Anthem Of The Seas Vs Huge Waves And 120 MPH Winds. Viewed From My Room On The Third Deck. NO MUSIC!

All filmed by myself Feb 2016. As requested, this the raw footage and no added audio. No filters used, and all filmed on an iPhone 6S.
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Yo Cecil says:

Ok I would get shitfucked on Jack Daniels if I was there and I don’t even drink!!

Michael Randolf says:

This is NOTHING! Try steering a 65 foot FLAT BOTTOM sloop in 30 foot seas with 85+ mph winds… for 5 days straight!  Sleep deprived… maybe nodding off for minutes at a time,( for 120 hours)… soaked, with 75% of electronics on board wiped out. Not a dry inch ANYWHERE! Having a safety harness & having to latch on to anything so you’re not washed overboard in the middle of the Atlantic.  This  video is a walk in the park on a sunny day… all dry, warm & cozy on a listing 1,142 FOOT monstrosity! Y’all haven’t got the slightest clue, nor lived life on the edge through no one’s fault but that of unforecastable Mother Nature..

nickarcher03 says:


Chilly Davis says:

I found this impossible to masturbate to.

Mr Diego says:

2:17 scared the bejesus out of me

kenneth andrews says:

If I have powerful water bending, I can take these giant waves on myself with no problem n calm it down

Andrew Flicker says:

That’s an awesome video ! Did u get seasick?

Angela Merkel says:

fuck this shit

-igMac- says:

I can sense apple coming to use your video and state: shot on iphone 8

Tiffiany says:

Geesh, would have been sick as a dog!!!

Fin Regan says:

This is where you really wish you were on a submarine…!!

Kevin Campos says:

Is your friend atheist?

lightning9 says:

Got to give credit to the designers & builders of these great ships. This Anthem class ship is probably the 2nd biggest passenger ship behind the colossal Oasis class. Many say these cruise ships are incapable of putting up with such rough seas, looks like this ship is doing reasonably ok..

Old Ginny Fiddlesticks says:

doesnt everybody get like barfy seasick????

joystick396 says:

was this a hurricane or just a very violent storm, also where was it?

badtbss ls2 says:

Fk that

69op2gg1005ify0m says:

so lucky to experience this beauty

Mike Piano says:

If only Christopher Colombus was here to see this

Toy Fan says:

Those are some serious seas. Bad ass video

J.B McDanel says:

That seems surreal. Why was the ship even out there when they knew there was a hurricaine? I would have expected the curtains to be moving and things falling off of counters. I would have been so sick. Lol

milkos milkos says:

Iam sitting in my house and my heart is beating like crazy…..

BASStion says:

Looked like fun

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