruise ship reviews and yours is excellent.. Looks like a nice ship and I look forward to seeing more of your reviews.. Thanks for sharing.
Paul Tampa Florida


I want to get in on the hiring to raise mural

Michelle Greene says:

Great overview, especially the heads up on the internet fees! Thanks

Aria Mcmann says:

I did not see any naked women on this video. So, I had to give it a thumbs down, for that reason.

Danny Dam says:

Very nicely done! Give me a good idea of what to look for in this ship. I do have a question. What kind of activities does the ship offer? Are there any dance classes or dance lessons throughout the day? Some of the Royal Caribbean ships we are on, they have dance lessons such as Zumba, Salsa, ChaCha, etc…

Lora Gates says:

Great  video tour and review! Thank you

Paddy A says:

Great job on this video. Narrative is excellent too! X is our favorite line.

Sam Elsha says:

Terrific video, well done

Kris Harris says:

Going on this ship in December, looks very nice. Nice video.

gayle scott says:

Thanks for the nice tour… Will be going on Celebrity for the first time and this made it easy to get a quick overview.
well done.

Dennis Rainwater says:

We LOVED our experience on the Connie a couple years ago. Lovely ship, fantastic staff. It was our first cruise with a balcony cabin, and that makes ALL the difference in the world! It changed the whole flavor of our trip. We got to watch a pod of perhaps 20 dolphins playing in the ship’s wake just below our balcony for nearly a half hour as we steamed toward Cozumel. What a treat!!

Faustino Garcia says:

im going to take this ship in july!!!

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