10 Must-Know Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Crossing Tips

Discover the 10 Must-Know Tips About Transatlantic Crossing On Cunard Queen Mary 2. One of the iconic trips available to cruisers today, many worry about being at sea for up to eight days. In this video I talk about the things I get asked the most about crossing the Atlantic on the QM2. I discuss everything including “will I get bored?”, “when is the best and worst times to go?”, “will I get seasick?”, “what sort fo cabin should I book?”, “what I have to dress up all the time” and “what about service and gratuities?”.

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Jean Stern says:

I was fortunate enough to be in my teens and twenties during the “50’s and “60’s. We traveled on the Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mary, the United States, the Michael Angelo, the Hanseatic, the Constitution, and various Canadian steamers out of Montreal. I never regretted a single trip.

Dave Glo says:

Very informative! I crossed the Atlantic on a repositioning cruise in the 1970s, aboard the old SS Rotterdam. Very fond memories. I’d love to do it again on the Queen Mary.

Oldgustav says:

My wife and I did an eastbound crossing several years ago. It was great except for the fact that we lost an hours sleep every day. Next time we will do it westbound.

gdcat777 says:

I had the privilege of spending 52 days of my life on QM2, not all at once, and will probably never get to go back again. However, they’ve ruined so much of the original ambiance and art of the ship that I’m not sure I want to go back. Where is the ship I knew? I’m glad to see scenes from the early days here like the ship model displayed between the two lifts, now gone, in the grand lobby. And the original carpet design was so much nicer than that shattered coloured glass focal point. Its such a shame to see the original art of deck 7 vanish as if it were never there.

1973Washu says:

Could you do a video about around the world cruises? (or have you already made one?)

Aj Raafa says:

Thank you, Gary. This is the cruise I really want to take!

Debra Stagias says:

I’ve always wanted to see what the Queen Mary was really like since seeing the old PBS Brideshead Revisited series. Thanks for a wonderful tour and explanation.

Rebekah Bridges-Tervydis says:

Another fantastic video and advice. Thank,you!

Geoff T says:

Having just done a transatlantic in both directions in Dec 2017, I concur with most what you say. Personally I found the travel to Southampton better as the clocks were changed at midday, but going to New York they were changed at 2am and my body clock didn’t adapt to the extra hour every night the clocks were changed, my body clock was still waking at 8am GMT, so by the time I arrived in NY, I was waking up about 4am New York time and of course it doesn’t help as December are the shortest days! For some particular reason there does appear to be more sea swell off the coast of the British Isles into the North Atlantic where there is more noticeable pitching even though the sea state maybe only a force 3 to 4, I assume this maybe to do with the various currents coming from the Irish Sea, the Sea of Biscay and off the coast of Ireland. However the QM2 sailed through a violent storm force 11 off the US and ship sailed through it as if it was no more than a force 5, so don’t worry about QM2 not being capable of sailing in rough weather, it copes with it admirably. I know I wouldn’t have sailed across the North Atlantic in mid winter in the other Queens!

Andreas Niggemann says:

Done this at the end of august 2017 from Hamburg to New York. Best “cruise” (yes, its a crossing, not a cruise :-)) I’ve ever done. Some impressions:
Sorry, the titles are in german only.

Joseph Forest says:

Very dull British and geriatric, are unhappy , but put on a happy fake smile. I never did see the cruise director, compared to The Norwegian Esacape”s Julie , you would see Julie at the desk or night club If you are a single male ,the dancers usually keep the single ladies for themselves.

Goldstreetsofphilly says:

Super nice video. You have persuaded me to add this crossing to my list. Thanks!

Chris McMahon says:

No desire for formality. No to the tuxedo!

tuzanne says:

I enjoyed this cruise more than I thought I would. I had only done 1 and 2 week cruises with Regents Seven Seas before where we have different places to visit each day and everything was included. The food was ok and no where near as good as with Regents except for the French Signature restaurant we went to on one day. The wine was ok and we bought a package to drink with meals which I recommend. We are not used to having the same people for meals at our table and were lucky to have 2 nice couples but can imagine it would have been horrible to be stuck all week if we didn’t get on. The cabin was very comfortable and I liked the tea making facilities which you don’t get with Regents. The shows were not that great as I don’t think they used their on board company enough giving us only one big show, preferring to bring in so called famous acts. However the RADA company were fantastic and I recommend going to their shows and workshops. Loved the planetarium and the talks. The refit was very good and particularly liked the amount of lounges and bars.

QE2 Lover says:

I can’t believe the comments about the QM2 crossing being dull. I have done seven crossings on this ship (and many on other ships over the past 43 years) and there is something for everyone. The entertainment covers the whole range from usual pop rubbish that is on all ships right up to classical concerts and sometimes an abridged version of one of Shakespeare’s plays – and everything in between, of course. There is fine dining and the ubiquitous buffet/cafeteria. As for the dress code, a tuxedo is not required on the formal nights (three per crossing). The Cunard info clearly indicates that a suit and tie is an acceptable alternative. However, from my experience on three Cunard ships, there have been between 60 and 90% of men in tuxedos in the Britannia restaurant and in the single-sitting premium restaurants (Britannia Club, Princess Grill and Queen’s Grill) it has always been around 95%.

MidWest Katie says:

This is my ultimate dream cruise. Sigh. Some day…

Darth Belal says:

Love to go on one of these cruises and see how people of yesteryear crossed the Atlantic.

BlueberryMazie says:

Can he smile? The information is great but the look on his face suggests sheer terror. Lighten up sir.

Star Oceans says:

Your videos are very informative and I appreciate all the information. I’m a senior and should have traveled earlier in life but never had the opportunity. Now I have but have physical limitations with my knees, which you never seem to address.

I’d like to take the river cruises but I’m really concerned about all the walking. So how do these Cruise Lines accommodate people who are unable to walk long distances or have physical handicaps?
Surely with many of the cruise lines that pander to seniors you would assume they would also consider health issues.

Are there any travels that accommodate these concerns?

John Hill says:

What a great video!  Thank you.  I’ve been on the Queen Mary 2 -for a Caribbean cruise.  I’ve been on a few cruise lines, but Cunard does it best.  I have a question -I’ve read that Cunard’s current Queen Elizabeth is an ocean liner like the QM2, but that the Queen Victoria is a converted cruise ship.  Is this true?  I love both types, but my fondness is for actual ocean liners.  (I LOVE the Normandie, and the S.S. United States is currently rotting away in my hometown of Philadelphia -in the Delaware River, across from an Ikea store!)  When I was on the QM2 with my friend, I asked the staff what the best sailings were and they all said that the Trans-Atlantic journeys were the best.  They said that they, and the passengers, had nothing else to do but have a great time.  I was impressed by the Caribbean cruise I took on the QM2.  At the time the QM2 was the largest ship of its type in the world, but I never felt crowded.  I was pleased to find that Cunard allowed their staff to go on shore excursions if they could.  My friend and I went snorkeling in the Grand Caymans and were surprised that the bartender from the night before and one of our waiters (we were Princess Grille and had more than one waiter) were on the same snorkeling adventure.  That night we all talked about how much fun it was and how the colorful fish swam right up to us and then darted away.  And then came back!  It was a wonderful shared experience!  I really liked that Cunard allowed for this.  Anyway, this is a great video.  Thank you!

Mary Elizabeth says:

Hi Gary, just found your channel. Have been enjoying your videos. I would be interested in a trans Atlantic crossing. Are there any single supplement non obstructive b

Andi Scott says:

Great video, thanks for posting… 🙂 

I have done 4 TAs now, and sadly am having to wait a couple of years for the next one, however thankfully will be my 40th Birthday, so treating myself to a B2B crossing. I really can’t wait to get back onboard her again and enjoy being at sea for 2 weeks!

Stuart Lee says:

So I have to shlepp a tux with me?
And then after 6 nights just drag it around all over Europe?
Seems like a nuisance.
I’ve got to think about this….

Andrew Poulsom says:

You didn’t mention Britannia Club, which has its own restaurant where you can dine when you want and your table is yours for every meal. Also, in my experience, tables for two (if that’s what you choose) are allocated to the people who booked earliest as well as cabin grade.

Peter PeterM says:

Thanks Gary, excellent as always. I have spent many days on QM2 in Queens Grill (very expensive) and I did not care for any of it. Even after the recent refit/smartening up.
People need to remember this is another Carnival Group offering, not British, and costs on board are in Dollars. As if that was not bad enough drinks are expensive and an extra tip of ?15% is added to your bill. The Queens Grill cabin seats were cheap and too firm. The queens Grill cocktail bar and so called private deck area are so poor forget them.The Queens Grill food is ordinary.
Last of all my complaints is that you dock in Brooklyn, not the old Cunard pier downtown New York. On the ship because the lifeboats are located at some height Queens Grill cabins may even look out onto a lifeboat. I think you can tell I did not like the ship!

The traveller says:

What are the chances o f being upgraded if it’s your first time with canard? And what are the sheltered balconies like…do they get lots of sun? Thanks

Vernon W says:

Great advise. My wife and I are looking into one of these cruises.


please go to QM1

Robert Barnier says:

Very informative. Thanks

nyc gal says:

This brings back so many memories. My father ran the photography business on the United States. He was American, my mother was British. They had me but weren’t married, a scandal in the early 60’s. Because of this my mother had to go back to England every 6 months to renew her visa. I did so many Trans-Atlantic crossings on the Queen Elizabeth, United States and the original Queen Mary. I missed the first week of Second Grade to sail on the maiden voyage of the QE2. I remember watching my parents dress to the nines, me too but I had to eat at the children’s table. I remember so many Atlantic storms. A way of life that doesn’t exist. I’m so glad I was able to experience it!

Marshal Jim Duncan says:

Kinda reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode “Passage on the Lady Anne” . Great video as always!

Petr Frizen says:

Truly adorable oceanic trips and tips!

Retired Early 53 says:

If you got one foot in the grave, then this ship is for you !!!!!!!!!!

John T says:

My late father was in the navy for 30 years, and he imparted to me his foolproof cure for sea sickness. Stand under a tree.

Karen's Korner says:

The Disney ships were designed after these types of ships. I was on the wonder in 09 and it was wonderful. Really felt like a 1939s ship vs the typical cruise ships

PaulyG Speaks says:

So this a cruise for elderly people I assume.

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