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Hello Everyone! Well…Every excursion is not in your best interest when you CRUISE! Click to find out how our trip to the Bahamas Nassau Atlantis went!!! Here is a whole video based around “Rip Offs and Travel Tips”! These tips are some of the most frequent asked question concerning what to expect when you are flying , to everything you ever wanted to know! We will give you all of the much needed tips and tricks on what you need and don’t need… Enjoy!

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Manish Patel says:

atlantis is crap

dirt bag says:

the Bahamas is nothing more than a redneck Riviera I went there when I was like 12 years old and was not impressed in any way it was simply an island ghetto

Mike Powell says:

Never buy a excursion on the cruise ship they over charge to make money go to the dock and ask the drivers for pricing

l wu says:

Hope you got your funds back

colleen t says:

So here I am watching this video 2 years later and there is no word on whether they got their money back.

toben42 says:

Sheep, everyone who travels like this are sheep.

NYCL1 says:

The $100 you pay is for the bracelet which gives you access to the water park and aquarium and pools. The section of beach of beach they allow you into is public. The private beach part is towards the back for the reef and cove guest & staff knows where your staying based on the color towels you have. I’ve seen people wonder in and get kicked right out for trying to get fast.

Destroy the liberal Machine Now says:

You guys are a great couple. Very cute

Slim Pickens says:

Thanks for showing the way. I’m heading to Antigua, Martinique, Barbados, St. Kitts., Turks, and st. Thomas. I’m comparing the cruise line shore excursions vs doing it without them. Have you guys been to any of those places any tips?? First timer

Tonio Yendis says:

There’s a sucker born every minute!

Myleen Lujan says:

Thanks for the info sorry you got ripped off. Mrs. Traveler, you look pretty in pink!

RMH says:

Want some good advice… NEVER book shore excursions. LMFAO I WENT TO THE SAME BEACH AS YOU FOR A ROUND TRIP TAXI RIDE OF $12. I really always thought it was best to do, until my last cruise to the Bahamas. We decided to wing it and not book an excursions as ALL OF THEM WERE RIP OFFS $100 plus per person $200 per person to jet ski or a tour yeah okay. We just went in port and got taxis for $3-$10 ROUND TRIP, free beaches, all you can drink for $40 for 2 of us, jet skis for 2 people $50 for an hour! DONT BOOK SHORE EXCURSIONS you will do much better as a couple or group without them.

Girl With Her Views says:

Sooo you didn’t do your research & paid for an overpriced excursion offered by your cruise line but for views instead of titling your video Carnival Cruise Excursion Rip-off you decided to put Atlantis in the title for views. Atlantis didn’t rip you off, your cruise line did. Had you done your research you could have spent the day at Atlantis, do the water park, go to the beach plus buy lunch or you could have gone to any of the hundreds of beaches around Nassau for free. Also, no beach in The Bahamas is private so if you see an excursion that says that, unless your going to a private island the beach will have locals and other tourists.

captiantim1 says:

All cruise ships try this stuff, I just walk on the beach till I find a nice spot , it’s very hard to police a beach.

Edward Ratliff says:

Experienced the same thing myself on Carnival.

Chris says:

I figured out a long time ago that whenever you go on a cruise, you should either book your shore excursions on the internet before you leave home OR just walk off the ship and book something with the local guys when you get there. It helps to have a pretty good idea of what you want to do before you get there, but you can usually find a local guide just off the pier without paying the extra premium of booking through the ship. I have never been disappointed doing this and I have always saved money using the local tour guides. More often than not, the money saved was considerable. On a cruise ship they treat you like a captive audience and take advantage of your wallet at every turn. Shame on you if you let them do it.

Alison Smith says:

Did you end up getting a refund?

A Dominguez says:

I think you paid $97 each for access to the hotel amenities…CASINO and dining, NOT necessarily the beach!!! Access to the hotel has been strictly guarded. 20 years ago, entrance to the hotel Island was strictly forbidden. It was also warned that the AIDS virus, HIV, was a severe problem on the main island!!!

Gatsby says:

Quit crying

kanehi says:

Walking thru Atlantis Hotel to a public beach for $200? You’ve been suckered.

blarkin524 says:

So your saying you didn’t get full access to the resort for that price??

democracy free speech says:

having been on many cruises around the Caribbean and the med I would always suggest doing  sight seeing yourself and not via the cruise company’s they are a  rip off

Jorge Young says:

Did you get your $ back?

Francesco Avila says:


Mikey Mike says:

Who is that fat nasty black wildebeest you are with? She escape form a local zoo?

Luis Diaz says:

The Bahamas is a dump

Deana says:

They have a private beach in the cove which i love. Why did you just not get a pass to the waterpark and experience the park and the beach all in one. its only a few bucks more.

shadow demon says:

You guys take a lot of trips. I’m happy for you both. But I do have a question, what do you two do for a living?

Timothy O'neil says:

Nassau is lame !

BiggestComplainer says:

Good looking sassy ass couple get that money back for sure

Shantelle Burkett says:

After one year,did you get your money back??

Nathan Robinson says:

Nobody cares that you got ripped off… Next time, get a travel agent and do some fuckin research.

GoodTimeTraveler says:

The other beach is the private beach for the Reef and Cove guests.
I can see how Atlantis would not allow cruise ship day guests to visit that private beach; Reef and Cove makes Atlantis lotsa money.
Although, if Reef and Cove guests want to jet ski they would have to go to this other public beach – jet skis are not allowed at the private beach.

benocc12 says:

you just rent a hotel room on property for the day cheaper than 150 and that means you have all day to visit the resort.

Dj Logikal says:

This is why I always go to Jamaica.

Flux Bullets says:

The thumbnail really conveys

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