Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic Discussion/Review! (spoiler free)

Should you watch this film? Let me tell you my thoughts on it 😀 And if you’ve seen it already, let me know how you felt about it~

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마츠노시라유키 says:

where did you saw this..? I really like the black butler series and I would like to see it

dig4skullz says:

I drove two hours to get to my nearest theater playing this movie on the 12th for the subs and I got the ‘subbed version’ but minus the subtitles! So I got to sit through an hour and forty minutes not understanding what they were saying. Also, someone I know FLEW out of her state to meet up with her friends to see it and they get to the theater with their pre-purchased tickets only to find out that the theater was having problems with their projector and couldn’t even play the movie! When I heard you say that you had to watch the dubbed version on the 12th which was supposed to be for the subs, I just had to share my experience as well. Unfortunately, I will never pay to go watch another Funimation Film in theaters ever again after this. Seems like a lot of people ended up getting screwed over by them . . .

BUT the Book of Atlantic was still an AMAZING film – even without the subtitles and the multiple screaming 12 year old fangirls!

AwesomeAmanda says:

At first when you were talking about the flashbacks, I was only thinking about Ciel’s PTSD flashbacks which I didn’t feel detracted from the moment-but added to them, but then I remembered there were others lol (I haven’t seen the movie yet, I’ve only read the manga-and it’s been awhile)

Gunther says:


gili gol says:

Is william there? (sory if i said his name wrong…)
I love William

Jenny Rodriguez says:

I’m omw to watch it now the dub (:

Yumi 12 says:

»little of spoiler»

i thought the movie was very good and because i love sebaceil you know my most fav part; ), but sometimes i think they do push other relations aside so they can push Sebaciel to the end (i am not trying to star an argument witch ship is better lets be honest 99.99% of chances no ship will be comfirmed for a marketing and story point of view)but i personally thought ,for an example, the relation of Ciel and Lizzie was a little bland the interactions didnt really spark and lets be honest their relations isnt really shown in the series in general and when its shown its most probably going to end in a argument its was their time to shine after years of praticly ignorin Lizzy and show at least a beliveble friendship but i disnt see that .Meanwhile Ciel and Sebastian praticly had the whole final part of the movie to their relations.Like i said i love Sebaciel and if they decide to go it that i would love that but in general they make others realtions to the last and theirs to the first.(But i love it though):)

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