😱RAW FOOTAGE of Queen Mary 2 in Stormy Weather!😱

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ENT bristol says:

It’s a ship for rich old people.

norm carpet says:

great video thx for sharing – i crossed bass straight one night on ferry from melb to tas – force 10 + gale winds, 50 foot plus seas. i remember going to sleep going up and down. i woke starving and had buffet breakfast to myself lol.

Misplaced Kiwi says:

Ships captains and airline captains always have that calming accent.

‘Morning everyone! Don’t worry I’ll get you there safely’

And the posh twat will

Dr Aman says:


SWSimpson says:

I would feel safer on the QM2 than on any of the Carnival cruise ships. I don’t think I would ever choose to cross the Atlantic by ship, but that is how my grandparents immigrated from Scotland.

Little Miss Panda says:

I’ve been on cruise ships ever since I was in my moms belly. I still get scared when the ship rocks and I e been on 8 or 10..

Anna Commandeur says:

I literally got sick watching this


omg your voice

“Bueller?! Bueller?!”

HeLEN Baragwanath says:

Just wow I’ve been in storm force 12.

xImaGinaTionx says:

That’s nothing, I’ve been in worst conditions on cruises.

Kola Kola says:

Are u alive

Brionny. .White says:

fuck that

Revolutions88 says:

Badass wife

Max Palisi says:

I went on carnival spirit and 40ft waves crashing onto cruise and it was horrifying

skidrowsux1977 says:

rich pricks

Michael Neel says:

Hi. I was on board this cruise we where in a suite on deck 8 . I was shocked to see this pop up on Queen Mary 2 you tube . What a cruise that was . I’m so glad you posted Thank you M NEEL

Steph Steph says:

I would’ve cried and shit my pants

ottavva says:

15.5 º C ( fifteen and half ) and NOT 50.5 º C ( fifty and half )

( do you have any idea what +50 º C is like ?? )

Misplaced Kiwi says:

I was born in Southampton!


Haritz Fadillah says:

Id like to have a cup of tea while watching the storm.

Jordan 1834 says:

Only white ppl

aggiesoldier says:

Id be tossing my cookies all over the place.

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