Container ship travel. Living on a container ship for 17 days. Amazing experience!
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Caleb Riechman says:

How was the night sky way out in the ocean? I’d love to see it out there someday. Or was the view spoiled with the ship running a ton of lights during the night?

Gary Johal ASMR says:

Just subscribed! Awesome ch you’ve got there!!

HJW Pumps says:

Did security on Military supply ships in the Arabian gulf. Everyday I wish I was back out to sea.

Committee MeMeD says:

Cushti Chaveljero look there wih Thi Mustdash moustacheo. 11:09-11:11 Min in. Woe! Billjo! N’ Eye opener alright. Last i were at sea, 11/Aug/2016, there was similer an specticle on the N.E. Horizon afore fst light. If i were to describe its motions and what revealed in its traverse, nobdy’d crede it. At the rise & setting of the sun. it’s weird alately. Moments matter. Youve spendt life as good thryft for so young a Man. It’s a bad moon rising. Big 7.

Comm Unist says:

Until samalian pirates raid your ship

schlaznger says:

Great video man! Thanks for sharing as I always wanted to do this.

Smile More says:

New subscriber! Love your videos…

John Lukach says:

Any women on these trips?   I know its probably not the best pick up spot but one of the few places that old what if you were stranded on a desert island pitch might get some traction.  ROFL

Zev Rand says:

why were you listening to the worst jewish song of all time?

Kori Elizabeth says:

You are just lovely! Thanks for posting such quality info. This is on my list of things to do in the next couple of years. One question I have as a solo female traveler… are there women on the boat? Like, employees, I mean. I am sure I’d be safe doing this alone, boats are usually run pretty strictly… I just wonder and I’d feel better if there were at least a couple other women.

Gregory Johnson says:

My dream

Nunya 1776 says:

Brush up on your ship terminology bud
Bow-front part

1965Pittsburgh says:

Filthy rich guy showing how life can be if you have money

Bryan A.Cal says:

@6:11 best place to do laundry if you can hold it down. oxygenated clean.

Jeff H says:

After spending years in the Navy and countless days at sea, the idea of someone paying to go to sea baffles me (unless its on a cruise ship or a private yacht/sailboat of course).

TheTravelingClatt says:

This video will answer most/all of your questions! Happy Travels 😀

James C. says:

I felt so violated by your teeth in the camera.

komentator resek says:

OMG your pubic hair like a cloitoris

Cláudio Quadros says:

Nice video. I plan to do that, but I’m afraid of the storms

1sanjuan60 says:

I love this!! thank you for the tour!

Couple Travel The World says:

Very cool!

chris G says:

I really thought he was going to be inside a container…….hmmmmm.


00:02:27 Thorny From Super Troopers

John Cain says:

less face. more boat.

Alfredo Lopez says:

worked for a few months on a cargo ship… no night sky photos? those starfields are epic. take care during storms. pretty strong storms can shake you off your bed.

JJ Yosh says:

I absolutely love your video! please make more 🙂

destinationluxury says:

You really know how to capture emotions

DearSagan LoveMamaxoxo says:

Wow really great videos!

Mojo Jojo says:

100% apprentice off.

Jignesh Kharwa says:

is there elevator to go from one deck to another

grand pa says:

Do you work there?

Nicholas Blevins says:

Idk why but I’m looking to get a job on a cargo ship.. it would be fun I think.

sreelal roy says:

Bro .. good video.. can I know how to travel in a cargo ship without being an employee in it… List of agencies that can help me out


dope vid! but try to keep your music levels and your vocal levels closer together so i dont have to turn it down and back up everytime you switch.

Mike Jones says:

How much did the trip cost?

TXnine7nine says:

How many other non-crew passengers were on the ship besides you?

William Diaz says:

what is the song at 2:00???????

Atom Hammon says:

very funny keep up the good work

Hector Morales says:

imagine the amount of drugs in some of those containers haha

The Geekazoid says:

man I be bored shitless

John Johnson says:

Why do full grown men feel the need to act like childish fools. Grow up fool

Juai nott? says:

No offense (I’m Mexican so we mess around a lot) but you look like a terrorist to me
No wonder why you travel by ship and not by airplane.
Just a joke, awesome video but there is a more manlier way of traveling by sea, jump of a plane in the middle of the ocean and just bring something that floats and expect to be rescued. That would be badass AF

Nathan E. says:

Is customs at port pretty much the same like an airport?

Sam Duffy says:

really like this channel but i don’t like brown people……. idk what to do

Thorn says:

its pronouced ratard sorry im a music guy

ostinlt12 says:


Edward Cameron says:

I’ve only just realised that You were in the intro of one of my favourite FunForLouis vlog!

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