Atlantis Harmony Caribbean Gay Cruise January 2018 #atlantisevents #thewayweplay

We’re back on an Atlantis gay cruise, on the biggest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas! Let’s party! #atlantisevents #thewayweplay

Intro “camcorder” footage:
Thumbnail photo: Nareth Chuon

Dan Slater:
DJ Kingstone:
DJ Suri:
DJ Suri:
Teddy Clarks:


Matt Barnes says:

Good job. This Atlantis event was indeed an amazing time & Cruise. Everyone on board was there to have fun, meet new people and enjoy the experience. Thank you for making & sharing this amazing video. And by happenstance, you captured various shots of us, which made watching your video even more enjoyable. We are looking forward to 2019!! See you soon.

william ozzy says:

Joey, Do you know anything about the death the 38yo old guy on board? Sad news!! I love gay cruises. I did AMS to Barcelona last year. I’m booked in March. Love your videos!

Mike Johnson says:

Ya might say it’s semen on the seamen. Maybe another Titanic.

Peter Bird says:

Is it gays only ? I’m straight and I want to go check it out.

Tiago Simões says:


Adrian Ghandtchi says:

I say I would be more fitting for the bear communities and would like to know if bears and cubs are welcome to the Atlantis cruise

Robert Sosa says:

Yet another fabulous video! Great job Joey, it looked like lots of fun hopefully soon I’ll join you on one 🙂

JR says:

Hi Joey – Jay here …love your video’s. They are all really clear and very HD. Are you using a cell phone or a specific type of camera for your videos? love to know for my future vid’s ….thanks again!!

kelvin Bi says:

I have been waiting for weeks 🙂 such good memory!!! thank you Joey! Plus Lam lam is on fire lol

BK Jesswinn says:

omg how much would it cost to go for this cruize …gosh guys have to train hard for this trip i,e physically ?? Lots of sex on board ??

Duane Thompson says:

Thank you SOOOO much for putting this up! Can’t wait for next year!

MariusInMD says:

Amazing video as always!!!! I wasn’t on this particular charter but I felt like I got to see everything!!!! Wow! Thanks so much sweetie!

whitemannativemind says:

7:23 – Do hope Olivia was happy being there amoung so many, hot, half naked, gay, men. Wonder who had the bigger treat; the guys or her!

All My Gay Best. Out.

William Wong says:

Fabulous, can’t wait to see your next video!!! what’s next? Songkran?

Ahmaad Johnson says:

Take me back! Joey, another awesome video. So glad you and your friends are on the boat!

Alex Herman says:

There is a mega-cute guy in the video, one of your mates…

moe naliza says:

Extremely jealous

Gregory Ludman says:

You did a really great job of capturing and editing this, my bf and I are hoping to do this cruise next year too!

Ben Dixon says:

Love this video! Thanks for the memories 🙂 — Side note: Can you tell me the DJ/mix/version of Havana at 8:41?! I’ve been looking for it since the cruise :p

Thaliobeckham says:

Thanks for bringing back memories. Awwww. Can’t wait for 2019.

Terry Phoenix says:

Tell me, how many muscular men were there?

wvusciguy says:

Loved, loved, loved the clip in the beginning from the neighboring cruise ship. Please check out her channel. The contrast is amazing. Great vid! Thanks for sharing it.

Amin Flood says:

FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting so patiently for your review…funkssssss

hershey Morano says:

So happy.wish I were there

Gregory Newsome says:

Awesome Vid!! Maybe, I’ll see you on the next cruise!

Osvaldo Zamora says:

Se me antojo estar ahí.

Looch Incali says:

you’re so awesome for posting thins. my heard is still on that ship to this day. so many good memories!!

Danny Warrenfells says:

I can’t wait till 2019 when I get to go on the worlds largest Gay Cruise with 5200 hot men. Makes me glad I’m Gay and not straight. How could any Man not want to be with another Man!

Jason Geldmacher says:

I like this video a lot. It shows more of you buys having fun on the cruise. So much fun. I leave in the morning for our RSVP cruise.

RaysinSF says:

I don’t know how any cruise will ever top or excite me again. It was epic! Thank you for filming the trip as it should give many people and idea of how much fun it seriously was. Love your costumes!

Alex chang says:

Thank you Joey. Such a good memorable video that sum up the entire trip.

Gusti Gustyan says:

Gays paradise!!! Wow!!!! Entertainment and enjoyable

Larry Aqui says:

Awesome video…looks like you guys had a blast!!! What camera did you use?

Mike Allmon says:

we had a blast on it too!!! maybe run into you next time!

Lork Lorkman says:

do you see a lot of fights and drama on board? such as couples fighting because of the other cheating? or jealousy issues?

Rodney Morgan Brown says:

Looks like a great time, but it appears for the 20-40 age group, not for a senior gay person.

Mr Yolo says:

I’m so happy you finally uploaded this. I love your gay travels videos !!!

Jesus S. says:

I love it!!. how do you start looking for a gay cruise? Ive seen few websites but not really sure where to start. Any recommendations ?

Gromitdog1 says:

Ram Ranch is better.

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