A Cargo Ship Lost in the Atlantic Prompts a Flurry of Questions

The SS Marine Electric, a cargo ship with a solid 40-year track record of sailing through rough seas, had capsized and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic in 1983. Investigators explore a number of conflicting theories.

From the Series: Disasters at Sea: Deadly Neglect


Sayed says:

cuz fk this channel

alex fogg says:

Worn out hatch covers , and the ships age were the two biggest reasons the Marine Electric sank. The manufacturer of the hatch covers told the ships owers they needed to be replaced, but they weren’t. They had been patched , and re patched, but the rough Seas finally caused the hatches to fail, one by one. That ship should have been retired, and broken up at least 20 year earlier. When profit Overrides safety, disaster usually follows.

Real Official Nestea Totally Better Than Bepis. says:

At least this ship lasted longer than the Titanic

Phantom Aviator says:

I misread flurry as furry and i wondered what the hell they were talking about.

Greg Shaw says:

I guess they still haven’t learn as much as they should’ve from the Edmund Fitzgerald that took 29 men


R. I. P.

Phillus Kissus says:

rogue wave?

J M says:

Rouge Wave .

Allen Atkins says:


DiDi says:

Tons of stress on a 40 year old boat. Nothing could go wrong there.

ShinTzaddi says:

That’s it? Just a tease? Boo!

Karen Mata says:

bulk carriers are prone to breaking up in this fashion…

KR P says:

The ship was unseaworthy and it’s paperwork was fraudulent.

Andrew Daley says:

Made a cuppa coffee and settled in to find out why … the story sank as quickly as the ship. Um, part 2?

Rafael Suprayogi says:

That iceberg again

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