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Inspiration Cabin Tour:
Inspiration Water Slides:

Hi Cruisers, It’s Sheri from CruiseTipsTV. Welcome to our video tour of the Carnival Inspiration.
This is a pretty long video. So below is a list of areas covered along with the associated time code.
Water slides: 00:10
Pool area: 00:42
Serenity: 01:15
Mini Golf: 01:35
Gym: 01:58
Carnivale Dining Room: 03:00
Mardi Gras Dining Room: 03:52
Brasserie Bar & Grill: 04:45
Taste Bar: 05:42
Candy Store: 05:51
Cafe Des Artistes: 06:06
Grand Atrium: 06:20
Violins Bar: 06:48
Rock & Roll Dance Club: 07:10
Rhapsody in Blue Piano Bar: 07:40
Avant Garde: 08:09
Chopin Lounge: 08:42
Candlelight Lounge: 09:00
Paris Lounge: 09:35
Monte Carlo: 10:10
Fun Shops: 10:54
Club O2: 11:10
Arcade: 11:43
Virtual Slide: 12:35

Inspiration was the first recipient of the line’s “Evolutions of Fun” makeovers, a $350 million mOdern reinvention of the Fantasy-class vessels. One of the most exciting refurbishments in 2007 was the introduction of Carnival Waterworks, which includes a four-story tall, 300-foot-long Twister corkscrew waterslide, a dual-lane waterslide, a Splash Park, and even a dual slide for the pint sized cruisers.

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박민지 says:

I went here before! Last year summer break. Too bad didn’t explore too much only stay there in four days! 🙁

ariana wins says:

Carnivale Dining Room food wasn’t good.. I didn’t like it.

kingsofallkings yak says:

Are the food there free ?

Laura Shaughnessy says:

i cant wait to in July for Alaska

DaGeneralGaming says:

At the 21+ part, I looked down from the balcony and asked :

*how does it feel to be old?*

Mischief says:

Im guessing this was filmed with a GoPro… What model is it?

James Manning says:

has anyone went on this ship on September 28 through October 2 2015, because I did

Annoleam says:

Read a bed-time story and I’ll fall asleep cause this lady has a chill voice

Empty Vids says:

This looks like Carnival fantasy

Ailene Marie C says:

I got on that cruise last July 6 2015 for one week. It was so much fun. If you want a break from your work or need space or a date on a cruise go there.

im344userpqnpoo RBLX says:


Hunter Newell says:

So my family was going to go on this cruise in April but we changed our minds and decided to go in June. How is the weather in the summer?

EastBayOutlaw76 says:

my wife and I just got back from our first Cruise on the Carnival imagination, now we are ready to book our next cruise on the inspiration! we love Carnival Cruising!

Potatoes/ Eldendude says:

I’m going to this cruise in 2 days

Felecia Leak says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this video; thank you so much for its production.  I have just recently returned from a 3-day cruise to Ensenada and say the cruise was fantastic.  While the Inspiration is an older ship, it is still quite beautiful and has a lot of charm.  I definitely will cruise on the Inspiration again (in the very near future).  As I was watching the video, it brought back such good memories (a week old) of my trip that I am tempted to book another as soon as possible.  The staff, the food and accommodations were excellent on this cruise.  Just as an aside, I must make note that with all of the news about Ebola and cruising, I noticed that Carnival was taking every precaution to clean before, during and after this cruise; my hats off to Carnival for this!  Thank you…

shooketh says:

Thank you for posting these!!! I love your vids!

Tennyson Nguyen says:

When i go to the pool, I call it cold like hell.

lilpixidancer says:

I had so much fun on this ship, there was a lot to do and good food as well! My first cruise ever, wanna go again 🙂

thejokerspeaks says:

Of course I look up Inspiration, and guess who has the top video?    Looks great, luckily we can book 18 months out.

karon hamilton says:

we are sailing in about 30 days on this ship , we ae so excited !!!!!!

Bonita C says:

You make the best cruise videos. Your production quality is fantastic and you always provide so much information. As someone planning her second cruise ever, thank you!!! <3

CruiseTipsTV says:

Hey everyone, we are FINALLY on Facebook. Come hang out with us

Stufff says:

Looks like the same design as the carnival imagination with some new decorations

GD flamez says:

What color card are you,im gold!

Babydoll Fashionista says:

Booked for Nov 14 does anyone know if it’s cold in ensenada over there

Ethan Ethan D says:


Hope La Fave says:

I’m going on this cruise from December 19 – December 23. This will be my second cruise. My first one was the Norwegian Sun

Jessica Majesky says:

the Inspiration was my first cruise ship all the way back in the ’05

Poison says:

My 4th one! (Inspiration, Imagination, Miricle, Inspiration.)

Jamie Lehman says:

Maybe I missed it but is there an outdoor theater on this ship?

Geauxcht says:

I have a few questions and I hope they won’t be a bother to answer. So here I go:
-When do you do these tours so that there is almost no people?
-When filming the Dining rooms, do you just walk in when it’s after hours?
-Do you have any other things that aren’t obvious that you found out about filming a ship tour? Ex: Anything that might not be common sense.

Thank you for reading and answering these in advance, I love your videos and am hopefully taking a cruise this February!

Sultan Wardak says:

Hahaha at 2:41 that guy is locked out of the gym

NathanFilmz says:

I was just on this ship at Aug 24 – Aug 28 2015

Lanisha avelino says:

Boarding this ship on Dec 2nd to the 5th

SISreviews - Kids Videos For Kids Toys, Play & Fun says:

We LOVE cruising and we love the Carnival Magic! Great job!

Tina Spooner says:

Will be taking my first cruise on this ship in October 2018. I love watching your vlogs.

Karon Hamilton says:

My hubby and i love this ship !!! We sail her on our anniversary every year for the last years snd the other ships throughout the year! Nothing like cruising , good fun, comfy, and great value.

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